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Bethenny Frankel spotted out and about with her daughter Bryn in New York City

Bethenny Frankel Out And About With Her Daughter In NYC

Vacation’s over for Bethenny Frankel! She traded her flip flops for some pretty intense boots!

RELATED: Bethenny wears a teenie bikini while vacationing with her new boyfriend in Miami!

The talk-show-host bundled up and stepped out with her daughter Bryn this afternoon in NYC.

Bethenny Frankel Out And About With Her Daughter In NYC

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Posted Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 at 2:14pm
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Meet Bethenny Frankel’s new man!

Bethenny Frankel Celebrates New Year's In A Bikini

Bethenny Frankel is ringing in the New Year with a new boyfriend!

The talk show host, 43, was spotted vacationing in Miami with her new boyfriend, Michael A. Cerussi III. Michael works in financial services in New York, and his family owns a home in northern Palm Beach County.

“Bethenny was with Mac and looked very happy on New Year’s Eve,” a source tells PEOPLE. “They kissed at midnight and other times during the evening. They looked like they were having a great night.”

Bethenny is divorced from Jason Hoppy, with whom she has a 3-year-old daughter with.

Bethenny looks crazy good in a bikini! Good for you!

Bethenny Frankel Celebrates New Year's In A Bikini


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A very down-looking Bethenny Frankel steps out in NYC!

Bethenny Frankel Out And About In NYC

Where’s the holiday cheer Bethenny?

Bethenny looks how I feel today.

Bethenny Frankel Out And About In NYC

Photos: FameFlynet

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Farrah Abraham bashes Bethenny Frankel after appearing on her show!


Farrah Abraham stopped by the Bethenny Frankel talk show yesterday, and it was a doozy! Bethenny hit Farrah with some pretty pointed questions about her parenting, career choices, etc., and Farrah got very offended. What did Farrah think was going to happen when she went on a talk show? Her interview with Dr. Phil didn’t go as planned either. Given the choices Farrah has made recently in regards to her “career” have been sketchy – and that’s putting it kindly. What did she think was going to happen?

Farrah went off on Bethenny after filming wrapped, calling her “judgemental” and “degrading to women.” Okay, so Bethenny is degrading to women, but Farrah (who does PORN) isn’t?

In the interview, Farrah defends her plastic surgery, porn, adult toy line, and parenting. She actually said her four-year-old “has her own life.” Um, really?

Farrah taped the show, and then headed straight to Radar, where she bashed Bethenny.

“Before going on the show, I was told that it would be a positive and inspirational talk for mothers and business women,” the star of Backdoor Teen Mom, an adult film, told Radar in an exclusive interview.

“But as soon as I met Bethenny, it turned into a judgmental zone. She did not like how I valued my daughter’s opinion and care so much about her that I allow her to have her own voice.

“Then, she brought up very old misconstrued tabloid topics like my daughter’s unibrow and had judgmental women who were in the audience act disrespectful towards me and twist my opinion — as a mother, I care about my daughter’s hygiene — to suggest Sophia would not be beautiful, even if she had a unibrow.

“It was rude and I felt Bethenny siding with these women and their untrue statements.”

Abraham, who has also launched her own sex toy line, described Frankel as “degrading to women” and “hating” on their gender.

“During the show, she brought up my sex toy line… and tried to encourage the audience to not buy my line because ‘I’m a Teen Mom and that’s all I will ever be,’” added Abraham.

“This was very rude as my life has moved on from all of this, plus, it made no sense at all being the first release of the sex toys are for men not women. Perhaps her ex-husband Jason will be purchasing my sex toys… not women like Bethenny.”

Seriously – what did she THINK was going to happen? Did she think she was being asked to go on Bethenny to talk about the weather? She’s crazy. I’m sorry – but give me a break.


Posted Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 at 11:11am
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