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Ben Stiller And Brandi Glanville Hooked Up

NBCUniversal 2015 Press Tour - Day 2


Ben Stiller revealed on Watch What Happens Live last week that he once “dated” former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Brand Glanville…oh and don’t get it twisted: by dated he means banged, briefly. Via Page Six:

Before saying “I do” to wife Christine Taylor in 2000, Ben Stiller had a fling with “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum Brandi Glanville.

“It was short-lived and it was fun, I wouldn’t characterize it as a relationship,” Stiller admitted. “It was a couple of dates and fun. I’m not sure my wife is even aware of that.”

Stiller, 50, and Taylor, 44, have been happily married for 15 years. And while Glanville, 43, wed Eddie Cibrian in 2001, he filed for divorce eight years later following his affair with LeAnn Rimes.

Yes, so Ben nailed Brandi over 15 years ago, and Christine’s cool with it. Should she be? I mean, it’s not just a rando Jersey Shore castmate, it’s like, the head of all the rage-fueled famemongerers: BRANDI FRIGGING GLANVILLE. I don’t know if I could take enough showers to wash away the shame.

These days, Brandi’s arguably more culturally relevant than Ben Stiller, which feels WEIRD. So many EMOTIONS about this hookup.

How do you feel about Brandi and Ben bumpin’ uglies circa late-90’s?

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Dean Sheremet Is OVER Brandi, LeAnn and Eddie’s “Triangle Of Blame And Anger.”

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Is it weird to say I kinda LIKE Dean Sheremet?

Sure, he was married to the famemonger LeAnn Rimes and he wrote a breakup cookbook about it, but it does seem like he’s a nice dude and is genuinely over things/has no hard feelings. Hell, he even promoted his book on Brandi Glanville’s podcast.LeAnn is still bitter, of course, and trying to shut his little cookbook down through cease & desist letters and legal threats, because she has nothing better to do.

In any case, Dean sat down for an interview with Jezebel last week, and he once again comes across like a nice dude who loves to cook. Here are some highlights (you can read the full piece here):

His journey to professional chef: “I don’t consider myself a celebrity chef. When the demise of my relationship with LeAnn happened, I moved to New York and needed something that was inherently mine—that just belonged to me, it had nothing to do with the entertainment world. So I went to school at the French Culinary Institute, graduated top of my class, and then started working in restaurants making sh-t money just because I wanted to be a chef. I didn’t want to release a cookbook and have it be unwarranted, or have someone look at it and go, Oh, it’s LeAnn Rimes’s ex-husband releasing a cookbook. I always wanted it to be legitimized. And for me to do that, I kind of had to disappear and go to school. I worked for Nobu. I worked for Jean Georges. I had to do it at the highest level I could possibly do it so that, for me, I could say I could stand on my own two legs and say, This is mine. So I had no problem being completely honest. I think a lot of people sugarcoat a lot of things, and for me, I went through a really sh-tty divorce! It was part of my story. It’s not the whole story, but it’s a stepping stone that led me to be that honest and do this book. So I wasn’t afraid of doing that at all.”

Whether this is an angry/revenge-soaked cookbook: “It’s not an angry book at all… People are playing it up a little. It’s being presented as a revenge cookbook, but it’s not a revenge cookbook. I have no animosity towards her. We were together for eight years, and it was really incredible for a lot of the time. There’s no me versus her in this book at all. I even say in the intro what I was to blame for, and how I could have been better, and what I learned. I was lucky enough to, when I left the three of them—that triangle of blame and anger—I just went, you know what? This is what happened. I was at fault in some places too. It takes two people to get married, and it takes two people to get divorced.”

How he turned to cooking: “I had always cooked—my grandmother had me in the kitchen since I was a young kid. Food had always been a thru-line in my life. I threatened [once], when LeAnn was gonna possibly do Broadway, I thought, ‘Oh, that would be cool, I’d love to come up and do culinary school.’ It was always just bidding it around what her schedule was going to be? It had always been in my brain, but when it happened I was like, “This is the perfect time to make a huge crazy jump.” So I left LA, moved to New York, and started my whole life in New York.

Whether he would have gone to culinary school had his marriage not fallen apart: “I don’t think I would have, no. We were so intertwined, and it would have continued going the way it was going. I needed to have my ass kicked and pushed into the deep end of the pool.”

(Via Jezebel)

Doesn’t he sound like a nice dude? Almost makes me want to buy his cookbook.

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Eddie Cibiran Calls Brandi Glanville A Liar And A Creep

Brandi Glanville Signs Copies Of Her New Book 'Drinking & Dating'

Will there ever  be peace between Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes? Not while the cameras are rolling, I’d imagine…

I mean, it’s been SEVEN YEARS since Brandi and Eddie divorced. To me, this news is not only boring, but old as hell. Still, Cibrian I guess felt the need to comment on an interview Brandi gave, for the sake of…his wife’s honor? NO idea. People reports:

“It upsets me,” Cibrian tells PEOPLE of Glanville’s recent interview in which the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star says she asked his wife LeAnn Rimes, 33, to stop posting photos of her children on social media, but was rebuffed.

Not to mention, “Brandi is lying,” says Cibrian, 42. “She lies for the sake of publicity and she has to bring in my wife unfortunately for it to make headlines. It isn’t fair. She never asked LeAnn to not post pictures of the kids during the holidays, ever. They don’t even talk!”

With regards to Glanville’s complaints that she doesn’t see her children as much as she’d like to, Cibrian says, “She sees the kids as much as I do. She was with them for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And I miss my kids tremendously when they’re not with me, but I don’t ask her not to post pictures.”

 “The kids have lived in a household with LeAnn and me longer than they ever lived in a household with me and Brandi. This is normal.”

Well, normal is as normal does. And honestly, I think they’re ALL crazy.  I feel bad for those kids, but at least they’ll be super good looking…

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Brandi Glanville Thinks Things Might Get Cray Again With LeAnn Rimes

NBCUniversal 2015 Press Tour - Day 2

Ridiculous is what we’re USED to between insane exes Brandi Glanville, ex Eddie Cibrian and his second wife, LeAnn Rimes.

Apparently, things have been fairly calm lately in the maelstrom that is the Cibrian/Glanville/Rimes circus.  Of course, isntead of keeping things calm, The Real Housewives Star decided to gab to In Touch about it. Sigh. In Touch Reports via Celebitchy:

“Things are currently going OK!” Brandi, who has two kids, Mason and Jake, with Eddie, tells ‘In Touch’. “It’s really nice and very weird because the tide has been smooth for a little while now. It worries me that something crazy’s about to happen because usually it ebbs and flows.”

Despite these concerns (yeah, right) Brandi remains optimistic, telling ‘In Touch’, “I hope it continues to stay cool like this.”

And things seem to be going well in her love life, too! When asked about any new romances, she admits, “I’m dating. It’s super new and going really well. I don’t want to scare him away by talking about it.”

Yeah, let something else scare him away. I’m sure there will be plenty of other instances…

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