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Britney Spears Is Fed Up With Her Dad Having Control

Britney Spears Is Fed Up With Her Dad Having Control

As most of you already know, back in 2008 Britney Spears had a breakdown and was placed under a conservatorship. The conservatorship is controlled by her father Jamie Spears and a guy named Andrew Wallett. Now, the singer wants free from her father having control over her finances so that she is free to marry her current squeeze David Lucado.

A source said, “She’s so sick of all the bodyguards. And she wants to be out from under her father’s thumb. Her relationship with David has never been stronger. She also wants the conservatorship to end so she can be free to marry him.”

Despite her wanting her freedom financially and otherwise, her friends don’t think that she is ready for the responsibility. The source said, “Even though Britney is doing very well, there are no plans to end the conservatorship anytime soon. Her doctors just don’t think she is ready to be on her own yet.”

What do you think? Should Britney have the conservatorship lifted? Or why bother with that since her father is doing such a great job for her?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Britney Spears Looks Great

Britney Spears Makes A Starbucks Run Britney Spears Makes A Starbucks Run Britney Spears Makes A Starbucks Run

Singer, Britney Spears, was spotted in Thousand Oaks on a coffee run yesterday.  Girl has really pulled herself together.  That said- am I the only one who thinks she could really benefit from a stylist?  She wears really awkward clothing.  She’s been working out a lot- and it shows – I just wish she would wear more flattering clothing…

Britney Spears Makes A Starbucks Run Britney Spears Makes A Starbucks Run

Photos: FameFlynet

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PHOTO: Britney Spears Shows Off Her Abs; Looks Flawless

PHOTO: Britney Spears Shows Off Her Abs; Looks Flawless

Say what you want about the princess of pop Britney Spears, but girlfriend is sure looking good! Britney took to her Instagram to share the above photo showing off her abs and awesome looking body. Hello, is it 2000 all over again?

She captioned the pic: “Amazing amazing shoot with @jefflipsky today! Been working hard this summer! So ready to bring it for the next round of #PieceOfMe shows next week”.

Isn’t this the best that Britney has looked in years? She’s fit, talented and ready to rock the stage!

VERDICT: We love it! You go girl!

Perhaps Lindsay Lohan could learn a thing or two about recovering from the crazy and making a real comeback?

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Britney Spears’ Skips Out on Restaurant Bill…

PICS: Britney Spears and boyfriend David Lucado stop by the mall

Whoopsie!  Pop star Britney Spears appears to have forgotten something the other day when she was eating with her boyfriend, David Lucado at The Cheesecake Factory in Thousand Oaks.  And when I say she forgot something- I mean she forgot to pay for her food.

At the end of the lunch the waitress came over with the $30 bill, and Britney said her security guy would pay it. She and David then walked out — with a doggie bag.

Problem is … security never paid.

Britney’s people tell TMZ … she feels “horrible” and it was an honest mistake. The guard thought Britney paid and she believed he paid the bill.

I completely believe that she just forgot to pay.  She’s got more money than God, is probably used to people taking care of mere details like bill paying, and maybe is a little oblivious.  I’m sure The Cheesecake Factory was happy to comp the bill anyway since the notoriety from having her there was probably worth more than that…

Photo: FameFlynet, Source

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