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Frances Bean Cobain’s Divorce Seems Stressful

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Courtney Love weighed in on her daughter Frances Bean Cobain‘s divorce, and man, does it feel stressful to be Frances right about now.

TMZ reports that LAPD officers were standing by to “keep the peace” last week when Frances Bean Cobain’s camp moved her stuff out of the house she shared with Isaiah Silva, her husband of less than 2 years. Which is already a lot.

But, then Courtney decided to weigh in, saying she supports her daughter 100% and she’ll stand by her etc. etc. etc. Courtney already has gone way off the deep end and/or makes comments just to sensationalize, so anything that feels supportive I automatically mistrust.

Check out Courtney’s take on the situation HERE, and tell us if you think Frances is better off without a husband, or maybe not telling her mom as much of her personal info….

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Frances Bean Cobain married Isaiah Silva and didn’t invite Courtney Love

Frances Bean Cobain married Isaiah Silva and didn't invite Courtney Love

Frances Bean Cobain was said to have tied the knot with Isaiah Silva, but didn’t invite her mother Courtney Love!

The young couple said their nuptials in front of fifteen guests, but none of which was her famous mother. A source revealed, “Courtney loves Isaiah, but was devastated to learn that Frances had gotten married without her knowing.”

Cobain and Silva became engaged in 2011, with her saying at the time, “Getting to spend the rest of my life loving my best friend makes me the luckiest woman in the world.”

Courtney alluded to the wedding in an Instagram post, captioning a picture of her with James Norley: “If you think I’m sorry for being a no-show at any important events this week, think again.”

When will they call it quits with their estrangement already?

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Courtney Love Talks Sex With Kurt Cobain: “He’s A Hard Act To Follow.”

2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Viewing Party - C

20 years after his death, Courtney Love professes that she will always love Kurt Cobain

The rocker recently opened up about her romance with the music icon in an interview with Brett Morgen for V Magazine.   Morgen directed the new HBO documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, which Love and Frances Bean co-executive produced. The film was Love’s idea, but watching it wasn’t easy for her, at all. US reports:

“It f–ked me up. I remembered the sexual relationship, which, as you know, is the core of any good marriage,” she shared of her romance with the late Nirvana icon. “It almost rendered other intimacies meaningless. I remembered how much I love him, and it made me think about a few other people I don’t want to name, but a few other people I’ve been in love with. And should I have married them? The answer is actually no.”

(Notably, Cobain was Love’s second husband; she was previously, albeit briefly, wed to The Leaving Trains rocker James Moreland. She has also been linked to Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan and actor Edward Norton, among others.)

“Nobody else was as funny,” the Empire guest star told Morgen. “Nobody else was as compatible and got my jokes. And you can see it in the film.”

Love also debunked the common misconception that she was the “bad guy” in her relationship with Cobain, saying he hated that rumor just as much as she did, because “it shamed him, it emasculated him, and it made him look weak” in the public eye.

“It kind of f–ked me up, and to be honest with you, I don’t have a boyfriend right now, so I’m single. [The film] made me really evaluate what, at the age of 50, I want out of a relationship,” she continued. “He’s a hard act to follow. I love him and I always will.”

It’s true- how CAN ANYONE date Courtney Love? First of all, she definitely still loves her ex, and secondly, she’s a bit insane. I guess it’s all a part of the rock and roll roller coaster…

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About That “Leaked” Nirvana Song – It’s A Fake

2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Viewing Party - C

Sorry to disappoint the hardcore Nirvana fans, but the supposed new song that hit YouTube last week is a fraud.   Courtney Love wasn’t hacked and wasn’t hiding an unreleased track on her laptop, dashing the dreams of Kurt Cobain fans everywhere.

Sources tell TMZ … Love caught wind of the tune — which was uploaded to YouTube last week — and with the help of a real Nirvana member … confirmed it was fake. Courtney is part owner of Cobain’s music rights, and got YouTube to take down the song.

The people behind the fake jam claimed to have hacked Love’s computer to uncover a rare track … which Cobain never planned to release. We’re told that whole story is also fake — Courtney never had the song … nor was she ever hacked.

Still, her lawyer Richard Dongell tells us Love is pissed off enough about the phony recording that she’s working with law enforcement to track down the impostor.

I didn’t catch the song before it was pulled, was it even any good?  Could it have passed for Nirvana?

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