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Claire Danes Is Our New MET Gala Queen.

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I mean, come ON.

While I was giving some serious love to the likes of Lupita N’yongo, Kate Hudson and Solange I really think Claire Danes won all the fashion gold stars this year in her gorgeous Zac Posen dress.

Zac Posen’s gown on Claire was both gorgeous AND high-tech, made with a custom fiber optic woven organza. And that’s the beauty of this event: when you can do the theme (DO THE THEME!) and make it so elevated and beautiful you’d think there was no theme. It made Claire into a fairy princess, but one that had dope-ass tech on her side.

So, in summation, Claire Danes for the win. And hey, if she ever needs to do any night reading, just pop on the dress. BOOM.

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Claire Danes Sounds Off On Body Bullying

Kate Winslet at The The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals in LA

You hear it from every actress in Hollywood, it seems…but what are we to do about it?

Homeland‘s Claire Danes is raising her voice in support of her fellow actresses and the criticism they’ve confronted about their size.

“I feel like my body is monitored and commented on infinitely more than my male counterpart,” the Homeland star tells People. “I remember a couple of Emmys ago, Lena Dunham and I were on the carpet together. We were singled out and criticized for having different body types – I was too skinny and she was too big,” recalls Danes, 36. “She is a dear friend of mine, and it made me angry because this is just how we are.”

Danes was recently nominated for her sixth Emmy Award for her role as Carrie Mathison on Homeland, and says it needs to stop. Danes says, “We just take it for granted that it’s acceptable and we really internalize that as normal and fine, and it’s not.”

In addition, Danes also admits to feeling pressure to maintain her body during her pregnancy. People reports:

“I was very anxious about my pregnancy because I was responsible for this huge show, and I didn’t want to let anyone down at work, but I had this other major project of growing a person,” says Danes. “I was mindful of what I was eating because I didn’t want to look pregnant.”

That feels VERY disturbing- I hope little baby Cyrus isn’t weirdly malnourished because his mom had a fat freakout (a PREGNANCY fat freakout) onset.  Ugh.

How do you feel about the issue of body scrutiny with women in entertainment?

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‘Homeland’ Season 4 Trailer is Now Available!


We aren’t going to be privy to the weekly craziness of Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes in Showtime’s hit series, ‘Homeland,’ until October 5th.  We do get a sneak peak into the new season, however, now that the trailer for Season 4 has been released.  You can see it here.  

The new season will take us to Pakistan, where Carrie is now based, following last season’s devastating loss of Brody (played by Damien Lewis). The executive producers, Alex Gansa, Alex Cary and Meredith Stiehm give us an indication of what we can expect out of the season.

Though Season 4 will show Carrie coping with the emotional aftermath of the death of Brody, she won’t be on the brink of a mental breakdown due to her bipolar disorder as she has been in seasons past.

“Emotionally, she has stabilized,” Stiehm says. “She’s going into this season very steady. There are some people who are so talented that you forgive past deeds and erratic behavior. I think Carrie Mathison is one of those people.”

Now that Brody is gone, the new identity of “Homeland” is a show that will explore the lives of those left behind once America pulls out of countries in the Middle East. “The show is about the private and public costs of keeping America safe,” Gansa says.

“We put a character at the center of that — a compelling character, hopefully, in Carrie Mathison — to really identify the personal costs of the journey. But there also is a national cost to our policies, in Afghanistan and Pakistan specifically,” he continues. “That’s the story we’re going to explore this season. It’s got some juice to it.”

I’m so excited.  I have to say – I was left a little underwhelmed with the Season 3 finale- and was concerned about where the show would go from there… but I’ve missed the show and am ready for the next chapter in Carrie’s crazy life.

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Claire Danes is having a bit of a bad hair day


Claire Danes is in New York City at the moment, and she’s living proof that celebs are just like us and even they have bad hair days.

While trying to catch a cab in Soho, she battled the pretty gross weather we’re having – it’s REALLY rainy and cold today – and looked none too pleased to be photographed doing so, either. Ah well, still love her!



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