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DJ Tanner Is Probably Joining “The View.” -And Other LINKS!!!


Yep, The View‘s not gonna know what hit it Dlisted

How sweet it is to be loved by Caitlyn Jenner Fishwrapper

Elle Fanning is a ghost. I think.  Celebslam

Taye Diggs as Hedwig and I love it ASL

Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen have date night in London Celebitchy

Kylie Jenner actually did graduate high school EvilBeetGossip

New X Files teaser!!!!! INO

Hulk Hogan wants to ‘pologize, y’all Dlisted

Amanda Bynes is back and…better than ever? Fishwrapper

Rachel Bilson looks awesome Celebslam

Henry Cavill is not actually going to be in 50 Shades of Grey, MAYBE.  ASL

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The Unauthorized Melrose Place. -And Other LINKS!!!


Here’s the cast of the new unauthorized Melrose Place movie. Dlisted

Kylie Jenner‘s way too into Kylie Jenner Fishwrapper

Jennifer Lopez must’ve learned THIS from PDiddy Celebslam

Harry Cavill is totally joining the 50 shades cast ASL

Leonardo DiCaprio brings his new girlfriend to St. Tropez Celebitchy

Woah, Ciara is staying celibate until marriage?! INO

Bill Cosby wants his sexual assault settlement money back EvilBeetGossip

IS this really necessary, Katy Perry? Dlisted

Here’s a bunch of things you wish you didn’t know about Jenny McCarthy Fishwrapper

Jordanna Brewster is still killin’ it Celebslam

Liam Hemsworth runs errands by the ocean ASL

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RiRi: The Epitome Of 80’s GLAMOUR. -And Other LINKS!!!


Rihanna, what is happening here? Dlisted

On a scale of one to incredibly depressed, how sad does Rob Kardashian make you? Fishwrapper

Doutzen Kroes‘ abs are SICK Celebslam

new James Bond trailer! ASL

Caitlyn Jenner‘s reality show is getting good reviews! Celebitchy

Celine Dion is making BANK in Vegas! EvilBeetGossip

Let Jennifer Lawrence lead you into SPRING! Bohomoth

Blake Shelton was the cheatin’ skankazoid.  Dlisted

Wished Miley Cyrus talked more about her armpit hair? Here ya go Fishwrapper

Is Blake Lively a homewrecker? Celebslam

Joe Jonas is looking pretty hot these dayz ASL

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I Guess It’s Miranda Lambert’s Fault?


Miranda Lambert cheated or wanted a baby or didn’t want a baby? Dlisted

LeAnn Rimes peed her bikini Fishwrapper

Rita Ora went solo Celebslam

Daniel Radcliffe rapped Eminem‘s “The Read Slim Shady” and it was glorious ASL

Is Tom Hiddleston dating Elizabeth Olsen? Celebitchy

Emilia Clarke promises GOT season 6 will SHOCK YOU EvilbeetGossip

hey, it’s a new photo of little Prince George! INO

Oh no, Nicole Kidman. Say it ain’t so… Dlisted

This is what a sex tape does for one’s complexion? Fishwrapper

Here’s Rihanna‘s weird lingerie outfit. Yawn. Celebslam

Jake Gyllenhaal got a taste of the ‘ol Taylor Swift rage this week ASL

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