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Kimmy Gibbler Is Coming BACK TO TV! -And Other LINKS!!!


Hey 80’s kids…your dreams are coming TRUE! Dlisted

Rumer Willis has an odd dance outfit Celebslam

Yep, this movie looks horrifying Fishwrapper

Dunno if Rpatz is engaged, but he does look super cute at the gym ASL

Rihanna‘s new single is…aggressive EvilBeetGossip

Happy birthday, Michael Fassbender. You’re still hoooooot.  Celebitchy

Let Jennifer Lawrence lead you into spring!  Bohomoth

First official teaser of the Amy Winehouse documentary! INO

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig made a lifetime movie that may or may not be airing Dlisted

Kaley Cuoco is definitely not preggers Celebslam

Chris Brown will always be a gross creeper Fishwrapper

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Scharzenegger are still going strong ASL

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Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin and a One Year “Conscious Uncouple-Versary!”

Arrivals at the Tom Ford Autumn/Winter 2015 Womenswear Collection ***NO DAILY MAIL SALES***

And the conscious uncoupling party continues…in Cabo? Dlisted

Megan Fox says she’s no dummy Celebslam

Oh yeah, Rob Kardashian still exists.  Fishwrapper

More Nicholas Hoult, please.  ASL

The rebirth of the Veronicas! Popbytes

Would you hit this “Outlander?” Celebitchy

Gillian Anderson would like to see Jamie Dornan’s package, plz EvilBeetGossip

Cara Delevigne sure loves her adidas wear INO

This kid is DEFINITELY Frank Sinatra’s son  Dlisted

Larry King had an…accident.  Celebslam

Who knew Krystal Hefner had that kinda booty? Fishwrapper

Jimmy Kimmel experiences the greatest prank ever, thanks to Rihanna ASL

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Joni Mitchell Hospitalized -And Other LINKS!!!


Keep Joni Mitchell in your thoughts. Dlisted

Jamie Dornan is super sexy creepy and I feel conflicted (sexually) Fishwrapper

I wish I didn’t see this celebrity in a bikini. Yikes Celebslam

Why Bradley Cooper dumped Suki Waterhouse ASL

Lady Gaga is ready to get on board with American Horror Story Popbytes

Jeremy Renner‘s ex keeps bringin’ the crazy EvilBeetGossip

Is it really unfair to judge Trevor Noah and his sketchy twitter jokes? Celebitchy

David Beckam‘s son does chores for an allowance INO

Avril Levigne‘s “mysterious” illness was Lyme Disease. Zzzzzz Dlisted

Get a grip, Vanessa Hudgens Fishwrapper

Hilary Duff looks AMAZING on this red carpet, with blue hair! Celebslam

Scott Eastwood looks way too much like Clint for comfort ASL

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Zayn Malik Has Already Released A Single…And Other LINKS!

Zayn Malik Has Already Released A Single...And Other LINKS!

Zayn Malik has already released a song! – DListed

Nobody loves Megan Fox like Megan Fox – Fishwrapper

Allison Williams has it all backwards – Celebslam

Jamie Dornan is still super hot – ASL

Amanda Knox will seek compensation for wrongful imprisonment – Celebitchy

Harvey Weinstein might’ve assaulted someone – Evil Beet Gossip

John Oliver explains why April Fool’s Day is the worst – INO

People have discovered Trevor Noah’s old tweets and they’re not happy – DListed

Sofia Vergara isn’t getting herself anywhere like this – Fishwrapper

Tara Reid in a bikini – Celebslam

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