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Tara Reid Addresses Her Partying Past

Actress Tara Reid tells Access Hollywood that her partying past was exaggerated in the media. Tara  is sometimes compared to Lindsay Lohan, but we should cut her some slack – she’s not in court every few weeks, right?  Tara is out promoting American Reunion and shared:

“It’s really important how you keep things private,” she said when asked about her at-times very public past.

“You wanna try to have a good time and try to keep it at home… especially today with the paparazzi, try to control it as much as you can,” she continued.

The actress takes ownership of her public snafus, but also points out that she never got arrested or harmed anyone in the process.

“It was my fault, I did it… [but,] it wasn’t that bad what I did,” she explained. “At the end of the day, I really [just] had fun. I wasn’t doing crimes. I wasn’t getting in trouble like that.”



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Peter Facinelli responds to reports that he cheated – and other LINKS!

Peter Facinelli responds to reports that he cheated on Jennie Garth. How awesome is that pic!  DListed

Blue Ivy Carter is already wearing Marc Jacobs shoes! PICS > Too Fab

Russell Brand threw a paparazzi’s cell phone through a window “as a tribute to Steve Jobs”. Huh? Superficial

Clint Eastwood’s family is getting their own reality show! Too Fab

Jon Hamm apologizes to Kim Kardashian for calling her a “f**king idiot”. Superficial

I really hate it when Tom Hardy tries to not be the hottest man alive that he is! PICS > Celebitchy

Yes, this is Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend. Hollywood Tuna

VIDEO: Will Ferrell does his entire interview in Spanish! INO

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Gerard Butler is a homewrecker – and other LINKS!

Gerard Butler responsible for breaking up the marriage of a newly wed actress? DListed

Josh Duhamel debuts a new MOHAWK! Too Fab

Chris Brown’s new girlfriend is afraid of Rihanna’s fans. Superficial

Vera Wang is launching her own cosmetics line! Make Her Up

Ellen DeGeneres gives Snooki an custom baby gift!  See it here > Too Fab

Kim Kardashian responds to Jon Hamm calling her a “f**king idiot. Superficial

VIDEO: Jessica Biel wants a worse reputation!? Popsugar

PICS: Lindsay Lohan is a red head again! What do you think? (Why does it look so different this time?) Hollywood Tuna

‘The Bachelor’s’ Courtney Robertson spotted out getting her nails done, and otherwise being photographed – without her engagment ring! ASL

Donald Trump Jr. defends pictures that show him killing an elephant! Celebitchy

Is Robert Downey Jr. supplying Blind Items on fellow celebs!? Popbytes

Sofia Vergara opens up about freezing her eggs. INO

James Van Der Beek and his wife welcome their second baby! Celeb Baby Scoop

Ryan Gosling to play Walt Disney? Hollywire

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Amanda Bynes Is Above The Law?

File this one under truly bizarre and entitled behavior.  Amanda Bynes got pulled over yesterday in L.A.  for yapping on her cell phone.  She handed over all of her information for the officer to write up her ticket and she got bored waiting around like some peasant and LEFT the scene.

But the oh-so-good Amanda DID stop by the police department later on to sign for the ticket.

We’re told the cop decided NOT to pursue Bynes because he didn’t feel she was dangerous … and besides, he already had all of her information. Later that day, Bynes rolled by the police station and signed the ticket … but we’re told she’s not off the hook for leaving the scene early.  Authorities are currently investigating the situation … and will decide if Bynes should face further charges for her untimely exit.

Is she for real? If that had been one of us, the cops would’ve been at our doorstep to haul our butt off to jail for fleeing the scene.  And more importantly: WHO DOES THAT? Seriously.


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