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Who Is The Most Searched Star Of 2013?

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Leaving A Radio Station In NYC

Here’s a hint…Kim Kardashian is number 2 of the most searched celebs, according to Bing.

In a year where the most searched song of 2013 was “Thriftshop,” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and the most searched for movie was Iron Man 3, you know people are searching celebs like CRAZY. Curious to see who else made Bing’s top search lists for 2013? Find out, after the jump!


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Ciara strips down for GQ – look familiar?


Ciara channels Beyonce in this new picture for GQ Magazine!

The “Body Party” singer looks an awful lot like Beyonce’s GQ cover from last year. Doesn’t it? So I guess the question is – who looks hotter?

The 28-year-old singer, who first gained fame in 2004 for her hit single “Goodies,” posed for the magazine in a micro crop top and cut-off denim shorts.

She spoke to the magazine about her tips for people looking how to dance to her new single, “Overdose.”

“Go with the flow; don’t overthink it,” Ciara said. “If you’re a head-nod kind of guy, nod your head. If you’re a guy who likes to coast out and rock or sway, just do that. Whatever you do, don’t get out there and try to do something you haven’t practiced.”

Ciara also offered style tips for guys hoping to impress her.

“I love when people have their own creative vision, when a person stands out and tries different things,” she said. “I also think less is more…and confidence is everything. Confidence is what makes that simple white tee and jeans look good.”



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VIDEO: Fan pulls Beyonce off the stage in Sao Paulo, Brazil!


Beyonce’s fans are INTENSE! I watched HBO’s documentary on her earlier this year, and realized just how obsessed her fans are with her. It’s like she’s God or something, it’s unbelievable. It’s like Madonna or Michael Jackson – in their prime. People go just downright nuts for a single touch of Beyonce. Like touching her will send them to another planet. It’s crazy, I’ve never seen anything like it.

Earlier this year someone slapped Beyonce on the butt as she walked on the stage, and Bey turned around and threatened to throw the fan out. And then, over the weekend, Beyonce was performing “Irreplaceable” in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when a man from the audience grabs Beyonce and attempts to drag her off the stage. Here’s the video:

Can you imagine! What makes people think it’s okay to just GRAB Beyonce and pull her off the stage? You just don’t do that to people! It’s crazy!

Here are some new pictures of Beyonce, Jay-Z and their daughter Blue who are currently traveling the tropics on their yacht.



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Beyonce and Blue Ivy spotted getting on to their yacht in Ibiza

Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy spent their Labor Day on a yacht in Ibiza, Spain! Must be rough.

Beyonce was photographed walking onto her yacht wearing stiletto booties and carrying her 1 1/2-year-old daughter Blue Ivy. Beyonce, 31, and her family, are wrapping up their summer, Mediterranean style!

Beyonce looks cute – but is that really safe? I’m sure she’s hired someone to catch her if she falls.

Photos: FameFlynet

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Beyonce cut her hair off because “she’s a strong woman”

Beyonce cut her wig/weave/hair off, and posted a picture of a short, blonde pixie cut yesterday afternoon. People are comparing her new look to those like Miley Cyrus and Pink, but who cares…. you can cut your hair without “copying” anyone else’s look. That’s my opinion, anyway. Who cares if she cut her hair? Better question…. why does there have to be a bigger meaning behind the cut? That’s what Beyonce’s colorist is saying….. she cut her hair because she was feeling empowered. Because she’s a strong woman and all.

Beyonce is redefining the “Pixie Dream Girl” stereotype. On Wednesday, Aug. 7, the 31-year-old “Grown Woman” singer made headlines when she ditched her long locks in favor of a blonde pixie ‘do. No explanation was offered along with the Instagram pictures of her new hair, but her colorist, Rita Hazan, tells Us Weekly it’s a sign of Queen Bey’s self-confidence.

“I was shocked. I think she was just feeling empowered, like a strong woman, and she said she’s been feeling it for a long time,” Hazan says of the star’s stunning cropped coif. “She didn’t want to hide behind her hair in real life.”

In fact, Beyonce’s long extensions have become a big part of her onstage persona. But Hazan, for one, loves the new look. “I’m so happy because the extensions give women the wrong expectation of what their hair should look like — it’s great for onstage, but everyday women shouldn’t have or want to have five pounds of hair on their head,” she tells Us. “This hair is more natural, more realistic.”

It’s also much lighter — in more ways than one. Before Beyonce debuted the ‘do, her hair “was a honey blonde, a darker blonde,” Hazan explains. “[Dyeing] it took some time to do — like four hours — because we wanted to keep her natural color at the root so it would grow out well. We made it a champagne blonde — it’s very old Hollywood, like a Marilyn Monroe blonde.”

“This shade shows women of every color that they can wear this shade. Just make sure that it’s healthy — healthy hair will keep the color longer,” she adds. “My personal thought is that every woman can be blonde as long as it’s the right shade of blonde for your skin color. And Beyonce pulls it off!”

I wonder how long she’ll keep it this short before going back to her weaves. She once told Oprah that she NEVER wears a weave – which I don’t buy for a second. So we’ll see how long she sticks with this.



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