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Katy Perry steps out wearing her engagement ring – and other LINKS!

The 2013 American Music Awards Arrivals in LA

More pictures of Katy Perry wearing a ring on THAT FINGER. DListed

Is it just me – or is Selena Gomez showing a lot more skin these days? Celebslam

Is Jared Leto dating Lupita Nyong’o dating?? ASL

Did Kanye West give Kim Kardashian 1,000 roses for Valentine’s Day?? Celebitchy

Prince William honors Helen Mirren  – see the PICS! INO

Picture proof that Kaley Cuoco and her new husband are pretty stinking cute. Fishwrapper

Is ‘The Comeback’ making it’s own comeback??? Please let it be so! Popbytes

Rosie Perez shocks everyone by saying Jennifer Lopez was a diva back in the day. Read what she said here > DListed

Only Sophia Vergara can make a tacky dress look hot. Celebslam

Adam Lambert is looking…interesting these days. ASL

New Instagram pic shows a very-pregnant Kelly Clarkson! Fishwrapper

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Mariah Carey has a new song, and it’s…… something – and other LINKS!


LISTEN HERE: Mariah Carey has a new song, and it’s…… something. DListed

Find out what Madonna has to say about her own music! Fishwrapper

A photoshoot that will make you cringe…. at least it should. Celebslam

Kate Middleton has never looked better! ASL

Jennifer Aniston talks babies with Gloria Steinem! Find out what she had to say > Celebitchy

Is Khloe Kardashian hooking up with The Game? Popbytes

Kevin Hart is a very little man…. like little. INO

Michael Jordan’s wife just gave birth to twin girls! Evil Beet

Just when you think baby names couldn’t get any more ridiculous – enter Soleil Moon Frye’s new baby! DListed

Farrah Abraham takes her ridiculousness to a whole new level. Fishwrapper

Topless Candice Swanepoel pictures surface! Celebslam

Alexander Skarsgard cast in the upcoming Tarzan movie!! ASL

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Beyonce and President Obama having an affair – and other LINKS!


There’s a rumor going around that Beyonce and President Obama are having an affair! DListed

Victoria Justice shows a wee bit too much skin, if you ask me. Celebslam

Proof that North West is the best dressed baby in Hollywood! ASL

Farrah Abraham has ANOTHER porno. Just when you think it can’t get any worse! Fishwrapper

Leonardo DiCaprio claims he’s never done drugs. Believe him? Celebitchy

That George Zimmerman vs. DMX fight isn’t going to happen after all. Popbytes

Emma Watson signs on to star in new thriller! INO

SNL’s Chris Kattan got a DUI – and there’s a video to prove it! DListed

Katy Perry steps out with a very unflattering wedgie. You’re welcome. Celebslam

Why is Colin Farrell so dang sexy!? ASL

Lea Michele releases a song about Cory Monteith called “You’re Mine,” and now you’re going to cry. Fishwrapper


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Jennifer Aniston got extensions because she thought the short hair made her look old – and other LINKS!

Jennifer & Justin Host Their Famous Friends In Cabo

Jennifer Aniston got extensions because her short hair made her feel like an old hag. DListed

Taylor Swift’s self-righteousness is nauseating. Fishwrapper

Reason 101 to love Jared Leto. See how he handled a heckler recently. ASL

Kris Jenner is now going for the whole pirate-look. Celebslam

Dylan Farrow’s brother says Woody Allen never touched her. Celebitchy

This is actually going to happen: DMX and George Zimmerman are going to fight each other! Popbytes

Get Gwyneth Patlrow’s body in 15 minutes! INO

Liam Hemsworth looks somber on the set of ‘Mockingjay’ after the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. ASL

Kris Jenner says the rumors about Bruce Jenner transitioning into a woman are 90% false. So what’s the 10%? DListed

Is Farrah Abraham not a big dumb idiot anymore? Fishwrapper

The bikini was invented for Kelly BrookCelebslam


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