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Brad and Angelina Write Old Fashioned Love Letters to Each Other

Brad Pitt rushed by prankster at Maleficent premiere

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continue to make the rest of us look like lesser individuals. While already being a million times more attractive than the average person, they apparently also know how to be far better lovers than anyone I know.

While forced into a long-distance relationship due to scheduling conflicts, (Jolie was directing Unbroken in Australia and Pitt was filming Fury in London), the two skipped the standard Skyping or phone sex, and deferred to old school snail mail love letters.  Jolie described their romance from afar to Australia’s TV Week magazine:

“He was supporting from a distance.  It was quite romantic in a way.”

With both stars working on historical dramas, they decided to act as if they were entwined in their own love affair from another era.

“We decided to be of that time when we could imagine he was in the European theater and I was in the Pacific theater,” she revealed. “We wrote handwritten letters to each other that were very connecting for us, thinking of the people that were separated for months if not years at a time back then.”

I can’t remember the last time I received a legitimate letter in the mail – let alone a love letter.  If ever really.  These two… keeping it hot in every way.

Unbroken will be in theaters this Christmas, and is based on the life of the late Louis Zamperini.  The book, by Laura Hillenbrand, is literally one of the more fascinating and inspiring book I’ve read in a long time.  I can’t wait for the movie.  Fury will be released this November, and is also a dramatic WWII film that costars Shia LaBeouf and the adorable Logan Lerman - who starred in The Perks of Being a Wallflower (loved).

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Angelina Jolie ordered Brad Pitt to fire his longtime psychic

Angelina Jolie ordered Brad Pitt to fire his longtime psychic

Angelina Jolie doesn’t want anyone in Brad Pitt’s ear giving him any sort of advice — financially or otherwise. According to the latest reports, Angelina ordered her fiance to get rid of his longtime psychic, Ron Bard. Apparently Ron has been giving Brad advice for years and Angelina is having none of it.

For the past ten years, Brad has taken professional, spiritual and romantic advice from the guru and Angelina doesn’t want some third party having that much power over her husband-to-be. A source said, “Ron advised Brad to get divorced from Jennifer Aniston. He was very blunt about it, and Brad really listens to Ron.”

Since Brad was getting financial advice from the guru, Angelina has drawn the line. The source said, “It seems like she likes to have some control over Brad’s purse strings, and she doesn’t want a psychic giving financial advice to him. She doesn’t like anybody in Brad’s ear.”

Perhaps since she knows that Ron encouraged Brad to divorce Jennifer that maybe she will also become a casualty of his “advice”?

The insider said that Ron also offered up his services to Angeline and “she said no and was quite bitchy about it.”

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Brad and Angie’s New Film Has a Name!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt don't want their kids to be actors

Anyone who is dying to see the impossibly sexy Brangelina appear on the big screen together again – won’t have to wait much longer.  Angelina Jolie is writing and directing an “intimate character-driven drama,” for herself and her fiance/baby-daddy, Brad Pitt, titled By the Sea that will be distributed through Universal Pictures.  The film will be the couple’s first onscreen collaboration, since Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which came out in 2005.  They have, however collaborated on MANY adorable children in the meantime.  I wonder if the plot revolves around a creepy mafioso with a slicked back rug and bad facial hair romancing a hot edgy and tatted woman?

The film will be shot in Malta, and it will be Jolie’s third directorial attempt, following In the Land of Blood and Honey and Unbroken- based on the life of the late Louis Zamperini, which I am dying to see because the book was AMAZING, and will be out this Christmas.

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arguing again!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arguing again!

Brad Pitt and his partner Angelina Jolie are said to be bickering up a storm because he can’t stop lying and cheating. Uh oh!

Reportedly, Angelina told Brad: “I’ve begged you to quit your nasty habit, and you promise you will. But then you sneak off, cheat again – and worse, lie about it! Well, I can’t stand a liar, so here’s the deal – I’m now giving you my permission to cheat!”

The source said, “Angie raged to Brad that he’s always promising to quit his nasty habit – which is nicotine – then he sneaks off, smokes cigarettes on the sly…and LIES to her about it.”

The source continued, “Angie’s fed up with all the deceitful behavior. She’s sick and tired of nagging Brad to stop smoking. And every time he promised he had, she’d catch him in the lie – because she could smell smoke on his hair. And his breath always smelled like mouthwash and minted gum, a dead giveaway. Finally, she told him she’d rather have him smoke than lie to her.”

The snitch added, “Embarrassed, Brad promised he’ll eventually give it up, but Angie told him she just doesn’t want to hear about it anymore!”

Do you think he’ll give up smoking for Angie?

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Brad Pitt bought a $37,000 bike for a stuntman

Brad Pitt bought a $37,000 bike for a stuntman

Brad Pitt is a generous guy, isn’t he?

He heard that his pal (who is a stuntman) lost his bike in a house fire and scoured the planet in search of the 1936 Harley Davidson VLD motorcycle for him. Now that is awesome!

A source revealed, “The guy had several bikes, but this was his baby and because it wasn’t a street bike, he didn’t have it insured. So Brad sprang into action, hiring a broker to search the world for a duplicate. When one was finally located in Germany, Brad wrote a check and had the boss machine delivered with a note that simply said he know how much his buddy loved that bike, and just wanted to help out.”

Even Scott Eastwood noticed Brad’s kind personality and spoke of it in a recent interview. He said, “He is a kind and humble person, which is everything in this world. He’s a great actor, but because he’s proactive about developing material and getting stuff made.”

What a great guy! He has all of that kindness and good looks… Angie is a lucky woman!

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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