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Lindsay Lohan’s ex, Calum Best speaks out!


Lindsay Lohan got a blast from the past when she and her former flame Calum Best both showed up at the Effen vodka – sponsored opening of the Apple Lounge in LA on Aug. 14 (her ex Harry Morton also was on hand).

Asked what he thinks about Lindsay’s latest romance, with Samantha Ronson, Calum quipped, “I hope I didn’t turn her!”

Even though one witness says Lindsay tried her best to avoid Calum, 27, at the event, he insists he’s still friendly with the 22-year-old actress, whom he dated in May 2007, shortly before Linds entered Promises rehab in Malibu. “She’s a cool girl,” Calum said. “She’s better than she was, because at one point she was in a bad way.”

He said he definitely doesn’t have any hard feelings: “I wish her all the best with whatever she does. And if she’s with a girl, then good for her. In this day and age, it’s all good.”

Is Calum worried his friendship with Lindsay could make Sam jealous? “We’ll see. I don’t want to arm wrestle her girlfriend!” he joked.

Pics are from this same party, where he partied it up with Simon Rex.  Remember him?


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Calum Best at the launch party of a Rock n Roll Circus at Studio Valbonne in London

Calum Best



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Calum Best has a daughter he’s never met.


Lindsay Lohan’s new beau Calum Best has a baby and has never met her.

British model Lorna Hogan gave birth to the 6 lb 13 oz Amelia Grace Hogan last December after a short affair with Calum last year. According to Lorna, he has refused to take a paternity test to confirm that he is the father of the five month old baby girl or even visit the child.

Lorna told the UK’s Sunday Mirror,

“I can’t believe he wants nothing to do with this beautiful little girl. He hasn’t even bothered to call and ask how Amelia is. He is out clubbing every weekend, throwing his money away. He ends up with a different girl on his arm each time.”

Calum’s father is the late British football legend George Best, who died in November 2005 after two liver transplants. Lorna complained,

“George let alcohol destroy him and Calum is heading the same way. While he is out frittering away his money, I am at home looking after his daughter on a tight budget.

It is time he started taking responsibility. I don’t expect him to be the kind of dad to take our daughter to school every day. But I don’t want her to see pictures of him stumbling drunk out of nightclubs with different women on his arm every time.”

She says that she met Calum at a London club and became pregnant accidentally because she was on the pill but the antibiotics that she was taking for a kidney infection prevented the pill from working. She said,

“When I told Calum I wanted to keep the baby he sent me dozens of texts hinting I should get rid of the baby.”

Lorna says of her daughter and her daughter’s grandfather,

“My little girl is gorgeous and has definitely been blessed with George’s good looks. I am proud she is related to him because he was an idol who will never be forgotten. It’s such a shame he will never see her. But I will definitely tell my daughter all about him when she is old enough. She has got the same big piercing blue eyes that he was known for. She is just an angel, so serene and pretty.”


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Calum Best : ‘I’m an addict’


Self-confessed ‘bad boy’ Calum Best has vowed to get help for his addiction to alcohol, drugs and prostitutes.

The 26-year-old model is desperate not to destroy his life like his alcoholic father and football legend George.

I’m a bad boy. I go out and get drunk, I get high on cocaine and I do stupid debauched things with the wrong women,’ he confessed.

I don’t have to be like Dad, but I feel his blood running through my veins. I need to sort out my problems before it’s too late.’

Calum – whose most recent celebrity conquest is troubled Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan – spoke out after pictures of him in a drug-fuelled orgy with two hookers last week were published in a newspaper.

I’ve got a problem. Sometimes I end up with one woman, other times two. That makes me sound so seedy, when I’m not,’ he insisted.

The serial womaniser, who admitted to being a sex addict, plans to check in to rehab when he returns to London after spending a week meeting acting agents in Los Angeles.

I don’t want to be 45, out drinking, doing cocaine and with the wrong girls. I don’t want to be a sad old man drowning my sorrows.’


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