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Fancy Seeing YOU Here, Zac Efron. -And Other LINKS!!!


Zac Efron is very naked and I like it Dlisted

there’s no shame in Demi Lovato‘s pee game Fishwrapper

Melanie Griffith smokes after yoga Celebslam

The Official Music video for Adam Lambert‘s “Ghost Town” ASL

Bruce Jenner loves him some high heels Celebitchy

Fans did NOT see that Grey’s Anatomy shocker COMING EvilBeetGossip

this longtime ex-couple MIGHT reconcile...INO

Kristen Stewart still thinks being famous is the worst Dlisted

Courtney Stodden does the pinuppy thing Fishwrapper

Hilary Duff and her tinder Saga Celebslam

Dear China: here’s Nick Jonas. You’re welcome.  ASL

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Who’s Ready For An Underwhelming Sex Tape? -And Other LINKS!!!


Courtney Stodden has a sex tape, of COURSE.  Dlisted

Amber Rose can do basically anything and I’ll watch Fishwrapper

Kate Upton is not thrilled that you can find naked pics of her online Celebslam

Benedict Cumberbatch was in a boy band ASL

Well well well Chris Evans has a potty mouth!  Celebitchy

Kim Richards checked herself into rehab EvilBeetGossip

Bruce Jenner reality show to be both serious and funny INO

Elle Macpherson carries around a urine kit. For… Dlisted

Mariah Carey makes a grande vegas entrance Fishwrapper

This Free People ad is AMAZE Celebslam

Sesame Street Spoofs the Avengers!  ASL

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Poor, Single Colin Farrell. -And Other LINKS!!!


Colin Farrell says he hasn’t dated anyone in 4 years Dlisted

Be sure to feel sorry for poor, gorgeous Amber Heard Fishwrapper

Sarah Hyland is birdlike Celebslam

Ben Stiller‘s instagram is really really ridiculously good looking ASL

Jared Leto‘s joker is officially revealed Celebitchy

Reese Witherspoon loves her a PARTY INO

Bobby Brown wants full guardianship over Bobbi Kristina’s estate. UGH EvilBeetGossip

Vanilla Ice doesn’t think there’s anythign offensive about Adam Sandler’s new movie Dlisted

Sofia Vergara has a long history of hotness Fishwrapper

Sofia Bush‘s ex died on Mount Everest Celebslam

Jodie Sweetin talks fuller house ASL


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Ariana Grande, HEARTBREAKER? -And Other LINKS!!!


Did Ariana Grande make a CALCULATED move? Dlisted

Taylor Swift is a gorgeous-ass WOMAN Fishwrapper

Work those heels Chrissy Teigen Celebslam

Well, hello Jude Law ASL

The real Kurt Cobain is lost? Celebitchy

Who ever thought Michael Buble would be controversial? EvilBeetGossip

Is Sandra Bullock planning on expanding her family? INO

This Chihuahua hates eating alone…AND I LOVE IT Dlisted

Lindsay Lohan looks like she has her actual face again Fishwrapper

We have no idea what’s happening to ScarJo‘s hair. Celebslam

Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner apologize ASL

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