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Britney Spears Quietly Did Rehab For Pills?

Britney Spears Quietly Did Rehab For Pills?

According to a new report from Star magazine, Britney Spears was overdosing on a drug called Vyanse and secretly checked herself into rehab for treatment.

A source revealed, “Her dad forced her into rehab because she was overdosing on a drug called Vyanse. She said she’d initially been prescribed it for ADHD but that she’d severely upped the dosage. She made it clear that if she wasn’t taking it, she didn’t think she’d be able to perform in her Las Vegas show.”

The insider went on to say, “She makes no choices on her own…and it was obvious during group therapy that it really gets to her.”

The source said that her father Jamie keeps her on a strict diet and workout plan and she was forced to continue that while in treatment. The spy said, “The day after Thanksgiving, she said she didn’t eat anything besides vegetables because she felt like his eyes were always on her.”

Britney is reportedly looking just to go back to a much simpler life. The source added, “She told me that all she wanted to do was ‘move back to Louisiana and have more babies,’ but that her dad wouldn’t let her. All she wants to do is settle down and be near her best friend – her mom.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Britney Spears Puts Family Before Music

Britney Spears Puts Family Before Music

Are you among the many hordes of Britney Spears fans who are looking for some new music?

She hooked up with Planet Hollywood and has been doing her “Piece Of Me” residency there, but one was still holding on to hope that some new music from the pop singer would be forthcoming. Still, we know that it’s all basically a balancing act between work, children and her love life with Charlie Ebersol. Still, she wants us all to know that there is a new album in the works, but we may not be hearing it in full anytime soon. Boo!

For their cover story, Spears said, “I’m gonna do [a new album] slowly but surely. There’s a lot going on with my kids and schools and, you know, adding new sports and stuff like that. I’m gonna try to do my best to do an amazing album, but it’s not my full priority right now. Kids can drive you crazy.”

She is also in negotiations to do more concerts for her Las Vegas residency, so that is the best place to catch her. Until then, she will trickle out little bits and pieces of music in the form of singles.

I guess we’ll take what we can get, no?


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Kevin Federline Dishes On Britney Spears Romance

Kevin Federline Dishes On Britney Spears Romance

Kevin Federline is dishing on his former marriage to Britney Spears and he’s got nothing but good things to say about their relationship. During an interview with Billy Bush, he talked of their whirlwind romance.

He said, “That time, it’s like a whirlwind. You know, you’re thrown into this limelight…Everything kinda happened.”

He went on to say, “I mean, it was a good time in my life. We have two beautiful children. The way that everything has turned out, everybody’s happy. Co-parenting is going great. I can’t complain.”

Despite all of her troubles in the past, they still work together in a way that accommodates both of their careers. He said, “I had to work this weekend and go to Orange County…so they went to Vegas. And when she has to do something and I need to keep the kids, it just works out well.”

He added, “We talk when we need to, and it’s always about the boys – mostly school stuff and making sure we stay on top of that. It’s going great. I’m in a happy place right now.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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The Britney School of Romance Includes Bedazzling.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.44.34 AM

Britney Spears knows the way to a man’s heart is through…a bedazzler?

At her Vegas show on Wednesday, Brit-Brit danced onto the stage proclaiming her love for Charlie Ebersol by wearing a vest bedazzled with “I ❤ Charlie’ on it.” On first thought it seems really ridiculously corny/embarassing, but on second thought…once you’re dating Britney Spears, you kinda know what you signed up for, right?

Anyhow, seems like things have been going well for the couple, who have been dating since early November, despite some parental controversy. 

What I want to know is- what’s next for this line of Charlie/Britney sparklewear?


Photo: Vine

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