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Amber Heard And Cara Delevingne Got Denied At A London Strip Club

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Let the girl celebrate!

Following last week’s news that Amber Heard is donating the entirety of her $7 million divorce settlement to charity, the girl celebrated in London, where she’s been for a few months working on Justice League. She had Friday night off so she met up with Margot Robbie, Margot’s boyfriend Tom Ackerley and Cara Delevingne. Then, the four of them tried to hit up a strip club, but ALAS! It was not to be.

Amber Heard celebrated her divorce from Johnny Depp by partying with Cara Delevingne, Margot Robbie and the cast of “Suicide Squad” in London over the weekend.

Heard was seen with a group including the actresses and Robbie’s boyfriend Tom Ackerley heading to a Rolling Stones exhibition, then later going for dinner before visiting a strip club, where they were turned away. They instead ended up at London hot spot Chiltern Firehouse.

(Via Page Six)

According to the Sun, the strip club is called SophistiCats, which is “London’s Premier Gentlemen’s Club.” According to the Sun, Amber and Cara were definitely arguing with the doorman at the club, probably pulling the “don’t you know who we are?” card, which is annoying. BUT, I’m glad Amber isn’t hiding away- she’s out and about and living her life (though not making it rain).

Photo: Instagram

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Cara Delevingne Said Yoga Saved Her Life


She’s very LA, but I forgive her. She’s STUNNING!

I love the glammed out intensity of Cara Delevingne on the cover of Elle Australia’s September issue, and I’m not going to apologize for that. I will apologize because I hate promoting a magazine that’s promoting the trainwreck garbage that is Suicide Squad, but whatever. ELLE’s September issue on newsstands nationwide August 16, and that’s more of a priority than the hot topic movie. Cara sounds, well, like Cara in the interview, which is fun but expected, and often up her ass hilarious. Here are the highlights:

On how Yoga saved her life:“For me, yoga’s the only way I can really feel things and check how I am. Because there is always pain somewhere, even if it’s completely irrational pain, and it’s always good to find it and get it out. If I don’t cry pretty much every day I will hold it in, and it will manifest in me in things that are destructive, like my skin.”

On crying onscreen:“I don’t think I have ever, ever cried in front of more than one person ever, ever,” she says. “Because I grew up in this very ‘Emotion is weak, head up, move on, onward and upward’ kind of way. Which is not healthy.” Her face starts twitching a little, like she might cry. “Will Smith was telling me he brought up his kids to put their emotions first, and when I heard that, I was just like, ‘Oh my God, that sounds like a fairy tale,’ ” she says. “Because emotions should be put first. It’s the most important thing. No, I’m not going to start crying.”

(Via Elle Australia)

Yes, Will Smith taught her how to cry. Touched yet? I LOOOOOOVE it.

Photos: Elle Australia

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Cara Delevingne Sports A Short, Sexy New ‘Do At Comic-Con!

Charlize Theron at The 2016 MTV Movie Awards in LA

Cara Delevingne said goodbye to her signature long locks!

The model showed up to the Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets panel at Comic-Con on Thursday with a brand new hairdo, that’s very summer-chic. Want to check it out? Stay with us, after the jump!


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Cara Delevingne Threw A Ginormous Tantrum During A Security Check

Shy Model Cara Delevigne Hides From Cameras

Surprise surprise, Cara Delevingne is a big ‘ol baby.

While I think her look is cute and I like all her modeling badmouthing, I don’t like that the girl seems privileged as all hell. News is, she had a full-fledged temper tantrum and nothing really happened to her…except being detained briefly and let go. Check it:

Cara Delevingne was detained for more than an hour after a four-letter “meltdown” at Eurostar security staff. Onlookers say the model acted like a “spoiled brat” as she erupted in fury on her way from Paris to London for her sister Poppy’s birthday bash. The bizarre incident was sparked as her luggage was pulled aside for a random check. As she swore at the officer and his colleague, the 23-year-old got down on her knees and pretended to pray she would be allowed to board the train quickly. But she calmed down and later apologized as she emerged from an interrogation room an hour later with red eyes as if she had been crying.

An onlooker said: “It was a full-on meltdown in the middle of security. There were at least 20 people around and she didn’t seem to care who saw. It was like she thought she didn’t have to abide by the same rules as everyone else just because she’s famous. Cara was with a friend who was trying to calm her down, but it wasn’t working. She shouted ‘let him do his f**king job, it’s ridiculous.’ She got down on her knees and put her hands together as if she was praying for the whole thing to be over. It was bizarre.”

A French security source told The Sun many officers are fed up with celebrities acting as if they are above the law. He said: “Famous people often [don’t] seem to think the same rules apply to them as everyone else. But everyone is subject to the same security procedures regardless of how well known they are. Sometimes celebrities will behave as if they are above the law and will be rude for no reason. They need to learn they have to be treated the same as everyone else.”

After the model-turned-actress swore profusely at the first officer, another came over to try to calm the situation. But Cara began using her phone, despite signs saying it was not allowed, and took exception to being told to put it away. She screamed “F–k you” at a female officer before being detained and taken upstairs to a private room away from stunned passengers. Cara, who was dressed in casual bottoms and a top, emerged an hour later with red eyes, which made passengers think she had broken down in tears during the interrogation. But after calming down, she apologized profusely to the officers and was able to board the next train. She escaped with a fine for verbal assault.

(Via Page Six)

I think she probably had drugs. She had a big ol hissy fit so that everyone would be weirded out/embarassed so that they wouldn’t find her stash. Right?  And she’s white and young and pretty, so they felt badly and let the famous person go.


Photo: FameFlynet

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