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Bethenny Frankel Is Trying To Keep Her Kid Out Of Divorce Proceedings

Bethenny Frankel Hangs At The Pool With Her Daughter

Divorces take forever, don’t they?

Since they split so long ago (December 2012, to be exact) I think we all kinda forgot that Bethenny Frankel has been in the middle of a pretty long divorce battle with ex-husband Jason Hoppy. And aside from maybe kinda dating Eric Stonestreet, it feels as though she’s taking it in stride. The one thing the 45-year-old RHONY star can’t abide by, however, is messing with her 5-year-old daughter Bryn. She’s doing her best to keep Bryn grounded, but hey, when you’re a resident of divorce city, there ain’t no guarantees…

In a new interview with People, Frankel opens up about how the divorce has affected her and her kid:

“I feel like I’m on the 18th hole of the golf round now. I feel like we’re here. I feel like justice is being served. It’s being handled the way it should be. It’s gone on way too long. I feel like I survived something. When it all shakes down, I’ll be a woman who has not kind of just felt backed into a corner. I stayed strong and I did what was best for myself, my daughter, for women.”

The entrepreneur added that normalcy is a number one priority when it comes to her little girl:

“I think kids need stability and to feel calm and proud of their home. She’s an amazing, amazing little girl. She’s so happy. She’s not really aware of what’s going on, which is great. I’m proud of that. It has been by far the most difficult thing I’ve ever been through.”

Phew, if having a reality star mom isn’t bad enough, remembering a traumatic divorce is probably not good, either. Bryn, hope you grow up happy and uh, normal, if that’s possible…

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Benthenny Frankel, Compliment Fisherman

Bethenny Frankel Hired A Personality Coach

I guess Eric Stonestreet isn’t giving it to ya right, Bethenny Frankel?

The Real Housewives of New York City star shared a #TBT post via Instagram on Thursday, hinting at the state of her current sex life (or lack thereof)…which begs the question, what is going on with her and Eric, who were rumored to be dating just months ago? Hard to say…maybe she’s just being CHEEKY.

Anyhow, if you’re into the Frankster, check out vintage Frankel after the jump!


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Bethenny Frankel Admits She Fakes Orgasms

Skinnygirl Cocktail PreParty

Ew. Bet you needed to read that headline, right?

Real Housewives of New York City‘s Bethenny Frankel has always been open about her love life…maybe to all of our detriments. In this week’s Loose Talk, though, the reality star spills something we didn’t really need to know: She isn’t ashamed to fake an orgasm.

“It’s like giving a dog a cookie — like, ‘good, keep going in that direction!'” the divorced single mom, 44, said.

Frankel’s comments come on the heels of her latest rumored summer romance with Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet. Though one source told Us Weekly the pair are just pals, another confirmed they’re open to it becoming more. “They have so much fun together,” the second source said of the duo, who met in April and have since spent time together in the Hamptons. “They’re seeing where it goes.”

Do you think it’s okay to fake an orgasm? Weigh in below. Bonus points if you don’t mention Eric Stonestreet or Bethenny Frankel in the same sentence as “orgasm.” Yarf.

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Eric Stonestreet And Bethenny Frankel Are Dating?!

Bethenny Frankel Hired A Personality Coach

Um, excuse me?

Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel has a new dude… and it’s none other than Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet!

While this feels like it couldn’t be more rando, apparently the two have been enjoying each other’s company casually for a few months now: at the 2015 CAA Upfronts Celebration Party in May, dinner, etc. More recently, Stonestreet and Frankel attended a baseball game last Monday when the Dodgers played the Philadelphia Phillies. E! reports:

Frankel hasn’t dropped too many hints that she’s newly attached, but she did recently tweet, “I’m very happy right now. It took me a minute but I’m here. Xo,” and followed today with, “I’ve really changed my mind on something: i think if u have a great textual banter, compatibility is likely.”

We can only imagine the “textual banter” between these two funny stars. “He’s very different from his character on Modern Family. He’s sharp and funny, but his humor is darker,” a source tells us of Stonestreet, and adds that, “He has an incredible relationship with his parents, especially his mom,” and is “very proud of his mid-western roots.”

Uh, yeah. Eric is rad. Bethenny? Jury’s still out. Hopefully she makes him happy, because I am a MUCH bigger fan of Stonestreet than Frankel and think he deserves someone less, uh, obnoxious and whiny? Yeah, those are the words I’m thinking of.

What do you think of this new couple?

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