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Kris Jenner Urged Bruce Jenner To “Pray Away” His Gender Identity Crisis

Kris & Bruce Jenner Hold Hands At LAX


There’s a new behind-the-scenes book about the Kardashian family called “Kardashian Dynasty,” by Ian Halperin, and it shares lots of new and bizarre tidbits about the family we can’t help but hate and be obsessed with. The most interesting and sad tidbit, however, is that the book claims longtime friends of Caitlyn Jenner allege that the celebrity-formerly-known-as-Bruce Jenner went public with her gender transition when she did to distract from possible manslaughter charges AND that Kris Jenner spent years urging Bruce to pray away his desire for change. SOUNDS PRETTY EFFED UP. Here are some highlights from Page Six:

The February 2015 crash – in which Jenner, then still Bruce, was alleged to be driving at an unsafe speed – led to the death of 69-year-old Kim Howe, and could have caused Jenner to be charged with manslaughter. Jenner publicly came out as transgender in late April, and revealed herself as Caitlyn in an interview with Vanity Fair in early June. According to the magazine, the interview had been in the works for three months, which puts its genesis around the beginning of March.

“Before Bruce got into the accident, he gave the world hints about his true sexuality,” Halperin quotes the friend as saying. “After the accident, he went full steam ahead. I truly believe he was trying to misdirect the negative publicity he received after the car crash….it was clear he was worried about being charged.”

Halperin also spoke to an NCAA coach “who had known Jenner for years,” and had been in contact with Jenner recently. The coach revealed that Kris Jenner, Caitlyn’s former wife and the mastermind matriarch of the Kardashian empire, “had influenced him to suppress his desire to be a woman for all those years. ‘She told him he should pray,’ he reveals, ‘that church could help heal him.”

Halperin notes that this sounds “suspiciously like ‘conversion therapy,” adding that “the idea of using religion to suppress homosexuality has a troubling history associated with evangelical Christianity, especially during the 80s and 90s, when the idea gained momentum in various Christian ministries throughout the United States.”

Throughout the book, Halperin documents Kris Jenner’s associations with questionable church figures, including several who clearly promoted homophobia.

When she first connected with Robert Kardashian, famous O.J. Simpson friend and father of Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian, they attended bible studies led by conservative singer Pat Boone, who was “a fierce critic of any number of liberal causes, from the pro-choice to the gay rights movements.”

Years later, Halperin writes, Kris was a regular attendee at the Calvary Community Church in Westlake, California, a church “long associated with homophobic positions,” including firing a member of their executive team in 2012 for coming out as gay, noting during the firing that “it would never be accepted by the congregation.” Kris and (pre-transition) Bruce were “especially taken” with the church’s pastor, Brad Johnson, who built a 4,000-member congregation with “his hip, irreverent style.”

The book talks about even grosser stuff- like how Kris had a hand in the engineering and release of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape and image. None of this surprises me, but every time I hear it I puke a little in my mouth. Sigh.

Will you read the book?

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Khloe Kardashian Says She Still Calls Caitlyn “Bruce?”

Khloe Kardashian & French Montana's Relationship Just For Show?

Though all the Kardashians have been mega supportive of Caitlyn Jenner‘s tranisition, Khloe Kardashian admits that her and her sisters are holding on to the past…a bit.

The Kardashians often call Caitlyn “Bruce,” and they think that that’s okay.

“We don’t like to say that Bruce is gone, per se. We, my sisters and I, we will call Caitlyn ‘Bruce,’ and we’ve been told that’s completely fine,” the reality star, 31, told Australian TV show The Project on Thursday while promoting the Kardashian Kids clothing line.

“She has told us we are allowed to call her any name we want to. Because on the phone, when she calls me, it’s the same voice as Bruce. And if I’m not physically with her, it’s hard to remember in the moment that I’m talking to Caitlyn, if that makes sense.”

I think calling a trans person by their past name can be considered disrespectful, families often find their own comfort zones in private where names are concerned.

“There was a hard time for the entire family, that we were all transitioning with her, but in front of an audience,” Khloé said. “That’s not really the normal way to go about it.”

She added: “There is a lot of raw emotions, that it’s hard to do in front of a camera. For us, we were trying to be really open and raw with it, I think. We all got through it and that’s completely over, it’s all behind us now. So, we are just happy for her. We just want her to be happy. But there was definitely a moment that was really tough for all of us.”

(Via People)

What do you think- should the Kardashians knock this “Bruce” stuff off?!

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Kris Jenner Is Trying To Fix Her Reputation Following Caitlyn Jenner Transformation

Kris Jenner Is Trying To Fix Her Reputation Following Caitlyn Jenner Transformation

Kris Jenner is on a mission to fix her reputation now that Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation is in full view of the media and public. It’s time for some damage control!

A source said, “Kris is worth millions on paper, but she’s got a major cash shortfall right now and needs some help getting through the summer. Kris has been working on a big publicity onslaught to salvage her reputation after CaitlynGate. She’s getting all the nips and tucks you can think of.”

Another source previously said that Kris was extremely jealous of Caitlyn’s immediate rise to fame. The spy said, “No one in the family was expecting Caitlyn to be as beautiful as she is. Everyone is shocked at how soft and natural she looks and, of course, Kris is just through the roof. Kris knows that she is no longer the ‘momager with the most’ and this drives her absolutely nuts!”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Caitlyn Jenner Is Getting 5 Mill For Her Docuseries

How Caitlyn Jenner Chose Her Name

More than ever, Caitlyn Jenner is a power player!

Though she reportedly spent about $4 million on her transition, Cait will end up making mad bank thanks to her docuseries. According to Radar, the former Olympian was paid $5 million for her upcoming show I am Cait – the most E! has ever paid for a solo reality show. I bet that price tag is enough to make ex (and ruthless Momager) Kris Jenner proud.

The insider said:

“It’s the biggest paycheck ever given by E! for a solo reality show, and Caitlyn’s agent was relentless in getting her the huge payday. At one point, talks between the network and E! had broken down, because nobody wanted to pay her more than $2 million. Caitlyn’s agent then began informal talks with other networks, and E! quickly came back to the table, ready to pay $5 million.”

I mean, the show is already going to be insanely popular, based on all the Vanity Fair and Diane Sawyer interview buzz. But the multi-million dollar paycheck also has its drawbacks…the 65-year-old is being sued for the fatal car accident she was involved with in February.

Yikes. 5 million is a lot of money when you’re a regular person, but when you’re Caitlyn Jenner? That dough can go FAST.

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