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New Trailer for the most unnecessary movie of the year!

Here’s a new trailer for ‘New Years Eve’, the sequel to one of the worst movies of all time, ‘Valentine’s Day’.

I still don’t want to see this movie – I may eventually see it when it makes its way to HBO.

One thing that stands out in this trailer? Shockingly BAD HAIR. Seriously – no one wants to see a movie full of ugly hair.

For your consideration, the ugly hair of Bon Jovi, Ashton Kutcher and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Posted Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 at 10:10am
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Jon Bon Jovi Vacations In St. Barth


Just ten days after one of Jon Bon Jovi’s three sons was rushed to a New Jersey hospital after an emergency call was made to 911, singer Jon Bon Jovi takes some time away in St. Barth, at the harbor of Gustavia on December 30, 2009.

Fame Pictures

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Posted Thursday, December 31st, 2009 at 3:15pm
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Jon Bon Jovi leaves The Double Club after attending the Prada party

Jon Bon Jovi

Still lookin’ hot there Jon!



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Bon Jovi sued for $400 billion!

Jon Bon Jovi

Somewhere in Boston, a songwriter is angry. And he’s suing Jon Bon Jovi for $400bn.

Yes, 400 billion dollars, roughly 200 billion pounds, an amount that recalls the number of stars in the Milky Way and brings us halfway to Gordon Brown’s bank bail-out plan. Even if Bon Jovi lived forever, we scarcely think he could collect that much dosh.

But Samuel Bartley Steele may not accept any less. In a federal lawsuit brought this week, Steele claims that Jon Bon Jovi stole the lyrics and chorus to his song (Man I Really) Love This Team, using them for his hit I Love This Town.

“I know I’m the little fish and they’re the big fish, but they fucked with the wrong piranha,” Steele said to the Boston Herald.

Samuel Steele, 37, lives in the Chelsea area of Boston. He is also the frontman for the Chelsea City Council, which is a band and not an actual city council. According to his thinking, Jon Bon Jovi either received a copy of (Man I Really) Love This Team, or else heard Steele busking outside Fenway Park while the star was campaigning for John Kerry in 2004.

When questioned, Jon Bon Jovi’s management told journalists that they had not yet seen the lawsuit.

“I know that I’m right,” Steele insisted. “I want credit, acknowledgment and an apology.” Either that or … 400 billion dollars.

Source, WENN

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