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Guess who’s finally found love – and other links!

Guess who’s finally found love! DListed

FIRST PHOTO: Take a look at Alyson Hannigan’s adorable new baby!! Too Fab

Kris Humphries ex-girlfriend posts picture of her “baby bump”. Only, I can’t see a baby bump. Superficial

PICS: Lily Collins steps out with her new boyfriend! ASL

Jools Oliver admits to something that most people might find creepy. DListed

Dang! Adam Sandler shows off some major weight loss! Too Fab

Tara Reid surfaces in a bikini – and I’m pretty sure she got her boobies done again. Superficial

NEW Channing Tatum pics: enough said. ASL

New report details Mick Jagger & David Bowie’s sexual affair!? Celebitchy

Britney Spears walks off the X Factor set again…. find out what set her off this time! INO

Kimberly Stewart steps out with her baby – HOW CUTE! CBS

Michael Fassbender signs on to star in ‘Assassin’s Creed’!! Popbytes

Serena Williams looks like she got butt implants! Hollywood Tuna

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New report claims Mick Jagger and Angelina Jolie carried on an affair – while they were both married – and other LINKS!

New report claims Mick Jagger and Angelina Jolie carried on an affair – while they were both married! DListed

Demi Lovato sports a crazy mohawk-inspired hairdo on X Factor! Too Fab

Hayden Panettiere steps out in a bikini! Superficial

The Kardashian’s as you’ve NEVER seen them before. I promise! ASL

PIC: Justin Bieber stopped by police after driving over 80 MPH on the freeway! (Check out his car!) DListed

Kim Kardashian steps out WITHOUT makeup! Who would have thunk it? Hollywood Tuna

Check out Christian Louboutin’s NEW Cinderella-inspired stiletto’s! Make Her Up

It’s official! Phillip Seymour Hoffman joins the ‘Hunger Games’ sequel! Find out who he’ll play! Too Fab

This is what a supermodel looks like just two months after giving birth. 😡  Superficial

FIRST LOOK! Adam Levine steps out with his new girlfriend! (Already!?) ASL

Octomom is SINGING now!? Popbytes

‘Bridesmaids’ actress gets married! Check out the pics here! Popsugar

Susan Sarandon steps out with her 30-year-old boyfriend! Celebitchy

New Shia Labeouf trailer for ‘Lawless’! I cannot WAIT to see this! INO

Heidi Klum steps out with her kids on Broadway in NYC! CBS

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Snooki photographed pushing a stroller full of beer – and other LINKS!

You’re just gonna have to take my word for it and click on this link. Here’s a new picture of Snooki pushing a stroller around… problem is, the stroller is LOADED with beer. I’m offended for her future child. DListed

EXCLUSIVE! JWoww shows off her GIANT new tattoo!! SEE IT HERE > Too Fab

Justin Bieber hangs up on phone interview after being compared to ___________ Superficial

It’s possible, Anne Hathaway’s hair COULD look worse. ASL

R. Kelly says ‘The Notebook’ inspired him to ….. divorce his wife! DListed

A VERY scruffy Jessica Simpson spotted arriving at her personal trainer’s home! Too Fab

Britney Spears continues to look amazing on X-Factor! Superficial

Jennifer Lopez flaunts her amazing abs in the rain! ASL

Tom Cruise FORBADE Katie Holmes from appearing in a Dawson’s Creek movie! INO

Jeremy Renner’s cat abducted by his 60-year-old stalker! Creepy! Celebitchy

WOW!! Jennifer Lopez wears a VERY sexy bikini on the beach with her boyfriend and twins! Popsugar

Lauren Conrad’s Top 10 Summer Beauty Secrets! Make Her Up

NEW PICS! Britney Spears and her sons touch down in Hawaii! CBS

LISTEN HERE! Pink’s new song “Blow Me” Popbytes

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First look at Naomi Watts as Princess Diana – and other LINKS!

First look at Naomi Watts as Princess Diana here >> DListed

Kim Kardashian’s booty was front and center at last night’s BET Awards! Too Fab

J.Lo’s new stage outfit is definitely something to be seen! Superficial

Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen on the set of ‘Very Good Girls’. ASL

Alec Baldwin got married again! (His new bride looks like a CHILD!) DListed

PIC: Russell Brand caught in a drug deal? Superficial

Real Housewives‘ plastic surgery revealed! See before & after pics! Too Fab

Selena Gomez tweets picture of herself in a bikini! ASL

Katie Holmes felt like she was living in “Rosemary’s Baby”. Ouch. Celebitchy

Josh Lucas welcomes his first child! (PLUS – meet his wife!) CBS

A very pregnant Reese Witherspoon on the set of ‘Devil’s Knot’ in Atlanta! INO

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