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Eva Mendes Doesn’t Like Jeans Either…And Other LINKS!

Eva Mendes Doesn't Like Jeans Either...And Other LINKS!

Eva Mendes doesn’t care for jeans either – DListed

Get it Robert Pattinson! – Fishwrapper

Joe Simpson got all hot and bothered – Celebslam

Channing Tatum shows off his manly muscles – ASL

Candice Bergen calls herself fat; loves food – Celebitchy

James Franco is gay in his art – Evil Beet Gossip

Bethenny Frankel admits she might be too thin – INO

Jay-Z may settle out of court with his secret love child – DListed

Kylie Jenner looks absolutely ridiculous – Fishwrapper

Selena Gomez in a bikini – Celebslam

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Ariana Grande Does Celine Dion…And Other LINKS!

Ariana Grande Does Celine Dion...And Other LINKS!

Ariana Grande does Celine Dion – DListed

Kourtney Kardashian is kind of pathetic – Fishwrapper

Scott Disick’s rehab is super shady – Celebslam

Jesse McCartney’s Instagram makes us all warm and fuzzy – ASL

Downton Abbey will end after season six: yay or nay? – Celebitchy

Rob Kardashian slams his sister Kim on Instagram – Evil Beet Gossip

Tom Cruise’s new Mission Impossible trailer – INO

Chris Brown’s probation is over – DListed

The Duggars are hypocrites – Fishwrapper

Model at midnight – Emily Ratajkowski – Celebslam

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Emmy Rossum Doesn’t Like Justin Bieber…And Other LINKS!

Emmy Rossum Doesn't Like Justin Bieber...And Other LINKS!

Emmy Rossum thinks Justin Bieber is obnoxious – DListed

Girls want selfies with John Stamos after sex – Fishwrapper

Oh hi Jessica Hart – Celebslam

Henry Cavill is one hot fella – ASL

Common talks about how to end racism – Celebitchy

Kanye West is not welcome at Glastonbury – Evil Beet Gossip

Idina Menzel dyes her hair blonde – INO

Jessica Lange shades Lady Gaga – DListed

It’s time to change our minds about Monica Lewinsky – Fishwrapper

Scott Disick’s rehab is as shady as you can imagine – Celebslam

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Fashion Police Is On Hiatus…And Other LINKS!

Fashion Police Is On Hiatus...And Other LINKS!

Fashion Police is now on hiatus – DListed

Chris Brown is forever disgusting – Fishwrapper

Dianna Agron had a wardrobe malfunction – Celebslam

17 Hot Irish fellas to drink whiskey with – ASL

Piers Morgan trashes Heather Mills – Celebitchy

Looks like Rihanna finally learned something – Evil Beet Gossip

Christina Aguilera goes dark for ‘Nashville’ – INO

Taylor Swift’s fans are like the North Korean army – DListed

What is wrong with Jessica Simpson?!? – Fishwrapper

Kim Kardashian’s butt is totally fake – Celebslam

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