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Avril Lavigne Stays Positive Amidst Lyme Disease Scare

Avril Lavigne 30th Birthday At The Bank Nighclub

Hey, keep your lil blond head up, GIRL.

Avril Lavigne has been MIA from ever since she was diagnosed with Lyme disease after her 30th birthday, hanging out in bed and pretty much checking twitter and journaling all day.  BUT- the singer is still trying to stay positive and optimistic!

Lavigne reveals to Billboard magazine that disease has made her reevaluate her life and get them priorities STRAIGHT:

“I haven’t stopped working since I was 15… Just to have this downtime, this time spent with my family, has been really good for me just to take a step back and look at my life, and really get to see who in my life is really there for me when I need them. I’ve had a lot of time to just think, and I’ve never been so clear before, or as close to my family. So there’s been a lot of good that has come out of it. And moving forward, I’m really clear on what I want in life.”

Now, the Complicated performer is using her celebrity status as a platform to raise awareness for lyme disease:

“I feel like I have a responsibility — I can’t just sit on my ass and do nothing. I need to talk about Lyme disease, because it’s real, it’s out there, it was a simple bug bite and it could happen to anybody. People need to know about it, because it’s not talked about that much and a lot of the information that’s out there is inaccurate.”

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How Avril Lavigne’s Fans, Mom and Hubby Helped Her Through Her Sickness

Avril Lavigne 30th Birthday At The Bank Nighclub

Now that we know Avril Lavigne’s mystery ailment was in fact Lyme Disease, she can be way more open about her struggle. The singer talks to People about the swell of support from her the people around her, and her plans for the future…

Just to get errybody up to speed, rumors were flying about Avril after she responded to a fan’s twitter message.  We now know she was all over twitter because she was bedridden for five months!  People reports:

“It’s depressing to be staring at your ceiling,” the singer, 30, says. “So I spent a lot of time on my phone and was on Twitter a lot … [My fans] were asking about me since I was MIA, so I mentioned to one fan directly that I wasn’t feeling good.”

That private Twitter message in December went viral and unleashed a swell of support.

“The get-well messages and videos they sent touched me so deeply. I lay in bed watching them and cried so much because I felt loved,” says Lavigne. “It was so powerful and beautiful.”

Avril also notes that having new music for her fans helped things, too. This month, she’ll release “Fly” – a new single in support of the 2015 Special Olympics.

“Knowing that I have the release of the song to look forward to and knowing that my fans were waiting for the new music helped me stay alive inside during some of my darkest times,” she says.

But it wasn’t just rando twitter fans who bolstered the singer’s spirits: her mom moved in with her for four months to help take care of her, and hubby Chad Kroeger, 40, was also there as much as possible, in between recording a new album and having to go on a world tour.

Shrugging off any rumors of marital strife, Lavigne says of her husband, “He’s been very supportive.”

He SHOULD be. Bedridden for five months sounds terrible.  Get well, Avril!

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Avril Lavigne Slams Rehab Rumors

Avril Lavigne 30th Birthday At The Bank Nighclub
For the record, Avril Lavigne is NOT amused by all the rehab rumors.
In fact, she wanted to set the record straight and did so, via her twitter Tuesday evening.

“The rehab RUMORS are hilarious! The only thing I’m addicted to right now is Bing Crosby.”

She added, “MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! And to all a goodnight!”

(via E news)

Rumors of health problems first spread when a fan account tweeted messages that included “#PrayForAvril” and “#GetWellSoonAvril”.  Lavigne later cryptically responded with “thank you.” Not helping your case, girl.

Still, she seems okay now because Avril just released a holiday card on her Twitter account that featured her own healthy mug plus some fellow musicians. Check out the card here, and weigh in if you think she’s sick or the rumors are totally bunk.

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Avril Lavigne Suffering From Undisclosed Illness

Avril Lavigne Suffering From Undisclosed Illness

Avril Lavigne is suffering from some undisclosed illness, according to a fan who leaked their private conversation on Twitter.

“I feel bad because I haven’t been able to say anything to the fans to let them no why I’ve been absent,” Lavigne wrote in the exchange. “I’m torn as I’m quite private….I’m not feeling well. I’m having some health issues. So please keep me in your prayers.”

Since the news broke, a rep for the Grammy-nominated artist told Billboard that the Twitter exchange was authentic. The singer, however, is not pregnant.

The direct messages were made public and prompted the trending topics: #PrayForAvril and #GetWellSoonAvril. We are sending out our best wishes to the singer and we hope that whatever is ailing her isn’t serious!

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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