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Sofia Vergara Dodged A Bullet. -And Other LINKS!!!


Sofia Vergara‘s ex wants to use her frozen embryos, so he’s suing her for them.  Dlisted

This guy NAILS alllll the Robin Williams impressions Fishwrapper

Kate Upton might need a bigger sized swimsuit Celebslam

Charlie Hunnam looks hot as King Arthur ASL

Charlize Theron gushes about Sean Penn Celebitchy

Alyssa Milano‘s breast milk got jacked at Heathrow EvilBeetGossip

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West make Paris their PRISONER INO

This ad for Sizzler from 1991 is magic. Dlisted

Brandi Glanville talks openly about plastic surgery Fishwrapper

Chelsea Handler butt flash alert Celebslam

Does Jeremy Renner think his kid screwed up his career? ASL

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Robert Pattinson And His Sweet White Guy Dance Moves! -And Other LINKS!!!


Robert Pattinson has some MOVES!  Dlisted

Padma Lakshmi is beautiful! Celebslam

Madonna is still ridiculous Fishwrapper

Yeah, keep hydrated Joe Jonas!  ASL

Kristen Bell loves up on motherhood Celebitchy

Blake Lively’s full-time job is breastfeeding? EvilBeetgossip

Rita Ora is grateful Madonna is fighting ageism INO

It’s a sad, scary world for golddiggers everywhere Dlisted

Brandi Glanville talks honestly about botox and surgery Fishwrapper

Classic Kim Kardashian wearing her classic trench!  Celebslam


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HEAR, HEAR: A New Coachella King Is Crowned. -And Other LINKS!!!


The Hoff is a Coachella HIT Dlisted

Mariah Carey‘s new album cover is HILARIOUS Celebslam

LeAnn Rimes advocates for bikinis. Great.  Celebitchy

Ew, Jennifer Lopez is better than this.  Fishwrapper

One Direction looks sad without Zayne Malik ASL

P!nk wants everyone to not talk about her weight plz EvilBeetGossip

Everybody likes Rihanna in purple lipstick INO

Jimmy Kimmel, you and your PRANKING may have gone too far Dlisted

Mario Lopez loves himself a selfie Celebslam

Kylie Jenner gave me a good case of the sads Fishwrapper

Let’s see those sweet Magic Mike abs, Channing Tatum!  ASL

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North West In The Holy Land. -And Other LINKS!!!


North West in Israel. Dlisted

Sarah Hyland‘s boyfriend is a pro at being a Coachella douche Celebslam

Farrah Abraham cleans up nice Fishwrapper

Zac Efron represents shirtless dudes around the world at the MTV movie awards ASL

Chelsea Clinton covers Elle Celebitchy

Harvey Weinstein gets away with gropong EvilBeetGossip

Here’s Kristen Stewart looking maybe kinda happy? Bohomoth

P!nk has something to say to twitter bullies INO

IN PERFECT FAIRYTALE NEWS Suki Waterhouse and Bradley Cooper are back together. Dlisted

This star had a MTV movie awards fashion FAIR Celebslam

Lindsay Lohan is DYING to show you what she looks like naked Fishwrapper

I could look at Matt Bomer alllll day.  ASL

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