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The Baldy McMuscle Feuding Might Finally Be OVER. -And Other LINKS!!!

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Conrad Hilton Is In Trouble Again. -And Other LINKS!!!

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Conrad Hilton needed to be bailed out again. Dlisted

Amber Portwood is still gross AF Fishwrapper

Hey, Lisa Rinna, put on a sweater celebslam

Lindsay Lohan is wearing her engagement ring again ASL

Keep doing those push-ups, Charlie Hunnam Celebitchy

Oh good Jessa Duggar is preggers again TooFab

Forbes says Jennifer Lawrence is still very rich Dlisted

Maci Bookout isn’t as good a mom as y’all thought Fishwrapper

I guess Portia De Rossi is not nice celebslam

Jennifer Lawrence had a very good year ASL

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Malia Obama Is Having The Best Summer EVER

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Hey, you gotta live it up before COLLEGE, girl.

Malia Obama has been doing all the post-high school pre-college things: she took a cool trip to Liberia, Morocco and Spain with her mom, did some twerking and possibly smoked a joint on the not-so-DL. Currently, Malia is with her family doing what the Obamas always do in summer- vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard. And while Sasha keeping busy working the register at a seafood joint, Malia is just chillllling, going to summer parties.

Malia Obama isn’t about to let a vacation with Mom and Dad stop her from partying like a pro. According to the Boston Herald, the first daughter, who seems to have a well-developed eye for a good night out, attended a party on Martha’s Vineyard that ended up getting shut down by the cops.

The paper claimed the “rowdy” shindig in sleepy West Tisbury — where the first family is spending its annual summer trip — was closed down because of noise complaints, but that “Malia, of course, was escorted home by her Secret Service squad, who, we’re told, got her outta there right quick when the heat showed up!”

The local cops wouldn’t confirm to Page Six that Malia was among the revelers, but admitted that there was a “routine noise complaint” at a house on the night in question, and when officers asked the owners to shut it down, “they complied.” Sources told us the party was thrown by some college kids on vacation. The White House didn’t get back to us.

(Via Page Six)

This feels fairly typical, and honestly the Secret Service agents aren’t there to “parent” Malia, just make sure she stays safe. They let her do her thing and protect her, even if it’s from the police. And yeah, these days everyone seems to need protection from the po-po.

Photo: Instagram

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Natalie Portman Is Over Making Marvel Movies. -And Other LINKS!!!

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Natalie Portman‘s done with making Hollywood hero garbage Dlisted

Teen Mom has achieved the impossible Fishwrapper

Julianne Hough is all bundled up Celebslam

Britney Spears has her own lil FREAK SHOW ASL

Malia Obama is a PARTY GIRL Celebitchy

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Amber Heard is donating her divorce settlement to charity Dlisted

Amber Rose isn’t ALLLLL bad Fishwrapper

This is Rihanna‘s world, we just live in it Celebslam

Henry Cavill‘s spit-curl made it’s instagram return ASL


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