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Mini Spice Girls REUNION -And Other LINKS!!!


David Beckham‘s party went retro Dlisted

JK Rowling will give you waht you need. Promise Fishwrapper

Emmanuelle Chiqui looks goooood Celebslam

These two newlyweds left not much to the imagination in this instagram pic ASL

Brandi Glanville wants to be a talk show host Celebitchy

This Walking Dead star completely lost it on the NYC subway EvilBeetgossip

hear the new Britney Spears Iggy Azalea collab! INO

You KNEW Kris Jenner was going to make Bruce jenner’s transition all about HER Dlisted

Farrah Abraham actually kinda made some sense in a weird way Fishwrapper

Uh sorry not sure what Nina Agdal is selling here Celebslam

Matt Bomer is busy, really really hot ASL

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Another Marriage Bites The Dust? -And Other LINKS!!!

Celebrities at the Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trail Blazers basketball game

Joel Madden and Nicole Richie might be on the outs?!  Dlisted

Wait, Courtney Stodden is UPSET by her sex tape? Fishwrapper

Miley Cyrus looks like living graffiti Celebslam

Ricky Martin is weirded out by his Australian wax figure ASL

I guess the TMNT wardrobe department has no money. Sorry Megan Fox Celebitchy

Elizabeth Banks disses Tara Reid EvilBeetGossip

FYI you do NOT want Jessica Alba to be your boss INO

This lil lady took a TUMBLE.  Dlisted

Idina Menzel sings dirty dancing!  Fishwrapper

Woah, this star loves her some Renn fair shirt action Celebslam

Adam Lambert kills it on the Ellen Degeneres show ASL


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Rosie O’Donnell Parties. Hard. -And Other LINKS!!!

2012 US Open - Day 7

Rosie O’Donnell’s ex says she parties too hard and I DIG IT DListed

Kim Kardashian‘s ass is soooo 1990.  Fishwrapper

Zac Efron has, uh, a weird new tattoo. Celebslam

Tom Hardy acts the hell outta this new role ASL

Is Miley Cyrus getting some sweet rebound action with ehr EX FIANCE?! Celebitchy

Bobby Brown is the worst EvilBeetGossip

Bruce Jenner is taking an active role in his docuseries INO

Revenge is a dish served cancelled Dlisted

Emmy Rossum loves her some spring prints Celebslam

You gonna be okay, Nick Cannon? Fishwrapper

Chris Hemsworth talks female superheroes ASL

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Fancy Seeing YOU Here, Zac Efron. -And Other LINKS!!!


Zac Efron is very naked and I like it Dlisted

there’s no shame in Demi Lovato‘s pee game Fishwrapper

Melanie Griffith smokes after yoga Celebslam

The Official Music video for Adam Lambert‘s “Ghost Town” ASL

Bruce Jenner loves him some high heels Celebitchy

Fans did NOT see that Grey’s Anatomy shocker COMING EvilBeetGossip

this longtime ex-couple MIGHT reconcile...INO

Kristen Stewart still thinks being famous is the worst Dlisted

Courtney Stodden does the pinuppy thing Fishwrapper

Hilary Duff and her tinder Saga Celebslam

Dear China: here’s Nick Jonas. You’re welcome.  ASL

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