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10 YEARS Of Mediocre Clothing. -And Other LINKS!!!


Jessica Simpson‘s fashion empire is 10 years YOUNG Dlisted

Kaley Cuoco is…ladylike.  Fishwrapper

Supermodels DO eat (sometimes) Celebslam

Why not stare at this perfect dude’s beach body for a while? ASL

Justin Timberlake debuted his kid on the Tonight Show Celebitchy

Kylie Jenner wished she could be 17 forever EvilBeetGossip

Sandra Bullock in some hipster ray bans INO

This breakup has me REELING Dlisted

We know photoshop when we see it, Kim ZolciakFishwrapper

Wanna see Taylor Swift’s jumblies? Celebslam

Caitlyn Jenner talks about that fatal car crash.  ASL

Photo: FameFlynet

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It’s A #1 Singles War And Taylor Likes To WIN. -And Other LINKS!!!


Taylor Swift has made it her mission to beat Katy Perry in the #1 singles game. Dlisted

Here are some class-less Duggar wedding photos Fishwrapper

There is a nude pic of Taylor Swift somewhere in the world ASL

Angelina Jolie makes all kinds of diplomats doe-eyed Celebitchy

Kris Jenner is the worst mom INO

Guess who inspires Caitlyn Jenner’s style? EvilBeetGossip

The Queen has a reign that just won’t QUIT! Dlisted

Yes, Katy Perry IS up for a bit of competition (and cleavage) Fishwrapper

Kendra Wilkinson has SKILLZ Celebslam

Matt Damon is rocking some MAGNIFICENT abs.  Just sayin’ ASL


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Don’t Call RPatz AMERICAN. -And Other LINKS!!!


If you want to offend Robert Pattinson, mistake him for an American. Dlisted

Selena Gomez needs to realllllly be quiet Fishwrapper

Ashley Benson got chesty. Celebslam

Wilmer Valderrama‘s instagram seems vaguely interesting ASL

Sarah Palin wants everyone in the USA to speak AMERICAN, of COURSE Celebitchy

Check out sizzlin’ Nicholas Hoult in this new trailer INO

Hugh Jackman wants to be James Bond EvilBeetGossip

Ralph Fiennes has some SICK samurai moves. Dlisted

Geez Kristen Stewart can wear anything and look AMAZING Fishwrapper

Katy Perry threw a sick bachelorette party this weekend Celebslam

Let these hot dude bods help you say goodbye to summer ASL

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Morgan FreMummy. -And Other LINKS!!!


I don’t want any context for this photo. I just want to enjoy it.  Dlisted

Snooki has bigger, newer lips and it makes me sad Fishwrapper

Diane Kruger looks AMAZING Celebslam

Just letting you know Ryan Phillipe got shirtless again ASL

Taylor Swift is eerily image conscious Celebitchy

Jesica Alba’s Honest Company ain’t so honest I guess EvilBeetGossip

Miranda Lambert is falling apart INO

Woah Mark Ronson is 40.  Dlisted

Hey, wanna watch the most awkward shimmy by Kylie Jenner? Fishwrapper

Tori Spelling wants money from Benihana because she’s an idiot Celebslam

Tom Hardy‘s gonna be a dad ASL

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