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Brittany Murphy’s mother pretends her death never happened

Now this is just so sad!!!

Brittany Murphy’s mother Sharon still pretends that her daughter’s death never happened :(

She revealed that she still struggles to accept her daughter’s passing, even though she’s been gone for a year. Brittany suffered cardiac arrest on December 20, 2009 and just a short while later, her husband, Simon Monjack, also passed away.

Female First reports:

She has found it so difficult to cope on her own, every day is a battle to resume some sort of normalcy.

She tells In Touch Weekly, “Every day is difficult. It’s still a challenge to get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other.

“It’s (the two deaths are) beyond strange. Sometimes, just in order to function, I pretend it didn’t happen.”

Sharon finds comfort in reliving happier times in her life – and she insists on staying put at the Beverly Hills mansion her daughter died in because she feels closer to the late star.

She says, “I’m always remembering times with her. She would always say that we grew up together, and that’s true.

“We were so close, and such great friends… I feel their presence here. It’s comforting.”

So sad!

Source, Fame Pictures

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Brittany Murphy’s mom is planning a Tell-All

Brittany Murphy’s mother is set to pay tribute to her late daughter in a new biography.

The Clueless actress passed away in December 2009 from pneumonia, and the tragedy was compounded when her husband, screenwriter Simon Monjack, died just five months later.

Their passings have since been tarred by a series of salacious rumours concerning missing money and claims Murphy’s mother, Sharon, slept in the same bed as her son-in-law after the actress died.

Sharon spoke out to deny the rumours at the time and she is now hoping to silence tabloid gossip about her daughter by telling her story in a new picture book.

In a statement released on what would have been Murphy’s 33rd birthday (10Nov10), she says, “This book will be my way of celebrating and honouring her extraordinary life and career. Brittany was a kind, loving person who enjoyed each day; she was my life. I am looking forward to everyone reading the accurate account about my daughter, her life, loves and career.”

A portion of the book’s proceeds will be donated to charity.


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Sharon Murphy miffed over Simon Monjack bed claims

Sharon Murphy is pretty ticked off by some internet reports suggesting that she had sex with her daughter’s husband after she passed away.

TMZ reported yesterday that the coroner’s office claimed that Sharon pointed to Simon Monjack’s bed and referred to one side as hers. Now, she’s disturbed that people put two and two together and come up with four.

TMZ has more:

In a statement, Sharon says, “I am very disturbed that the L.A. Coroners [sic] office continues to release things to the media that are misleading.”

She continues, “The TMZ story with it’s [sic] salacious headline suggesting that my prescious [sic] son-in-law Simon and I slept in bed together, infering [sic] sexual contact is journalism at its lowest.” Sharon also denies there were medications in the house prescribed to a “Sharon Monjack,” as the Coroner’s report states.

It could’ve been completely innocent, right? Or perhaps she was just lonely and sad? Maybe she wanted to take solace with the only person she felt could understand the pain she was suffering. What do you think?

Source, Fame Pictures

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Was Simon Monjack squandering Brittany Murphy’s money?

According to Brittany Murphy’s former business manager, the late actresses husband Simon Monjack, may have squandered her money just before he passed in May.

Accountant Jeffrey Morgenroth tells People that her husband was spending her money like it was going out of style just before his sudden death from pneumonia and anemia (which also killed Murphy).

“There were huge amounts of money in [Brittany’s] pension plan and bank account, and all of that’s gone,” Morgenroth tells the magazine. “I would see it on the statements. There was money being withdrawn by Simon, hundreds of thousands.”

In just a couple months, Morgenroth says Monjack spent 80% of Brittany’s assets, which leaves Brittany’s mom without much of anything. “She was looking at the pension statement and I said, ‘Look. There are almost no zeros there.'”

Even though the actress left her entire estate to her mother, somehow Monjack was able to get his hands on her money (even though Brittany left him nothing).

So sad!


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