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Ashton Kutcher launches a line of luxury t-shirts

Ashton Kutcher is selling t-shirts online.

The actor launched his online-only label of luxury basics called Pickwick and Weller, last year. It’s summer 2013 collection has just been released, and we’re getting our first look here!

The 35-year-old told ‘T-shirts are the uniform of this generation. If you are going to wear something every day, it should be the best. Our aim is to make the best T-shirts on earth.

‘We want a product that people want to live in. Your best T-shirt should be like your bed, it just feels like you are home when you are in it,’ he added.

Kutcher is a co-founder of the Los Angeles-based brand (named after the Charles Dickens novel, The Pickwick Papers) along with Ryan Donahue and Matt Rowe, who started the project in early 2012.

At no cost, Pickwick and Weller allows customers to try on different styles, colors and sizes at home via a Home Fit Kit, where you have five days to make your decision, keep what you want, and send the rest back for free.

Kutcher explained: ‘Our edge is in providing a great product at a great price that you can get without leaving your living room, and backing all that up with world-class customer service.’

Prices range from the reasonable $26 for a T-shirt to more expensive $79 for a long-sleeve top.

‘I think we live in a prove-it-to-me world. In e-commerce, your prices have to be better because the consumer has to take a leap of faith in your product,’ Kutcher noted.

All of the products sold on his site are made in the US!

Would you spring for one of his basics? Check out Pickwick & Weller!

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Demi Moore Wanted A Baby With Ashton Kutcher!

Would a baby have saved Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher‘s ill-fated marriage?

The heartbroken, erratically-dating 50-year-old believes so, and she’s telling close friends that if she’d been able to have a baby with the 35-year-old Two and a Half Men actor they would still be together, a source tells

Yikes. I would not have supported bringing a baby into THAT household.

“Demi tried for YEARS to get pregnant with Ashton,” a source says. “She was in her early 40s when they first got together, and she put her body through hell trying to have his baby.”

Ashton was already a dad-figure to Demi’s daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Willis, but Demi desperately wanted to fulfill her much younger husband’s wish for his own biological children, the source says.

“Ashton wanted a child from day one, and Demi knew he would make an amazing father after seeing how great he was with her girls. Sadly though, time wasn’t on Demi’s side, and she was never able to fulfill his baby wish.”

Ugh, if this is true this is SO sad.  Childlessness leading to a breakup? Is it crazy or logical?

“Demi believes in her heart that if they had had a child together, there wouldn’t be a divorce going on right now,” the source says. “She thinks if there had been a baby at home Ashton wouldn’t have been out partying with friends, and he wouldn’t have had the chance to cheat on her.”

Hmm. Sounds like this breakup was for the best, as Demi sounds…well, a little crazy. Or does she? What are your thoughts?

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Demi Moore files her own divorce papers against Ashton Kutcher after he becomes “hostile”

So much for keeping it amicable! After months of trying to end their marriage in a pleasant manner, Demi Moore has filed her own divorce papers, meaning the couple could be headed for court.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore married in a Kabbalah ceremony in September 2005, and split in 2011.

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Kutcher, 35, filed his own divorce papers in December 2012, but negotiations on a settlement stalled, reportedly over finances, according to the Post – quoting a source who said Kutcher (who last year reportedly earned $24 million year from the CBS hit Two and a Half Men) was “very difficult during the talks. You could even say he has been hostile.”

Since their break-up, Kutcher has been dating his That ’70s Show costar Mila Kunis – prompting stories that Moore was jealous. Kutcher took Kunis home to Iowa over Christmas to spend time with his family.

But Moore, 50, and Kutcher appeared amicable in January, when both stepped out for the Youth Inaugural Ball in Washington, D.C., honoring the second term election of President Barack Obama.

In January, Moore was seen on several dates with Pink Taco restaurant chain owner Harry Morton, 31, a source told PEOPLE.

Reps for Moore and Kutcher have not commented.

PICS: Demi Moore Seen Shopping With Mystery Man!

I feel for Demi, in a way. It’s gotta be hard to be traded in for a newer model. I wonder how much money Demi is hoping to get from Ashton – since you know this is all about money. What is she holding out for??


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Is Ashton Kutcher Already Cheating On Mila Kunis?

My gut instinct is YES! But I love Mila Kunis so much, so I’d rather Ashton Kutcher not be cheating on her.

Sara Leal, the piece on the side who Ashton cheated on Demi Moore with, is telling Star Magazine (via HL) that he hasn’t changed his cheating ways.  I guess she should know, though man, I wouldn’t say she’s the most REPUTABLE source.

Sara says that not too long ago one of her friends showed her a picture that another friend sent her. The picture was of Ashton Kutcher in his pajamas and this friend claimed that even ANOTHER friend took it, because THAT friend is boning Kutcher. Sara tells Star that she didn’t totally believe this, but, you know. Why not? Sara put it like this:

“It could just be an innocent picture, but I think it’s also possible he’s not dating Mila exclusively. Not just because of that photo, but because he’s cheated before. That would definitely be a red flag for me, if I were dating someone who’d cheated on their wife. I would hate for Mila to have the same experience as Demi. I wouldn’t wish that situation on anyone. Once a cheater, always a cheater. If I were Mila, I’d be careful.”

Well, Sara SHOULD know. Still, a picture of a dude in pjs isn’t exactly evidence…unless that dude is a SERIAL CHEATER LIKE KUTCHER!

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