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Rachel Ray’s husband is a swinger – and other news!

Rachel Ray’s husband caught – SWINGING? DListed

Guess who’s hosting the Kids Choice Awards? Too Fab

This picture officially takes over my #1 favorite Britney Spears photo EVER. Superficial

The Kardashian sisters rip into their dad’s widow. Meow! ASL

Daniel Craig thinks Robert Pattinson should take over the Bond role. WTF!? Celebitchy

Gwyneth Paltrow is doing WHAT to Cameron Diaz? DListed

Nicole Sullivan calls out Jessica Alba on her post-baby weight loss! INO

WATCH: Carrie Underwood’s new music video! Too Fab

Halle Berry dipped her bare breasts in guacamole. SERIOUSLY. Superficial

PHOTOS: Stephen Dorff takes a pee in the bushes outside a hotel in LA. ASL

Jenelle Evans files assault charges against her soon-to-be-ex husband. Celebitchy

Christian Bale makes a very special phone call – cute!! INO

Shawn Holley is THRILLED to be rid of Lindsay Lohan – for good! Popbytes

New Contest! Valentine Date Night Makeup from Mally Roncal. ENTER AT MAKE HER UP!

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Find out why JLo is FURIOUS over this cover – and other LINKS!

Find out why JLo is FURIOUS over this cover. (Hint: She DOES have regrets) DListed

I love Bradley Cooper – but homeboy needs to do something about this ‘do! Superficial

Chloe Moretz is turning into a WOMAN! ASL

Is Mel Gibson the secret father of Jodie Foster’s children? Celebitchy

Alfie Allen soaks up the sun (think Game of Thrones!) INO

Michael J. Fox disses Taylor Swift! Find out why > Popbytes

Zac Efron was photographed next to a bunch of dildo’s – and he went apesh*t! DListed

Without further ado…. Jennifer Lawrence’s butt. Superficial

VIDEO: What gay guys think about vaginas! ASL

The cast of ‘Lincoln’ visits the Senate! INO

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Quentin Tarantino manages to “shock” further after the Golden Globes – and other LINKS!

Quentin Tarantino manages to “shock” further after the Golden Globes. DListed

Shocking ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘ news! Too Fab

Lady Gaga splits her pants – on stage. PICS > Superficial

Angelina Jolie’s leg would be so proud of these ladies. ASL

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt faked sex on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. Shocking! Popbytes

Is Kim Kardashian’s baby bump finally starting to show? CBS

Beyonce & Jay-Z dropped HOW MUCH on Blue Ivy’s first birthday!? DListed

‘Crocodile Dundee’ actor and co-star wife are still together after 27 years! See them now!! Too Fab

Megan Fox bikini pics. Lots of em. Superficial

Lily Aldridge’s daughter, Dixie Followill, is ADORABLE! ASL

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Dina Lohan reveals the disgusting reason why Lindsay Lohan is “so screwed up” – and other LINKS!

Dina Lohan reveals the disgusting reason why Lindsay Lohan is “so screwed up”. This whole family needs to be swallowed by a giant sinkhole. DListed

Guess which MTV star is engaged!! Too Fab

Kim Kardashian’s already-questionable pregnancy fashion. Superficial

David Gandy – who are you – and why are you so sexy!? ASL

‘Downtown Abbey’ hottie covers OUT Magazine! Popbytes

Rumor has it Lance Armstrong is going to CONFESS to doping! Celebitchy

And guess who’s back together!? DListed

‘Kyle XY’ actor comes out of the closet! Too Fab

^^ And here is who he’s engaged to! ASL

Papa Joe and Eric Johnson go on a bike ride together! Superficial

The lovely Cate Blanchett has a day with her sons in Sydney! CBS

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