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Britney Spears Threatens To Destroy Porn Star Over Ex-Boyfriend’s Affair

Britney Spears Threatens To Destroy Porn Star Over Ex-Boyfriend's Affair

Britney Spears is apparently trying to throw her weight around in the matter of her ex-boyfriend David Lucado hooking up with porn star Cali Lee. In her dealings with Lucado, Spears made him sign a confidentiality agreement, but now her legal team is looking to enforce that upon Lee as well! TMZ has the scoop:

Britney’s legal team sent a nasty letter to Cali Lee … warning her that Brit’s former BF David Lucado signed a confidentiality agreement with Britney, and anything he told Cali during their affair must be kept secret.

Here’s the thing … it’s BS. Cali is NOT bound by some confidentiality agreement David signed. Period. And Cali’s lawyer has told his client she can say what she wants.

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, the lawyer writes, “Rest assured that our client has the resources and the resolve to pursue this matter no matter what the financial cost or outlay in time.”

Lee can’t be expected to abide by a contract that she never even signed, so naturally her attorneys won’t mind pursuing this one until the very end. What does she know that Spears wants kept out of the media? Any guesses?

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Normal Guy Dave Cheated On Britney Spears With A Porn Star

Normal Guy Dave Cheated On Britney Spears With A Porn Star

As you know, Britney Spears dumped her cheating ex-boyfriend David Lucado after her father secured video of said cheating for a hefty price tag. Since, Lucado has denied cheating on Spears — until a porn star surfaced to say that she was the object of his affection. TMZ reports:

Cali Lee is a 5 foot, 96 pound Latina who’s been in the biz since 2009. She’s famous for classics like:

— “Itty Bitty Boobies”
— “8th Street Latinas Vol. 20″
— “Fresh Outta High School 14″

Cali is kind of a unicorn in the industry — she’s been in less than 20 scenes. Although, one of ‘em was with legendary swordsman Ron Jeremy.

As for how David and Cali crossed paths — we’re told they met at a bar near Britney’s house.

It’s hard to deny the truth when people start creeping out of the woodwork to call BS…right?

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David Lucado Denies Cheating On Britney Spears

David Lucado Denies Cheating On Britney Spears

In case you’ve missed it, Britney Spears kicked her “normal guy” boyfriend David Lucado to the curb when she viewed video footage of him kissing another woman in a nightclub. Her father Jamie spared her the public embarrassment of the video getting out by purchasing the rights and Spears is better for it all the way around. Now, Lucado is creeping out of the woodwork to say that they were actually on a break when he was smooching someone else.

Lucado is telling friends Britney dumped him via text on August 6th. Sources close to the ex couple tell us they’d been arguing over “outside influences” — like her conservators — who control Britney’s life … and Spears sent him a message saying, “I’m done with you.”

Lucado’s cheating sesh went down the very next night on August 7 — and as we first told you Britney’s dad now owns the video of the hookup. We’re told David and Brit reconciled, conveniently, on August 8.

I’m not sure if I’m buying this one. If they were on a break as he claims, then why is she so broken up over the whole thing? I think he’s lying in order to try and get back in her good graces. Just remember — once a cheater always a cheater!

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Britney Spears Looks Forward To Dating Following David Lucado Split

Britney Spears Looks Forward To Dating Following David Lucado Split

Britney Spears recently called time on her relationship with David Lucado after someone tried shopping around video of him kissing on some other woman. Luckily for her, that video will never see the light of day thanks to her father Jamie who paid a tidy little sum for the rights to it. Now, Brit Brit says that she is looking forward to dating again.

During her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood, Spears told the audience: “The best thing about your boyfriend cheating on you is that you get to go on another first date.”

Following that, we’ve learned that Jamie Spears has put the kibosh on Lucado even getting close enough to his daughter to even apologize. Well you can’t really blame the guy, can you?

A source revealed, “David won’t be getting through because he’s persona non grata at her show in Las Vegas, at her home in Thousand Oaks, California and his phone number’s been blocked.”

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