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Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid’s Relationship Was NOT CHILL AT ALL

Courteney Cox & Johnny McDaid are ENGAGED!

As we reported, these two lovebirds called it QUITS yesterday. But it sounds like it was the right thing for both of them…

 According to sources, Courteney Cox and her former fiancé Johnny McDaid were so incompatible they actually split in February 2015 for a little bit, and that the twelve year age difference led to a weird dynamic that we didn’t get to see because, you know, privacy.

A source via PerezHilton elaborated:

“She is domineering and used to getting what she wants in her relationships and in work. She is tough and doesn’t suffer fools. Johnny is laid back and their personalities just clashed. She would try to mother him and he didn’t like it.”

Ew. Also, Cox’s ex David Arquette is almost a decade younger than the actress and had an issue with alcoholism, so maybe it reminded her too much of that.

As for where Cox and the singer stand now? Apparently they’re NOT talking:

“He’s actually the one who instigated the breakup. He upped and moved. She doesn’t know where he lives,’ a source said. ‘It’s really bizarre how he’s handled things. He’s very cold, completely closed off from her.”


Yikes. Sorry, kids. And by kids I mean one kid, and one mother figure.

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Woah, Courteney Cox Moves Fast.

Just hours after her breakup from Johnny McDaid, Courtney Cox wanted the world to know she SINGLE.

the actress was spotted running errands around LA, decidedly ringless literally like, hours after the news that the two called off their engagement. It’s being reported that Courteney and Johnny broke up because Courteney is ‘too close’ to her male co-stars, but I dunno, that sounds like BS. I feel like she’s either dating a co-star or it just kinda lost steam.

Why do you think they broke up?

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Courteney Cox And Johnny McDaid Broke Up

Courteney Cox & Johnny McDaid Touch Down At LAX

Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid are single again.

The former Cougar Town star and the Snow Patrol guitarist got engaged after just six months but according to  People, “They’ve been having problems for a long time.” Yikes.

Cox, 51, has always been super gushy about her fiancé, like saying that he has a “very sensitive soul,” and stuff like, “When I knew that this was just who he is, that he was just a beautiful, sensitive, loving person with a wonderful family, with a beautiful set of friends. Then I was like, ‘This is for real.’ ”

And now- breakup city. Shoulda seen that coming.

The couple was last seen at bandmate Gary Lightbody’s show in August, after Cox served as maid of honor for Jennifer Aniston, but I gotta say- was anyone really rooting for these two? They seemed kind of off the radar and a little boring- I mean not even coordinated outfits like in the David Arquette days! Boo.

What do you think of their breakup?

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Courteney Cox is getting a lot of plastic surgery before her wedding

Courteney Cox is getting a lot of plastic surgery before her wedding

Courteney Cox is gearing up for her wedding to Johnny McDaid and reportedly going crazy on her face with fillers.

Naturally, every bride wants to be the beautiful center of attention when walking down the aisle, but Courteney is taking things to the extreme. She was said to have splashed out $100,000 on surgery, detoxes and boot camps.

A diner at a recent dinner saw the actress and said, “Courteney was barely recognizable! Her face looked painfully swollen, to the point where it was hard for her to eat her salad, and her lips were huge!”

A friend close to Courteney said, “It’s pretty clear that she’s gone overboard – and ironically, she looks older than if she’d just stopped at a little bit of Botox. One of Hollywood’s hottest surgeries at the moment is the contour thread life, and Courteney wants it right away. Threads are inserted into the face to create a lift. The recovery time is minimal, and you can see results immediately.”

The spy said, “Not even Johnny knows how many procedures she’s had. She’ll say she’s having a girl’s weekend away, but she’s really having work done.”

Even worse, she’s reportedly having even more work done before her wedding.

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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