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Ariana Grande, HEARTBREAKER? -And Other LINKS!!!


Did Ariana Grande make a CALCULATED move? Dlisted

Taylor Swift is a gorgeous-ass WOMAN Fishwrapper

Work those heels Chrissy Teigen Celebslam

Well, hello Jude Law ASL

The real Kurt Cobain is lost? Celebitchy

Who ever thought Michael Buble would be controversial? EvilBeetGossip

Is Sandra Bullock planning on expanding her family? INO

This Chihuahua hates eating alone…AND I LOVE IT Dlisted

Lindsay Lohan looks like she has her actual face again Fishwrapper

We have no idea what’s happening to ScarJo‘s hair. Celebslam

Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner apologize ASL

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Ben Affleck Isn’t Done Talking About Those Ancestors He Didn’t Wanna Talk About -And Other LINKS!!!

**NO DAILY MAIL SALES** Ben Affleck seen out and about in Brentwood.

Relax, Ben Affleck. Just relax about your forefathers, mmmkay? Dlisted

Those Duggars are MAKEOUT CITY Fishwrapper

Scarlett Johannson is taking some fashion RISKS Celebslam

Is Bradley Cooper already over Suki Waterhouse? ASL

Do you love or hate Blake Lively‘s new style? Celebitchy

Is Kerry Washington‘s marriage on the rocks? Bossip

Robert Downey Jr. Walked out of an interview EvilBeetGossip

Chris Evans and Bradley Cooper do NOT have nice words for the Black Widow INO

Gillian Anderson asked Chris Martin out on a date?!?  Dlisted

Oh man, this Jay-Z Tidal fail is AMAZEBALLS Celebslam

Courtney Stodden is a national treasure Fishwrapper

Jennifer Lopez has a new musky smell. I mean, fragrance ASL

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John Travolta’s Got A Book For Ya (Hint: It’s Dianetics). -And Other LINKS!!!


John Travolta‘s rebuttal…read Dianetics. NICE.  Dlisted

Frances Bean Cobain and Courtney Love look, uh, alive Fishwrapper

Kylie Jenner destroys lips across America Celebslam

Idris Elba seductively eats a donut and your day is perfect ASL

Wacka Flocka Flame for president celebitchy

Are Johnny Depp and Amber Heard even together? EvilBeetGossip

Sandra Bullock named People’s most beautiful woman of 2015! INO

Ben Affleck wants you to know he’s sorry for hiding his slave-owning ancestry Dlisted

Farrah Abraham is still completely frigging awful Celebslam

Alessandra Ambrosio can rock an overall Fishwrapper

This Soccer star is good at more than just soccer (SEX!) ASL

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The Spawn Who Spawn. -And Other LINKS!!!


The Duggars are repopulating the planet.  Dlisted

Kanye West is not an illuminati (I wish) Fishwrapper

Rihanna looks good in that there bikini Celebslam

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are barely holding it together ASL

Roseanne loves smoking weed EvilBeetGossip

Prince William take paternity leave early INO

Courteney Cox looks less botoxy Celebitchy

Sherri Shepard is the mother of Lamar Sally‘s baby Dlisted

Can Courtney Love ever say something respectful and appropriate? Fishwrapper

This star is busting out the big guns Celebslam

Full House reunion AND spinoff!  ASL


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