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Beyonce & Jay-Z Leaving Their Christmas Party

Could you think of a better Christmas miracle than THIS?!

I can’t. At all. The fact that Beyonce is basically wearing a throw blanket, novelty sunglasses and all the fixins of a Christmas tree makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (much like her outside). And the fact that she wore THIS OUT, IN PUBLIC, to a PARTY (and Jay-Z didn’t say, “hey Bey, you have a closet  full of glam. What’s the deal?”) is even better.

Beyonce…the greatest holiday gift of all. What do YOU think of her ensemble?

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Kevin Federline blasts Beyonce; Claims she had work done

Kevin Federline blasts Beyonce; Claims she had work done

I’m not sure what hole Kevin Federline crawled out of, but apparently he’s looking for attention these days. Apparently he isn’t content with quietly bleeding Britney Spears dry, so he hit out at Beyonce on social media.

Beyonce and Jay-Z attended the Canelo vs. Cotto boxing match in Las Vegas on Saturday and sports blog Terez Owens tweeted about it on Sunday. The blog commented on Twitter that Beyonce was sporting some serious cleavage at the event, but K-Fed decided to inject his opinion into the mix.

He tweeted to Terez Owens, “She looked botoxed.”

He followed that up by saying, “So sad when a beautiful woman chops and screws her face up w/Botox and surgery… #sawface”.

Oh snap!

Beyonce’s fans have already lashed out at Kevin, suggesting that he was only using Beyonce’s name in order to regain some sort of relevance for himself.

What do you think of his comments?

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Rihanna’s legal team slams ‘Becoming Beyonce’ book

Rihanna's legal team slams 'Becoming Beyonce' book

Just recently, a book called “Becoming Beyonce” dropped a bombshell about how a rumor was leaked about Jay-Z cheating with Rihanna in order to boost her first song “Pon De Replay”. Now, Rihanna’s team is blasting the reports that claim that a former publicist named Jonathan Hay leaked the rumor in 2005 to create some publicity for her.

From Page Six:

“I was working for Vada Nobles, who wrote and produced ‘Pon de Replay,’” Hay’s quoted in R. Randy Taraborrelli’s “Becoming Beyoncé.” “It was my job to make sure she hit . . . In an effort to generate some interest . . . I began to plant . . . stories that Jay and Rihanna were having a hot romance.” The only problem with the revelation? Rihanna’s legal reps and Nobles told Page Six on Tuesday that Rihanna’s never had any involvement with Hay as a rep.

“Hay was never Rihanna’s publicist or had any personal or professional relationship with her,” Rihanna’s lawyer Jordan Siev told us. Her team claimed the New York Daily News erroneously reported Hay was “Rihanna’s ex-publicist” before updating its story on Tuesday. Other outlets have also called him “former Rihanna publicist.”

When we reached out to Hay, he told us, “I wasn’t Rihanna’s publicist, I was [the] publicist for her first single. She didn’t have a publicist . . . It was back in the day, she was nobody.”

But Nobles said: “I met this guy once, maybe twice . . . I did not hire Jonathan Hay to promote Rihanna [or] ‘Pon de Replay’ . . . He had nothing to do with Rihanna. Someone I knew referred this guy [to me as a publicist], I said, ‘Let’s see what he can do’ . . . He was using my name and what I was doing to get traction for himself.”

Hay said in a statement, “I haven’t read the book and I don’t know what it says. I talked to the author for the first time this Sunday.”

He added that he’s focusing on “music projects that I’m producing and releasing” and “all this other gossip is nonsense.”

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Beyonce and Jay-Z split for a year over rumored Rihanna fling?

Beyonce and Jay-Z split for a year over rumored Rihanna fling?

A guy named J. Randy Taraborrelli wrote a book called “Becoming Beyonce” where he talked about Jay-Z having a rumored fling with Rihanna when she was only 17-years-old. The author said that the rumors that he cheated on Bey were all engineered by a publicist in order to get Rihanna’s song “Pon De Replay” on the radio.

He revealed, “It was total fiction. Beyonce didn’t know what to make of this, and it actually ended up breaking them up for a time. They spent maybe a year apart from each other because Beyonce just wasn’t sure of what to make of the situation with Rihanna. It’s safe to say that Rihanna and Beyonce are friends.”

In addition, Rihanna might’ve been a bit to blame for Jay-Z’s elevator fight with Bey’s sister Solange in 2014. The author said, “People told me that there was a whispered argument that night having to do with Jay wanting to go to a party for Rihanna. Beyonce did what Beyonce does. She laid down the law…it was a whispered married couple’s argument that would’ve gone by completely unnoticed had not Solange overheard it.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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