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The TMNT Cast And Crew Want Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green To Get Back Together

Pregnant Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Take Their Sons To The Farmers Market

The cast and crew of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows believe in LOVE, why can’t Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green?

While Fox, 30, was “under the weather” and bailed on the world premiere of TMNT in New York on Sunday, her cast mates were quick to praise their pregnant costar and show their support. Brittany Ishibashi, who plays Karai in the film, told People she was excited to hear of Fox’s pregnancy and admired her dedication to her family while on set.

“I have a 2-year-old. We bonded over kids. And I worked with Brian Austin Green a few years ago on Desperate Housewives. He’s such a sweet guy. They are both such sweet people – super chill. They’re very spiritual people, very kind and generous,” said Ishibashi. “And she’s an amazing mother. She was always talking about her kids and FaceTiming with her kids. And I think Brian’s a great dad. They’re such cool people.”

Ishibashi also mentioned that she was hopeful for the couple after they recently vacationed together in Hawaii. “I was like, ‘Aw, there you go, guys,’ ” she said. “And the big island on Hawaii is a very special place, very spiritual – that’s where they got married, at the Four Seasons on the big island of Hawaii, at Hualalai. And they were back there.”

And when she wasn’t talking to her own kids, Fox happily took on the role of “Mama Bear” while filming.

“She’s an amazing mom,” Pete Ploszek, who plays Leonard, said of Fox’s pregnancy. “And she’s a real Mama Bear, in the sense that she takes care of us [Turtles], being the savvy industry vet. I saw Brian a lot on movie one, he hung out a lot. So we all became close with Brian. He’s a super dad, too.” Ploszek also indicated that he was pleased when the couple recently vacationed together. “Exactly, fingers crossed,” he added.

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Do you think BAG and Meg will make it?

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Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Are Renting A New House Together

Megan Fox Visits Heliopolis In Sao Paulo

But they are still getting that divorce, yo.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are still expecting their third child together (that hasn’t changed) AND they are divorcing (that ALSO hasn’t changed) but to add more weirdness to an already strange situation, the couple decided to rent a house together.

You know, keeping things friendly.

“It’s a small, unassuming house, but it’s private and has great views,” an insider tells Us. “They are living together … They do their day-to-day stuff like grocery shopping and taking their kids out together.”

but NOT getting back together.

The house is in the Beverly Hills area, and I assume BAG will take care of the kids while Megan does the press for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. What a strange situation, isn’t it?

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Preggers Megan Fox Is Still Divorcing Brian Austin Green

Brian Austin Green Opens Up About Car Accident With Megan Fox

The divorce is still ON!

Which means if you’ve got a thing for Megan Fox, it’s a good day for you (provided you’re not Brian Austin Green). Yesterday we learned that Megs is pregnant with her estranged husband Brian Austin Green’s kid, BUT despite reports (and the quiet, tearful desperation of BAG) she has no plans to drop divorce proceedings.

Sources connected to the couple tell us the pregnancy just kinda happened (yeah, DUH. I know my life’s goal isn’t to produce another child with someone I’m trying to get out of my life). Apparently, Megan and Brian have been close even after she filed her legal docs last August, so close that they probably went to bonetown after a couple “friendly” glasses of pinot and quiet reminiscences of old times.

Divorce-wise, Megan’s making that sweet cash so all the money she’s earned since her separation is hers…including the loot for her latest ‘Ninja Turtles’ flick. Brian will also almost certainly be entitled to more child support for the 2 and soon-to-be 3 kids, according to TMZ.

Megan, get ready for another mouth to feed.

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Brian Austin Green seeks spousal support from Megan Fox

Brian Austin Green seeks spousal support from Megan Fox

Brian Austin Green has officially filed documents to seek spousal support from Megan Fox!

The former “90210” star filed the paperwork on Tuesday, asking the court to award him the money from his soon-to-be ex-wife. As you may know, Green hasn’t really worked since the car accident from which they both were involved in December, citing dizziness and Vertigo as the culprit.

At least things are remaining amicable, as the former couple are still living together and co-parenting their sons.

A source said of the former couple, “Things had been rocky. They’re on friendly terms for the sake of their kids. They just want to do their own things.”

Do you blame him for hitting her in the pocket?

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