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Richard Simmons is in drag now – and other LINKS!

Richard Simmons Bright Orange Tutu Take Beverly Hills

PHOTO: Richard Simmons in drag. SERIOUSLY. DListed

LeAnn Rimes Reaches All New Heights in Ridiculous Fishwrapper

Adam Levine and Lady Gaga get into a bitchfight on Twitter! Read > Celebitchy

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Ellen Pompeo blasts the Emmys! Bitter much? Have U Heard

All the pictures from the Emmy’s I couldn’t show you … .HERE> ASL

Prince Harry has a new woman. Clearly she’s a b*tch. Bohomoth

PHOTOS: Reese Witherspoon lunches at The Ivy. Is adorable. INO

Jennifer Hudson gets mistaken for this girl. LMFAO > Evil Beet

Melissa Leo certainly isn’t going to win any awards with this Emmys look! PHOTO > DListed

Wait – is this Miley Cyrus looking hot? Fishwrapper

Joanna Krupa – actually clothed? New pics! > ASL

Scarlett Johansson like you’ve NEVER seen her before! Popbytes

Scarlett Johansson like you’ve NEVER seen her before! Popbytes

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I think I just fell in love with Cher – and other LINKS!


I think I just fell in love with Cher! DListed

Paris Hilton is stuck in 2003. Seriously…. Fishwrapper

It’s official: Matt Bomer is the cutest guy EVER. ASL

Is Kate Winslet going to change her name to Kate Rocknroll? Bohomoth

Gwyneth Paltrow opens up to Marie Claire. INO

WAIT – I thought he was gay? DListed

Wait – does Courtney Stodden look GOOD? Photos> Fishwrapper

The very first unflattering picture of Chris Pine. ASL

The Kardashians are celebrating Christmas already? Popbytes

Jeff Bridges is amazing …. check out his GQ cover! Celebitchy

Britney Spears is rehearsing HOW MUCH for her Vegas show? Evil Beet

Robert Pattinson suffers from anxiety? Who knew? Have U Heard

Henry Cavill goes on Sesame Street – is ADORABLE…. of course. Celebitchy


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Melissa Etheridge’s ex still can’t live off of $86,000 a month – WTF – and other LINKS!


Tammy Lynn Michaels still can’t live off the $86,000 support she gets from her ex, Melissa EtheridgeDListed

Miley Cyrus would like to end the day with a little bit of ridiculousness. QUOTE> Fishwrapper

Chris Pine was all over Fashion Week – looking FINE! ASL

Jaden Smith tells kids to drop out of school, is it because he has a Scientology education? Celebitchy

Is it just me – or did Olivier Martinez just age 10 years? INO

Bradley Cooper tries to hide at the beach, fails miserably. DListed

And you thought Victoria Beckham’s blanket dress was bad! Bohomoth

Anna Kendricks looking ridiculously hot in purple leather! Photos > Fishwrapper

WATCH: A Terrifying ‘Wrecking Ball’ Parody Featuring Tom Brady ASL

Robert Pattinson has some very bizarre celebrity crushes! Evil Beet Gossip

Jake Gyllenhaal’s sexy new look? Popbytes

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Making out with Jonathan Galecki made Sara Gilbert realize she was gay – and other LINKS!


Making out with Jonathan Galecki made Sara Gilbert realize she was gay. DListed

Tracy Anderson wants to get her hands on Lena Dunham’s body – but GIRLS’ producers aren’t having it. Fishwrapper

Christina Ricci and Winona Ryder have a ‘Mermaids’ reunion!! PICS > ASL

Video: Sheryl Underwood Reveals Her Mother Stabbed Her Father on The Talk Have U Heard

TGIF! You MUST stop what you’re doing and read some of the complaints the FCC got during Miley Cyrus‘ VMA’s performance. DListed

‘Game of Thrones’ hottie gets shirtless and wet. :) ASL

Lady Gaga’s most appropriate costume she’s ever worn…. INO

Ain’t no party like a GOOPY party! You only wish you were invited. Fishwrapper

Fiona Apple covers Willy Wonka’s “Pure Imagination” Popbytes

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