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Fatt Chris Pratt Had Some ED Going On. -And Other LINKS!!!!!

Anna Faris showed up on the beach in a white bikini as her new husband Chris Pratt showed his true colors

Chris Pratt’s penis thank him Dlisted

Kevin Federline is kind of a gentleman Fishwrapper

Check out these social media pics they are SEXY AS HELL celebslam

Chris Hemsworth‘s huntsman costume is shiny AND leathery AND SEXY Celebitchy

This celeb denies every dating Ed Sheeran EvilBeetGossip

What does Victoria Beckham REALLY think about the spice girls? INO

This Magic Mike preview delivers you some perfect abs.  ASL

Chris Brown OBVIOUSLY isn’t over Karrueche Tran Dlisted

Kelly Clarkson outdoes Rihanna like, in everything Fishwrapper

Chelsea Handler is topless again celebslam

Is Jennifer Garner done with Ben Affleck? ASL

May your weekends be full of sexy, and less full of erectile dysfunction.  BYEEEEEE!


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Johnny Depp Seems Super Happy To Be The New Face of Dior


Johnny Depp for guy perfume.  Check it.  Dlisted

 Farrah Abraham just discovered a new way to suck Fishwrapper

Sharon Stone‘s nips came out to play Celebslam

Ian Somerhalder takes off shirt, drinks wine, ponders humanity ASL

Cara Delevingne is my favorite person ever, talks racism Celebitchy

More information on Bobbi Kristina‘s condition EvilBeetGossip

Check out Tom Cruise in the new Mission Impossible trailer! INO

Universal is being sued for Suge Knight hit and run Dlisted

Snoop Dogg is hating on Caitlyn Jenner. Real cool.  Fishwrapper

Jessica Alba has an AMAZING drunk face celebslam

Are Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes on the rocks? ASL

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John Mayer And Katy Perry Are Giving Tay A Tayste Of Her Own Medicine. -And Other LINKS!!!


John Mayer is helping Katy Perry write her own revenge song. Suck it, Taylor Swift! Dlisted

The Duggars deserve this Fishwrapper

Camel toe Kylie Jenner Celebslam

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris get an amazing song mashup ASL

Will you check out the American Ultra trailer? DO IT DO IT Celebitchy

Jessica Alba is a “modern person” INO

Lindsay Lohan is off probation Dlisted

Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow look soooo alike! Check out these old pics Fishwrapper

Irina Shayk is pretty in pink Celebslam

Chris Pratt channels his inner Elton John ASL

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Tracy Morgan Settled UP! -And Other LINKS!!!!


Tracy Morgan and Wal-Mart have settled up. Wohooo! Dlisted

Does Miley Cyrus still have nipples? Check. She does. Celebslam

is Karrueche Tran too good for Chris Brown BS? Fishwrapper

This Entourage Premiere is the BRO-IEST! ASL

Brad Pitt can’t stand the sight of George Clooney Celebitchy

Katy Perry and John Mayer go to Disneyland together EvilBeetGossip

This star is finally free! It’s been 7 YEARS!  INO

Tom Hardy isn’t interested in your dumb Mad Max Questions Dlisted

I see Chrissy Teigen‘s BUTT!  Celebslam

Sometimes Kylie Jenner actually sounds intelligent. Sometimes. Fishwrapper

Chris Pine might be in the next Wonder Woman movie! ASL

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