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Robin Thicke Might Be Engaged To His 20 Year Old Girlfriend. -And Other LINKS!!!


Robin Thicke is the worst Dlisted

If only Jesse Eisenberg wasn’t a total Dbag… Fishwrapper

Ben Affleck‘s nanny is having the time of her life Celebslam

Colin Farrell is going to be in a new Harry Potter movie ASL

Apparently Gavin Rossdale has issues about his sexuality? Celebitchy

Cancelling the Duggars show cost 19 million (and counting) INO

I really hope Ben Affleck is in love with that nanny EvilBeetGossip

Happy 42nd birthday, Gerri Halwell! Dlisted

Kendra Wilkinson loves her some drama Fishwrapper

Christina Milian is a POTHEAD! love it Celebslam

Is this some kind of GOSSIP GIRL reunion or what? ASL

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I Guess Kim K Won’t Be Writing Any More Books Anytime Soon. -And Other LINKS!!!


Sorry Kim Kardashian. Kep your selfies to your…self.  Dlisted

Iggy Azalea has had too many plastic surgeries.  Fishwrapper

I would like to punch Chris Brown right in his looney tunes shirt, plz Celebslam

Adam Lambert kills it with this song.  ASL

Kristen Stewart thinks you’d like her if you knew her Celebitchy

Kendra Wilkinson said being on TV saved her marriage EvilBeetGossip

Taylor Swift talks about her BFF Kanye West INO

Everybody’s getting divorced, and this couple got married! Dlisted

Wait, WHO is Khloe Kardashian dating?!  Celebslam

Willow Smith is insufferable Fishwrapper

Happy 38th birthday, Tom Brady. You are a god. ASL

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Betty White Gives Her Thoughts About The Killing Of Cecil The Lion


Betty White chimes in about Cecil the Lion. Dlisted

Let’s all have a good cry for Rob Kardashian Fishwrapper

Josh Duggar has a baby girl? Great. Celebslam

Tom Cruise won’t talk dating or Scientology ASL

Taylor Swift‘s girl squad will defend her twitter honor celebitchy

Kylie Jenner is promoting natural butt enhancing cream EvilBeetGossip

Please shut up, Zoe saldana INO

Jennifer Beals responds to the hate surrounding leaving her dog in her car Dlisted

Mariah Carey has very large…egoes Celebslam

This pic of Scott Disick says it all Fishwrapper

Is Beyonce going to be a part of NBC’s “The Wiz?” ASL

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The Houstons Vs. The Browns: Funeral Edition. -And Other LINKS!!!


It’s exactly what Bobbi Kristina would have wanted. NOT. Dlisted

Please no more asinine LeAnn Rimes quotes.  PLEASE? Fishwrapper

More pics of Ben Affleck’s nanny Celebslam

Michael Fassbender is the sexiest man alive ASL

Any lawyers wanna represent Brandi Glanville? Celebitchy

Is Cait Jenner dissappointed with the “I am Cait” ratings? INO

Demi Lovato‘s dog was killed by coyotes EvilBeetGossip

Woody Allen is super gross with Soon-Yi.  Obvi.  Dlisted

Farrah Abraham does NOT want a real job Fishwrapper

Jennifer Lawrence is over it Celebslam

One Direction learns to WHIP ASL


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