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Solange Knowles deletes all photos of Beyonce from her Instagram page

Solange attacked Jay-Z in an elevator

Ruh roh!

The drama continues between Solange Knowles and her sister Beyonce.

It all began at the Met Gala, when Solange attacked her brother-in-law Jay-Z in an elevator. According to US Weekly, Solange first got into a fight with designer Rachel Roy at an after-party at the Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel. Apparently Beyonce “got in the middle of it” but the reason is still unknown.

Sources say that before any fighting went down at the after-party, Beyonce and Solange looked like the were having a great time — apparently hitting the dance floor with Naomi Campbell, while Jay Z “hung back at one of the fireplace areas.”

And while the reason Solange went all kung fu on Jay Z in the elevator still remains shrouded in mystery, everyone has their theories, including that Solange was sticking up for Beyonce — perhaps over some act of rumored infidelity on Jay Z’s part.

Meanwhile, another source told Us Weekly, “Solange flipped out over something Jay had said, that she took the wrong way. She took it too hard or too far. Not sure what it was, but she greatly overreacted.”

And though Beyonce and Jay Z seem to be over whatever drama took place on May 5, judging by their big smiles at the Nets playoff game on May 12, Beyonce’s relationship with Solange may not be doing so well.

While the sisters were spotted leaving the Met Gala after-party together in a separate car from Jay Z, Beyonce took to Instagram on May 7 and posted a message about her prayer to God, which is about removing the toxic elements from her life: “Help me to choose my friends wisely so I won’t be led astray. Give me discernment and strength to separate myself from anyone who is not a good influence.”

But as Beyonce is posting about removing those influences, Solange has already started a detox. According to SheKnows, the singer has already deleted most of her Instagram photos of herself and Beyonce, making us all the more curious as to what exactly led to that fight in the elevator.

I am DYING to know what the problem was – aren’t you!? Oh to be a fly on the wall in that elevator!


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Beyonce & Jay-Z used to Solange’s outbursts?

Beyonce & Jay-Z used to Solange's outbursts?

Just yesterday it was revealed that Beyonce’s sister Solange attacked Jay-Z in an elevator. What echoed afterward were nothing but questions as to why this went down, but sources have said that this isn’t something new for Solange. In fact, one source noted that they were used to her outbursts.

A source said, “Solange has flipped her lid like that before. She is genuinely a sweet and nice person but she keeps s**t real. She can take a small thing and it triggers her. This is not the first time this has happened. That’s why Bey and Jay were so calm. They are used to this from Solange. It has definitely happened before. It is a testament to Beyonce’s calm nature how she kept back and played the peacekeeper here. She is so calm and always the peacekeeper.”

Still, an observer at the Met Gala notes that Beyonce seemed off during the evening. “She wasn’t smiling, was hardly with Jay, she was off with Solange the whole time,” says the witness.

Blue Ivy’s mom “does not approve of violence,” the first source says. The trio “are trying to put the situation past them now.”

We’re still left wondering what caused Solange to go off like that. What do you think happened?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Solange attacked Jay-Z in an elevator

Solange attacked Jay-Z in an elevator

After Rihanna’s Met Gala party, Beyonce’s sister Solange beat the crap out of Jay-Z. WTF did he do to her or Bey?!? TMZ has the scoop from a surveillance video:

Jay Z was ferociously assaulted by Beyonce’s sister Solange … who was wildly kicking and swinging at him inside an elevator … and the attack was captured on surveillance video … obtained by TMZ.

According to our sources, it all went down at a Met Gala after party last week at the Standard Hotel in NYC. In the video … Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange step into the elevator … and then Solange goes crazy, screaming at Jay before unleashing a violent attack.

A large man — who appears to be a bodyguard — attempts to hold Solange back, but she manages to connect at least 3 times. At one point Solange throws a kick and Jay grabs her foot, but never attempts to strike her. Beyonce stands by without getting physically involved.

It’s unclear what triggered the fight.

And this is interesting. When you look closely, you see the bodyguard hit the emergency stop switch on the 12th floor — mid fight — presumably to keep the fight private.

All three walked out of the building together — Solange looks pissed — but while Bey and Solange get in one car … security walks Jay to a different one.

That is INSANE.

'Charles James: Beyond Fashion' Costume Institute Gala

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Beyonce, Jay-Z plus Sean Penn and Charlize Theron at the Met Gala!

'Charles James: Beyond Fashion' Costume Institute Gala

Beyonce looked absolutely STUNNING at last night’s Met Gala. She wore this gorgeous see-through gown by Givenchy. She looks incredible!

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron also attended the event, and Charlize looks great! She wore a gown by Chanel Couture.

'Charles James: Beyond Fashion' Costume Institute Gala 'Charles James: Beyond Fashion' Costume Institute Gala

Photos: FameFlynet

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