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‘Big Brother’ star Britney reveals her 2-month-old daughter has cancer.


“Big Brother” star Britney Haynes, who starred on the show in 2010 and 2012, has revealed that her 2-month-old daughter has been diagnosed with cancer. The 27-year-old, along with her husband Ryan Godwin, broke the news on Facebook. She wrote, “On September 1st, we were among the daily 720 sets of parents to be absolutely devastated with a Childhood Cancer diagnosis.”

Britney’s daughter, Tilly, was born on July 13. Britney added, “Please take the time to pray for all these children, our sweet baby included. We appreciate each and every one.”

Over the weekend Britney shared a picture of Tilly, saying “Thank you for all of the thoughts, wishes, and prayers for my precious girl. She’s everything to me.”

They have not revealed what kind of cancer Tilly is suffering from.

Hope she gets better soon!

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Aaryn from Big Brother isn’t a racist, she’s just Texan.

If you haven’t seen last night’s Big Brother …. I’m sorry for spoiling all the fun. Aaryn Gries was evicted from the Big Brother house last night, and as soon as she walked out those doors to meet Julie Chen, the awaiting live audience booed her! She probably was like WHAAA?

I’ve been DYING to see Aaryn’s exit interview, because you KNOW Julie was gonna let her have it. I sat up straight and my ears pricked up as soon as Aaryn took the hot seat. Wasn’t sure for a minute there if Julie was going to give it to her…. and then she did!  “Being southern, there is a stereotype. I was taken out of context,” Aaryn insisted. “I did not mean to come out racist. That’s not me and I apologize to anyone I have offended for that.” Julie promptly whipped out her flash card and re-read just some of Aaryn’s racist comments, which included: telling Helen Kim to “go make rice,” and later, “I probably look like a squinty Asian right now.” Gries also said how “no one’s going to vote for whoever that queer puts up” while addressing gay housemate Andy Herren. The look on Aaryn’s face was PRICELESS.

A horrified looking Aaryn replied, “I do not remember saying those things and those things were not meant to be serious and IF I said those things I feel horrible for that and I regret that.” She finally admitted that that’s just how Texans talk, and she didn’t mean any harm. (To this, the audience went nuts laughing at her.)

Aaryn is off to the jury house – and is still sequestered. She still has no idea she’s been fired from her modeling agency because of how she behaved inside the house.


PS: Can we pause and talk about what a BITCH Amanda is!? Man, I want her out of the house SO BAD!!!! She is crazy, no?

So…. want to won the HOH last night??? Find out after the jump! (more…)

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‘Big Brother’ contestant Spencer is a bigger idiot than he looks.

This season of ‘Big Brother’ may go down in the books as the most controversial ever. There have been so many horrible, racist, sexist, and otherwise horrific comments made, that CBS actually had to put a disclaimer before the show even begins. Even though Aaryn’s racist comments were horrifying, I think Spencer Clawson may have just taken the cake for the most offensive comments EVER.

“Big Brother” contestant Spencer Clawson just learned a valuable lesson about child porn … don’t even joke about that crap … because cops will go after you.

In case you didn’t see the clips from this week — Clawson goes off on this really uncomfortable riff about child porn, saying, “I like to beat off to child porn. Did I ever tell y’all about that? I love it. Beating off to child porn is my favorite thing there is.”

You’d think he’d stop there, but no … he kept going, saying, “I love it when they’re around three or four years old. My favorite ones are when you can tell they’re in a basement.”

And the jokes didn’t go unnoticed … especially by Spencer’s hometown police in Arkansas.

Chief AJ Gary from the Conway Police Department in Arkansas tells TMZ, “The Conway Police Department was alerted to comments made. Due to the nature of the comments, our department moved quickly to look into the matter. At this time we haven’t found that any criminal act was committed.”

Do you think they forget they’re being filmed? I can see how you might just forget you’re being watched – but COME ON Spencer!? How are jokes about child porn funny? Even in your real life – and the privacy of your own home – joking about getting off to small children is beyond inappropriate.

Ugh. I think God needs to send in another flood.


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VIDEO: Race War hits all new level inside the Big Brother house!

The race war inside the ‘Big Brother’ house came to an all-time high last night, when the incredibly racist Aaryn picked a fight with Candice, a black contestant. During a fight, Aaryn screamed at her “Whatchu gon do, gurl?” She yelled at her in a stereotypical black voice, saying things like “Whatchu gon do gurrl…. class girl? Where’s yo class?”

Candice eventually defended herself, when GinaMarie got in her face and yelled “You want the black to come out?”

The fight began over a prank Aaryn pulled on Candice, by flipping over her mattress.

Aaryn is such a bitch – that’s all there is to it. Just watching the video makes my skin crawl. Does she not know she’s on TV? What is wrong with people? How are we still so surrounded by racists?


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