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Busy Philipps Turns 35!

Pathway To The Cure: A Fundraiser Benefiting Susan G. Komen

Cougar Town star, Busy Philipps just rang in her 35th birthday!  She was spotted at a SoulCycle class with two girlfriends.

‘I had the greatest birthday gift thanks to these @shapewithangela & @Pixieacia- the best @soulcycle class EVER!’ Busy tweeted.

She later joined her husband, Marc Silverstein, for lunch.  The two have been married for seven years and share two children together, Cricket, 1, and Birdie, 6.  Philipps and Silverstein recently had their wedding anniversary.

The actress was feeling a little reminiscent when she wished Marc a happy seventh anniversary on June 16 and posted one of their glamorous wedding photos.

‘7 years ago today. I will never be that thin again,’ Busy wrote.

Silverstein is a screenwriter who has penned several romantic films including The Vow,  with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams – which came out in 2012.

“It was interesting when we were writing our wedding vows together [in 2007] and it was interesting what he came up with, because obviously it was so beautiful and well written,” Philipps told ABC News. “I was like ‘Oh really? You feel that about me? Oh right this is what you do for a living, oh my God you are so good at it!'”

In fact, Philipps said some of her and her husband’s wedding vows made their way into 2012’s “The Vow” starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams.

“That was a nice surprise for me, he never told me that he did that. Sometimes I read his scripts, sometimes I don’t,” Philipps said. “I hadn’t read ‘The Vow’ script. I watched it on an airplane and was sobbing hysterically during the vows part because I saw my wedding vows in there with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum saying them to each other (laughs)!”

I really like Philipps.  I am currently binge-watching the iconic Judd Apatow gem of show, Freaks and Geeks, and Philipps is hilarious in it.

Pathway To The Cure: A Fundraiser Benefiting Susan G. Komen

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Busy Philipps gave birth – and you’re never going to guess what she named her daughter!

Busy Philipps gave birth to a Cricket! Yes, that’s the name she’s chosen for her second daughter. Cricket Pearl.

The “Cougar Town” actress, 34, and her husband, screenwriter Marc Silverstein, welcomed the baby girl on July 2, but at the time they hadn’t decided her name (they waited, and CRICKET is what they came up with!?). Cricket joins the couple’s 4-year-old daugheter, Birdie Leigh.

Shortly after Cricket was born, Busy shared a photo of her daughter on Twitter.

Yesterday, she took to Twitter to address all the critics of her daughter’s name.

Well played!

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A pregnant Busy Philipps shops in West Hollywood!

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Pregnant Busy Phillips attends the 1st Annual Norma Jean Gala in Hollywood

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