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LeAnn Rimes needs to pop out a girl – and other LINKS!

LeAnn Rimes‘ stepkids want her to give them a baby sister! DListed

Has Jennifer Aniston ever looked WORSE? Superficial

All your ‘Full House’ fantasies just came TRUE! Fishwrapper

PHOTOS: Channing Tatum goes blonde for new movie!! ASL

WOW – Vanessa Hudgens looks INSANE in a bikini! INO

A Simpsons & Family Guy crossover??? Popbytes

At this point I think Pamela Anderson’s eyebrows are just never going to grow back! Bohomoth

Is Kate Middleton on her way to the hospital!? HavE U Heard

Were George Clooney and Eva Longoria fooling around this whole time? Celebitchy

WTF is Justin Timberlake wearing!? PHOTOS > DListed

Is Rihanna showing off her hootenanny? Superficial

Miley Cyrus talks crazy talk about her sexuality. Fishwrapper

A bunch of celebrities who need to put their dayum tongue back in their mouth! ASL

When will Justin Bieber stop?? Evil Beet

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No matter how hard you try NOT TO, you’ll still watch the whole video – and other LINKS!

No matter how hard you try NOT TO, you’ll still watch the whole video. DListed

Wow, Shailene Woodly is NUTTY! Read these bizarre quotes > Fishwrapper

The great Scientology war has BEGUN! Superficial

Chris Pine like you’ve NEVER seen him before! Photos > ASL

LeAnn Rimes talks about her awkward run-in with Brandi Glanville at Nobu. Celebitchy

Honey Boo Boo RETIRES!? Popbytes

Rihanna acting camera shy?? Say what? Photos > INO

And the highest paid actor of 2013 was ______________ Have U Heard

Talia Joy Castellano lost her battle with cancer, after being named a COVERGIRL in September. Make Her Up

George Clooney and Eva Longoria hooking up on the sly!? DListed

Snooki reportedly lost 50 pounds – and here’s what she looks like NOW! Fishwrapper

Dear God….. Ted Nugent commented on the George Zimmerman verdict. Superficial

A shirtless Orlando Bloom makes walking the dog look hot. ASL

Robin Thicke wishes he was one of the Beatles. Evil Beet Gossip

Beyonce really can be a raging b*tch, no?? Proof > Bohomoth

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Kirstie Alley goes on a Twitter rant against Leah Remini – and other LINKS!

Kirstie Alley goes on a Twitter rant against Leah Remini, who left Scientology! READ > DListed

Jada Pinkett Smith has some important things to say today. Fishwrapper

Uma Thurman proves she’s still a hot piece in a white swimsuit! Superficial

Perfect Camping Tool: Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo! Make Her Up

Sofia Vergara flashes her boobs on the beach! ASL

Liza Minnelli poses for Terry Richardson! Why – oh why?? Bohomoth

Jenny McCarthy is dating DONNIE WALHBERG!? PHOTO: DListed

Mariah Carey tries to fancy up her sling – and fails miserably. Fishwrapper

What the heck is Miley Cyrus wearing now?? Superficial

Jake Gyllenhaal and new girlfriend Alyssa Miller make their first public appearance together! ASL

Rihanna steps out in a leather visor. Not hot. INO

Justin Bieber’s mom defends him…. Popbytes

Oprah is going to sit down with Lindsay Lohan following rehab! Celebitchy

What will ‘Glee’ do without Cory Monteith? Have U Heard

PHOTO: See Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm in a bathtub together. Evil Beet Gossip

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Kanye West FLIPS out – and it’s all caught on camera!

Kanye West goes NUTS – see the video >> DListed

Demi Lovato talks sex tapes! Fishwrapper

Honey Boo Boo is NOT aging gracefully. Yeah, I said it. Bohomoth

How could George Clooney break up with THIS!? + Details on how he did it! Superficial

Leah Remini releases statement after leaving Scientology. ASL

Oh Ke$ha – what were you thinking? Fishwrapper

Check out Netflix’s NEW original series! Have U Heard

James Franco is going to be roasted by Comedy Central!? Heck yes! Popbytes

What do Helen Mirren and Shauna Sand have in common?? DListed

Photos: Rihanna goes parasailing in a bikini! Superficial

Charlize Theron is scared of Scarlett Johansson for WHAT reason? Celebitchy

Azaelia Banks and Lily Allen are in a Twitter war – and it’s NASTY! Evil Beet Gossip

The BEST celebrity Twitter pics of the week! ASL

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