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Laura Dern and Ben Harper split again!!

Laura Dern, 45, and Ben Harper, 42, gave their relationship another try after filing for divorce in 2010. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out so well the second time around.

Life & Style is reporting “They’ve called it quits for the second time.  They came to this conclusion last month. It was handled with the utmost respect and love; there were no crazy fights.”

Ben, who married Laura in 2005 after dating her for five years, filed for divorce in October 2010. But this past February, the couple were spotted together at the Golden Globes and reconciled.

“When they got back together earlier this year, they were happy,” the friend tells Life & Style. “There’s a lot of love there, and they both really wanted it to work, but they just couldn’t work out their differences. They couldn’t meet in the middle.”

The duo have two children together: son Ellery, 10, and daughter Jaya, 7. Ben also has a son and daughter with his first wife, Joanna, whom he divorced in 2001.

“Because of their kids, Laura wanted to handle this politely and with care,” the friend adds. “But I know she’s hurt because she really did love Ben a lot. It’s a sad time for her. She’s been leaning on friends for support. Both she and Ben are good people; there is no bad guy in this picture.”

Speaking of Laura, I can’t wait for her HBO show ‘Enlightened’ to return! That was so great!

Sorry to see the couple couldn’t make it work. 🙁

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Report: Why Ben Harper ended marriage to Laura Dern (Hint: He’s an a**hole)

The Ben HarperLaura Dern split was just one of several surprising celebrity breakups of late. The reason for this one: Harper lost interest, according to Us Weekly.

Harper “is just not into her anymore,” said a source who spoke to the magazine. “The marriage became a chore — it lost passion and he got bored. He loves their kids (son Ellery, 9, and daughter Jaya, 5) and loves her, but wasn’t in love with her anymore.”

Another roadblock for the pair, who reportedly separated in January: his busy promotional and touring schedule for his new band Fistful of Mercy. “Now he doesn’t have time for her,” the source told Us. “He wants someone in the music world who he’ll have more in common with.”

This just makes me sick. He lost interest!? What the heck! Who said marriage was easy? People are too quick to divorce these days. Of course it’s not as interesting after years of being married. You have to work on it! The fact that he wants to move on and find someone who he’ll have more in common with makes my skin crawl.

I was talking with a couple friends last night about divorce. Statistically, one in five divorce these days. That’s horrible. Absolutely heartbreaking. What makes people stick it out? Why do some couples work through their marriage problems, while others divorce? I’ve always said the only thing that would make me want out of my marriage is infidelity. Other than that – you need to work your shit out
I have two children, and for their sake – the most important thing I can do as a parent is show them what a successful marriage looks like.

No, marriage is not always easy. No, it’s not always fun. But it is possible to be monogamous and have a happy marriage. Marriage requires work. If you put the work into it, it is possible to be happy. To hear that Ben Harper got bored just makes me crazy (yes, there are two sides to every story, I get that). I just think divorce is getting too commonplace.

Are you married? How do you make your marriage work? Have you been divorced – or going through a divorce? Let’s talk about it!


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