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Courteney Cox is getting a lot of plastic surgery before her wedding

Courteney Cox is getting a lot of plastic surgery before her wedding

Courteney Cox is gearing up for her wedding to Johnny McDaid and reportedly going crazy on her face with fillers.

Naturally, every bride wants to be the beautiful center of attention when walking down the aisle, but Courteney is taking things to the extreme. She was said to have splashed out $100,000 on surgery, detoxes and boot camps.

A diner at a recent dinner saw the actress and said, “Courteney was barely recognizable! Her face looked painfully swollen, to the point where it was hard for her to eat her salad, and her lips were huge!”

A friend close to Courteney said, “It’s pretty clear that she’s gone overboard – and ironically, she looks older than if she’d just stopped at a little bit of Botox. One of Hollywood’s hottest surgeries at the moment is the contour thread life, and Courteney wants it right away. Threads are inserted into the face to create a lift. The recovery time is minimal, and you can see results immediately.”

The spy said, “Not even Johnny knows how many procedures she’s had. She’ll say she’s having a girl’s weekend away, but she’s really having work done.”

Even worse, she’s reportedly having even more work done before her wedding.

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Courteney Cox Should Definitely Let Coco Arquette Plan Her Wedding

Courteney Cox at The Special Screening of Just Before I Go in Hollywood

Sure, Courteney Cox could hire a high-powered event planner to orchestrate her wedding to fiancé Johnny McDaid, but why do that when you have free labor from a 10 year old girl? EXACTLY. It’s called ECONOMICS, people.

According to the Friends actress, daughter Coco Arquette has very specific ideas about the upcoming nuptials, including lots of cotton candy and a One Direction concert. Kidding! She’s a hollywood kid. She’s into drugs and instagram.  KIDDING! Us Weekly reports:

“Coco’s great. Coco is very excited about the wedding,” Cox said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, April 21. “I was going to hire a wedding planner, but apparently she wants to do it. She’s 10, but she wants to do everything.”

That includes fulfilling her mom’s need for a bridal party. “She wants to be the maid of honor, which I think is weird,” the Cougar Town star joked. “She wants to be the flower girl, all the bridesmaids — she’s just very excited about it.”

As Us Weekly exclusively reported back in March, Coco is also planning to perform at Cox’s “I dos” with Snow Patrol rocker McDaid. Her first gig as a wedding singer was earlier this month, when dad David Arquette (Cox’s ex) married Christina McLarty on April 12.

“She just sang at David’s wedding, because David got married last week,” Cox shared. “And she sang two songs…She’s a really good singer. I don’t know where she got it.”

Indeed, as the proud mom bragged to DeGeneres, Coco recently earned the role of Elphaba in her school’s production of Wicked. “She takes singing lessons, but she got the lead in this play, and like I said, she sang two songs [at David’s wedding],” Cox boasted. “She sang ‘I Will Always Love You.’ That’s a hard song!”

Geez, a middle school busybody with her nose in everyone’s nuptials? Somebody give this kid a mystery to solve, a la Harriet The Spy or Nancy Drew. In fact, if we harness Coco’s sheer talent, we can probably do away with Isis, world hunger or at LEAST figure out why Kim Kardashian is famous.

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Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid at LAX

Courteney Cox & Johnny McDaid Touch Down At LAX

Here’s Courteney Cox and boyfriend Johnny McDaid arriving at LAX today after a romantic winery trip!

Not gonna lie, I think it’s cute that they are in matching colors and looking a bit hung over. I would be, if I went on a fancy wine tasting vacay!

Photos: FameFlynet

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Courteney Cox Loves Her Some Thanksgiving

Courteney Cox at An Evening Of Environmental Excellence in LA

Courteney Cox is Thanksgiving’s biggest fan!

The actress has her plate full, what with planning a wedding to fiancé Johnny McDaid AND starring in Cougar Town, but she’s not giving up on Thanksgiving like, at all. She’s having a 30-person event that’s going to be quite the soiree.  Don’t expect stuff from scratch, though…

“I have, like, 30 people coming for Thanksgiving. That’s a lot,” Cox tells PEOPLE at the celebration for the show’s 100th episode on Wednesday night. When asked what she plans on cooking, she jokes, “It’s all canned. It tastes great.”

Apparently, you can blame the south for this social butterfly’s big event hankerings.

 “I grew up in Alabama. where my grandmother on Sundays — I have 21 first cousins — got the entire family together at 5:30. So I’m just used to having big groups gathering.”

But of course, getting everyone together can be tough, explains Cox, especially in a city like L.A.

“No one has family out here, so it’s trying to create some sort of community that I have people over,” she says. “I say that people are always welcome to come on Sundays.”

Awww, can I have an invite?

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