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Chloe Moretz Doesn’t Regret Her Stance On Kim Kardashian’s Nude Photos

'If I Stay' New York Premiere

Chloe Moretz vs. Kim Kardashian…the beef continues.

Chloe was one of the celebrities who decided to body-police Kim when she posted a naked photo of herself on social media. Chloe’s argument was that Kim shouldn’t post naked photos of herself because of feminism, and while Kim gave Chloe some attention initially, Kim hasn’t said anything about Chloe since the first body-policing tweet-storm, where she talked about some magazine cover she was on condescendingly. Chloe, on the other hand, has been getting questions about Kim and her own tweets in interviews for months, and Chloe talked about it again to The Hollywood Reporter. Some highlights:

She’s taking a break: After wrapping back-to-back the thriller November Criminals and the intense psychological drama Brain on Fire, the actress “had a ‘Come to Jesus’ moment” and dropped out of all her future film projects. Moretz said the pace of several movies a year was causing her to lose sight of why she started acting and instead focus on a film’s box office. “So I pulled the plug on all my movies because I want to reassess who I am and find myself within my roles again,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m realizing that I can slow down.”

The platform she’s been given: Dealing with the tabloid speculation about her personal life “is hard, and the paparazzi are hard,” she said, but she’s realized that she can’t focus on the difficulties of being in the spotlight when she’s been given a platform to talk about issues that she cares about like body positivity for girls and bringing the arts back into the U.S. education system. “I realized if I stop talking about the negativity then it can’t thrive. And that’s something I came to very, very recently,” she laughed, noting she has the ear of the presidential nominee.

Her “feud” with Kim Kardashian: “I think I gave my attention to people that didn’t deserve my attention. So in some ways I think I regret giving them the attention, [though] I don’t regret what I said. But also I realized that being the most opinionated and loud person in the room is not always the most impactful. I learned that from Hillary. ‘It’s great to be feisty,’ those were her exact words. But sometimes the smartest way to get into the psyche of people is to be the quietest person in the room. Let everyone else bicker and throw their words around and then you come in with the quiet voice and that will be the most impactful.”

(THR via Celebitchy)

So what is it? Body positivity or holier-than thou feminism? C’mon Chloe. You’re gonna regret these statements….

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Chloe Grace Moretz And Brooklyn Beckham BROKE UP!

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Awww! They were So CUTE.

Only four months after confirming their coupledom publicly, Brooklyn Beckham is back in London after splitting with his girlfriend, actress Chloë Grace Moretz.

Beckham, 17, spent the summer in LA hanging out with the “Kick-Ass” star, 19, and over the past few weeks they were in the same city, but were not spending time together. And instagram confirms this! Bummer.

Beckham was spotted recently at LA hot spot the Nice Guy solo…Reps didn’t comment, but you KNOW if you’re looking to be seen alone, you go to the Nice Guy. Sorry, kids. Y’all were good while it lasted…

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Brooklyn Beckham Shares A Sweet “Date Night” Snap Of Chloe Grace Moretz!

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Now that they’re out in the open, let the photography BEGIN!

We reported how Brooklyn Beckham and girlfriend Chloë Grace Moretz are FINALLY public, after dating on and off for the past two years (did you know they met at a Soul Cycle? I KNOW, so HOLLYWOOD). Well, now they can do all kinds of cute couple-y stuff free from the veil of rich kid secrecy. YAY!

Which is just what Brooklyn Beckham did, when he posted a sweet image of the actress to Instagram on Monday. The photo (above) shows Moretz at a restaurant during a “date night.” eating what looks to be a shrimp cocktail and a bunch of chicken wings. “This one,” he captioned the photo of the actress, smiling mid-wang.

Hey, Brooklyn, if things don’t work out with Chloe give me a call! I love chicken wings.

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Chloe Grace Moretz Wanted A Boob Job And Butt Reduction

'If I Stay' New York Premiere

I love this new, outspoken Chloe Grace Moretz!

The Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising star, 19, has come out as dating Brooklyn Beckham, has beefed with Kim Kardashian and now she’s talking more BODY IMAGE.  The girl had an interview with Elle recently, and revealed that she had a long list of body issues that she desired to tackle early on, but didn’t and now she’s better off.

“When I was 16, I wanted a boob job. I wanted the fat pad under my chin to be removed. I wanted a butt reduction, or whatever,” she told Elle.

But Moretz’s mother refused to allow her to go under the knife, which mended her inner beauty. “Because of that, I found a lot of power within my insecurities,” she continued. “They’re what make me who I am now.”

Still, the actress, who is dating Brooklyn Beckham, doesn’t pretend that she woke up like this. “Yes, I have had hair extensions. Yes, the reason I have this body is because I work out seven times a week. Yes, I eat really clean — even though I don’t always want to, and I definitely cheat,” she continued. “But you’re not just born with this. Sometimes you have to fight for and work for things, and be happy with who you are at the same time. And that’s a really hard balance, but I want to show it to young women.”

And when she’s feeling down, she has Beckham, 17, in her corner. The couple confirmed their rekindled romance in May with a sweet Instagram post. “My boyfriend is a huge support. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t need a man for anything, but when I’m feeling bad about myself, he’s like, ‘Stop. Look at what you say in interviews. Look at what you stand for. Listen to your own words, because you’re as beautiful as you say you are!’” she revealed. “It’s nice to have a young man who’s 17 years old be able to look at a woman that way.”

(Via Us Weekly)

Good on you, Chloe. I hate how many celebs get plastic surgery and don’t talk about it, perpetuating an unrealistic beauty standard. She’s young, but it feels like Chloe Moretz is pretty grounded.

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