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Hilary Duff Is A Tinder Commercial. -And Other LINKS!!!!!


Hilary Duff‘s music video is basically a tinder commercial Dlisted

Farrah Abraham still wants to feel relevant Fishwrapper

Why you gotta be like that, Jessica Simpson? Celebslam

Prince Harry still continues his parade o cute around New Zealand ASL

Jennifer Lopez‘s American Idol red carpet look is an abomination Celebitchy

Kelly Rutherford breaks the White House. Kinda.  INO

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are still going strong EvilBeetGossip

Did Patrick Dempsey get fired for getting SEXUAL with an intern?! Dlisted

Shiya Zhao is quite the model Celebslam

Pink knows how to set em straigth! Fishwrapper

The Mad Max Fury Road stars are hoooootttttt ASL

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No More Harry Shearer?! WHAT?! -And Other LINKS!!!


Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus sing, wear stupid animal onesies Dlisted

Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner get their fairytale ending$$$$ Fishwrapper

George Clooney has some words for Miley Cyrus Celebslam

Want dating advice from the hottest comedians (including yours truly!)? Itunes

Happy birthday Robert PattinsonASL

Michael Fassbender talks iphones and iambic pentameter in awkward Q&A Celebitchy

Prince Harry performs a traditional dance in camo EvilBeetGossip

Christina Aguilera appreciates the “little things” about motherhood INO

Simpsons with no Harry Shearer?!  Dlisted

Is Khloe Kardashian a Kylie Jenner WANNABE?! Fishwrapper

Jessica Simpson is a mess Celebslam

Nick Bateman is totally instagramly swoonworthy ASL

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Rapper Tyga and Blac Chyna spotted out with their son King Cairo in Calabasas, CA

Why Yes, Blac Chyna IS threatened by Kylie Jenner. Dlisted

Looks like LeAnn Rimes is back to her old, tragic self Fishwrapper

Kris Jenner knew about Bruce Jenner‘s transJennerness? Celebslam

Zac Efron is joining FOX’s “Empire” ASL

Tom Brady suspended for Deflategate Celebitchy

Bethenny Frankel owes her ex a lot of money INO

Bye bye American Idol! EvilBeetGossip

What did they do to Jem and the Holograms?!  Dlisted

Hey Diane Kruger, bust out that SPF.  Fishwrapper

Here’s Megan Fox not doing justice to the TMNT franchise. Celebslam

Henry Cavill looks like your creepy pre-law professor and I LIKE IT ASL

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Tay Tay’s New Video Starring LENA DUNHAM. -And Other LINKS!!!


Lena Dunham…does she do the new Taylor Swift video justice?! Dlisted

Tess Holliday has some serious body image truths for y’all Fishwrapper

Kendra Wilkinson will absolutely not let a little thing like talent stand in her way!  Celebslam

This Owen Wilson video will WOW you!  ASL

James McAvoy shaved his head for the new X Men movie Celebitchy

This star is on Taylor Swift‘s S*it list!  EvilBeetGossip

George Clooney is really digging married life INO

Why yes, Courtney Stodden is a Saint.  Dlisted

Could Selena Gomez BE any CUTER?! Fishwrapper

This A list mom had the best mother’s day EVER Celebslam

Is Prince Harry ready to have some kids of his own? ASL

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