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Cybill Sheperd’s son busted for going through people’s luggage.


Cybill Shepherd’s son was arrested early Tuesday at Philadelphia International Airport after he was allegedly spotted sifting through other passengers’ luggage while they were sleeping, Philly’s NBC and FOX affiliates are reporting.

Police say Cyrus “Zack” Shepherd-Oppenheim (in the pink shirt, above), 22, was taken into custody following events that took place on a flight from San Francisco to Philadelphia.

According to various media reports, Shepherd-Oppenheim stole from two fellow passengers. A camera belonging to one woman was found in his seat while her other items were found in the bathroom trash. Money and documets were taken from a second victim, whose travel folder was also found in the trash can.

He remains in custody and faces two theft charges for unlawful taking and receiving stolen goods. A news release by the police lists the stolen goods as “a Cannon digital camera, leather make-up case, small travel bag and United States Currency.”

Zack Shepherd-Oppenheim was born, along with a twin sister, while the actress was shooting the fourth season of ‘Moonlighting.’ She divorced his dad, chiropractor Bruce Oppenheim, in 1990.

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