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Let’s talk ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and ‘Brothers & Sisters!’

I know I’m a day late – but with my DVR, I watch random shows throughout the week, and not always the night they appear. I know you do too, so I’ll put this discussion behind the jump for those of you who haven’t seen it yet!

Let’s talk episode 2 of Boardwalk Empire and the season premiere of Brothers & Sisters! (more…)

Posted Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 at 11:11am
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Emily VanCamp is leaving ‘Brothers & Sisters’!

As first reported by, Emily VanCamp is parting ways with Brothers & Sisters and her role of Rebecca. In the following exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Everwood grad sets the record straight about the circumstances surrounding her departure and teases the “traumatic” event that leads to Rebecca’s goodbye.

Is it true that you’re leaving?

EMILY VANCAMP: It is true. I’m going to go back for a couple of episodes, which I’m really excited about. I really feel like Rebecca has run her course. And the deal I was offered this year was for two more years, and I just felt like since renegotiations were happening that maybe it would be the right time to move on. I’ve been doing this for a very long time, and other opportunities have presented themselves that I haven’t been able to do. I’ve had such an amazing four years on the show and I felt like maybe it was time. It was a big risk, but I’m really excited about it.

Isn’t a six- or seven-year contract standard practice when you join a show?

It is. I think [ABC] decided that they wanted to renegotiate with me and, I think, different cast members. All I know is what was happening with me. They [wanted to] renegotiate for the next couple of years and the idea of doing two more years was slightly daunting —not because I haven’t appreciated every single moment on that show. I’ve had such a brilliant time, and I had the opportunity to work with some of the best — I’m so grateful for that. But with family dramas, it’s hard to keep those stories alive. I just felt like it was time to move on.

There’s speculation that you were a casualty of widespread budget cuts at the show. Not true?

I’d like to think that it was a mutual agreement. I don’t really make decisions based on [money]. For me, it was really a creative thing….I did a lot of soul-searching. It’s a big risk for me to take.

How many episodes are you going back for?

I’m definitely going back for two or three episodes at the beginning of the season. I’m really excited about the story. I spoke to our showrunner, David Marshall Grant, and he’s come up with some great story lines for the next season. I’m very excited about what’s happening for Rebecca.

I’m guessing the yearlong separation between Justin and Rebecca caused even further distance.

I think so. I also think that when families go through traumatic situations — like a massive car crash — there are a lot of emotional issues to deal with. No one really knows what happened to Holly [Patricia Wettig] yet. Everyone knows what happened to Robert [Rob Lowe]. I think there are going to be a lot of emotional implications as a result of that event.

More from EW’s interview with Emily here!

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Brothers & Sisters Finale Shocker: will Rob Lowe die, or will someone else?

“You heard Rob Lowe is leaving Brothers & Sisters, right?

So in this past Sunday’s episode, when Robert lost his top-secret job in Washington because his “resting heart rate exceeds their criteria,” you were probably thinking: “Aha! So it’ll be death by a heart attack!”

Well, not so fast, my pets.

Insiders are buzzing about what just might be the biggest Brothers & Sisters twist yet…

In the season finale, there will be a shocker so monumental, it will leave multiple major characters hanging in the balance, according to sources. It is unlike anything you have seen on this series.”


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Rob Lowe’s gay brother cast!


Finally, we can put a face with the name.

Former Days of Our Lives stud Eric Winter has been cast as the oft-referred-to-but-never-seen gay brother to Rob Lowe’s Sen. McCallister on Brothers & Sisters.

The 30-year-old actor — whose other credits include the blink-and-you-missed-it WB drama Just Legal and, most recently, ABC Family’s Wildfire — starts work this week for an April debut. Kitty initially mistakes him for being one of the senator’s frat brothers. When the truth comes out, she immediately fixes him up with Kevin — to disastrous results.


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