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Everyone Cool It, Courteney Cox And Will Arnett Aren’t Dating

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Courteney Cox and Will Arnett had an intimate dinner Tuesday night, but not THAT intimate, you VULTURES!

The two arrived The Palm restaurant in Beverly Hills and had a long- and some say romantic- dinner, but TMZ reports that the two are just friends, nothing more!

Court left around 11 PM in her SUV, which took off but stopped 20 yards down the road. Will then surfaced (???) and began walking toward the SUV and then beelined it back inside The Palm, and eventually the dude took an uber.

TMZ reports that the two have been pals for a while- even back when Will was with Amy Poehler. As we reported, Courteney recently split from her fiance Johnny McDaid and is out on the PROWL.

Oh, to be Will Arnett’s Uber driver…

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Courteney Cox And Johnny McDaid Broke Up Because Of…Geography?

Courteney Cox & Johnny McDaid are ENGAGED!


The Courteney Cox /Johnny McDaid split had nothing to do with anything involving trust issues, just geography issues!

TMZ reports that the real end to their relationship came when the two were deciding where to live. The Irishman wanted her to move back with him to the UK, but Courteney is a LA girl at heart!

Granted, I’m sure there were other issues- McDaid’s a homebody, Courteney loves being social. McDaid’s moody and weird, Courteney is duck-lipped and weird. McDaid wears leather jackets, Courteney has Coco. You know, STUFF.

They tried marriage counseling but it was to no avail.  The two are speaking now, even exchanging friendly texts, but McDaid is back in the UK. Byeeeee.

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Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid’s Relationship Was NOT CHILL AT ALL

Courteney Cox & Johnny McDaid are ENGAGED!

As we reported, these two lovebirds called it QUITS yesterday. But it sounds like it was the right thing for both of them…

 According to sources, Courteney Cox and her former fiancé Johnny McDaid were so incompatible they actually split in February 2015 for a little bit, and that the twelve year age difference led to a weird dynamic that we didn’t get to see because, you know, privacy.

A source via PerezHilton elaborated:

“She is domineering and used to getting what she wants in her relationships and in work. She is tough and doesn’t suffer fools. Johnny is laid back and their personalities just clashed. She would try to mother him and he didn’t like it.”

Ew. Also, Cox’s ex David Arquette is almost a decade younger than the actress and had an issue with alcoholism, so maybe it reminded her too much of that.

As for where Cox and the singer stand now? Apparently they’re NOT talking:

“He’s actually the one who instigated the breakup. He upped and moved. She doesn’t know where he lives,’ a source said. ‘It’s really bizarre how he’s handled things. He’s very cold, completely closed off from her.”


Yikes. Sorry, kids. And by kids I mean one kid, and one mother figure.

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Woah, Courteney Cox Moves Fast.

Just hours after her breakup from Johnny McDaid, Courtney Cox wanted the world to know she SINGLE.

the actress was spotted running errands around LA, decidedly ringless literally like, hours after the news that the two called off their engagement. It’s being reported that Courteney and Johnny broke up because Courteney is ‘too close’ to her male co-stars, but I dunno, that sounds like BS. I feel like she’s either dating a co-star or it just kinda lost steam.

Why do you think they broke up?

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