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Has David Arquette fallen off the wagon – big time?

I’m fearful for David Arquette! Rumor has it he’s fallen off the wagon – and in a big way. A little background…back in 2011, Arquette sat down with Oprah, and discussed his abusive childhood, and admitted he began drinking at age 12. His marriage to Courteney Cox crumbled, and he entered rehab early in 2011 after she staged an intervention. He told Oprah that he was focusing on staying clean, and as of early 2012 admitted to being sober for a year.

RadarOnline is reporting that David is back to drinking and partying:

Local indie R&B producer Somnate, aka Nathan Keeyes, spotted David drinking solo at Popkins Tavern in Richmond, VA on Saturday night. “It was so random,” he tells in an exclusive interview. “He was literally the only dude siting at the bar, by himself. I wouldn’t have recognized him if my friend hadn’t. He didn’t look too good. Much older.”

“He was so f***d up,” Somnate says. “I don’t know what number he was on, but he smelled like alcohol and he was slurring his words.”

A bar employee confirms to that the 41-yer-old Scream star was drinking a significant amount of Macallan 18 Scotch, which retails at around $165 per bottle. “He was very good for us,” the source laughed, referencing the drink’s price tag. “We hope he’ll come in again!” CONTINUE READING (NEW PICTURE OF HIS 9-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER COCO!) (more…)

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David Arquette and Courteney Cox Finalize Divorce

Aw, this is kind of the end of an Era…

I kinda thought Courteney Cox and David Arquette would get back together, because if anyone could make it, these two could. Sadly, I was mistaken!

According to People, a  final judgment for their divorce was put in the books on Tuesday at the Los Angeles Superior Court.  This officially ends their more than decade-long marriage, an unceremoniously, at that!

Cox, 48, and Arquette, 41, announced their separation back in October 2010 and both filed divorce papers on the same day in June 2012. It was a super friendly divorce, with both seeking joint custody of their 8-year-old daughter Coco, and let me tell you, the two didn’t have a bad word to say about one another!

“He’s my best friend in the world,” the Cougar Town star said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in January. “I love him.”

The following week, Arquette told People, “She’s incredible. … I love her, too, and she’s an amazing person, a beautiful person.”

GAH! What happened, then?! I’m dying to know!

Photo: FameFlynet

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Courteney Cox steps out with her daughter Coco, who’s growing up so fast!

Courteney Cox stopped by a doctor’s office yesterday in Los Angeles. While she was inside, her nanny took Coco to get an ice cream cone. Can you believe how big Coco is getting?

Photos: FameFlynet

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PHOTOS: Monica and Chandler reunite!

These pictures just make me smile. Makes me remember the good ol’ days when Monica and Chandler were the cutest couple on TV (much cuter than Ross and Rachel, if you ask me.)

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Courteney Cox is lending a helping hand to her former ‘Friends’ husband, Matthew Perry.

Courteney will appear on Perry’s (failing) sitcom, ‘Go On’, in a special April episode.

In a last-ditch effort to shore up his sinking sit­com “Go On,” the beauty will appear with Perry in a special April episode, marking the duo’s first small-screen reunion since “Friends” ended its Emmy-winning 10-season run in May 2004.

“Courteney will play a character who is set up on a date with the grieving widower played by Matthew,” revealed a friend of the stars. “She’s scheduled for only one epi­sode so far, but if viewers tune in, Courteney could be brought back for more. She’s throwing Matt a Hail Mary pass to save his show, and he knows it.”

Perry has struggled to recapture the success he had on “Friends.” And, at first, it looked like “Go On” could be a hit. When it debuted in the fall of 2012, almost 10 million households tuned in to watch his character Ryan King deal with the oddball members of his grief support group following the sudden death of his wife.

“It was considered a great success, but it had a strong lead-in from ‘The Voice,’” said the source, referring to NBC’s super-popular singing com­petition. “Once ‘The Voice’ finished its season, ‘Go On’ slid badly in the ratings and has been going downhill ever since.

“Matt is desperately hoping that Courteney’s appearance will pull his show out of its death spi­ral and breathe new life into it.”

Matthew Tweeted the picture above, saying “Yayyyyy! #GoOn”. Courteney tweeted the picture below, writing “My first box husband.”


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Courteney Cox reveals all her tricks for staying youthful looking!

Courteney Cox is 48-years-old, and hotter than ever!

The ‘Cougar Town’ actress opens up in the new anti-aging magazine New You, about the help she gets in staying young looking. “You know what, I’m game for anything. I’m very open to trying to prolong the inevitable. I’m a big laser believer I really think they are the wave of the future. I just did Ulthera which is supposed to produce collagen. And I’m about to do Fraxel, which will get rid of all these brown spots off my arms, chest and face.”

Despite the gorgeous, orchestrated shots of the polished Cox she feels most beautiful stripped of the glitz and glamour.

‘I feel the best after I’ve worked out, when I have no make-up on and my skin is flushed,’ said the raven-haired stunner.

‘There’s so many beautiful people and there’s so much pressure you put on yourself but David [Arquette, her ex-husband] has always said to me, you’ve got to accept we’re all gonna age and just do it gracefully. And the sooner you accept, the easier your life is.’

One major tip from the mother-of-one is moisturizing and drinking a lot of water: ‘I don’t drink near enough. I’m on this kick where I’m gonna try to drink 64 ounces a day. It’s so hard. I can get the first 32 down, no problem. That second bottle is tough but when I do, I feel different.’

And while Courteney is in awe of great Hollywood beauties like Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor, it’s Helen Mirren that really impressed her.

Cox said: ‘She’s so sexy. You know when people say you get better with age, that’s the perfect example. She’s just a bad ass in every way. She could rival the most gorgeous 30 year old. She’s just so confident, and let’s face it, it’s always about confidence.’

And confidence will definitely be required of the Scream star for her fourth season of Cougar Town – dubbed ‘the year of cleavage’ – airing on TBS this Tuesday.

‘In one episode, Jules and her new husband Grayson [Josh Hopkins] have “Naked Day,”‘ Courteney announced at the winter Television Critics Association press tour.

‘It’s a way to keep their marriage fresh….There will be not one scene where you won’t see my boobs. I want to start taking the focus away from my face, so I’m having them move it down. I figure as I continue to get older, eventually I will be fully nude. I hope it works.’

Her character’s onscreen husband has also been Courteney’s rumoured boyfriend since 2011 after the affectionate pair were spotted taking three tropical holidays together.

She looks great, and maybe now we know why! Lasers and cream and wonder serum! (Hell, I’d do the same thing if I ended up stopping the hands of time, like she has!)


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