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Angelina Jolie covers Elle Magazine, opens up about her “misinterpreted” 20’s


Angelina Jolie lands the June cover of Elle Magazine, and not just the US edition. She covers ALL of Elle’s June covers  – which includes 20 international editions. The actress is promoting her new movie, ‘Maleficent,’ which explains why she’s on 20 covers. It’s surprising to see her on the cover of a magazine, I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve seen her promoting a new movie. In the gorgeous photos, Angelina wears Yves Saint Laurent – exclusively. She looks amazing. I love that she only wears black. Girl after my own heart.

Whether she’s tackling films, family, or philanthropy, Angelina Jolie has never been one for small measures. As she prepares to terrify children worldwide as Disney’s deliciously evil Maleficent (the film opens on May 30th), the actress and director works with Saint Laurent creative director Hedi Slimane on a shoot that spotlights her stripped down, very real self for ELLE’s June cover—as well as a 16-page portfolio that will be featured in more than 20 editions of ELLE around the world.

Jolie spoke candidly with ELLE deputy editor Maggie Bullock about life with her fast-growing children (Shiloh’s got a half-pipe!), doing only the work that really matters (including the biggest passion project of her career), and why she and Brad are still passionate and “more interested in each other” than ever. In this exclusive preview, Jolie reflects on the perception of her early years in the spotlight:

The tumult of her twenties, was “misinterpreted as [me] wanting to be rebellious,” Jolie says. “And in fact it wasn’t a need to be destructive or rebellious—it’s that need to find a full voice, to push open the walls around you. You want to be free. And as you start to feel that you are being corralled into a certain life, you kind of push against it. It may come out very strange, it may be interpreted wrong, but you’re trying to find out who you are.”


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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are making another movie together

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are making another movie together

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are working on a new movie together! They worked together on their 2005 movie “Mr. And Mrs. Smith” and they might be doing another movie in 2015. People reports:

Should moviegoers expect a sequel to Mr. & Mrs. Smith?

Not quite – but Angelina Jolie and fiancé Brad Pitt are set to join forces on the big screen for the first time since they collaborated in that 2005 action film.

The new project will be based on a script penned by Jolie, PEOPLE confirms.

No word on the genre, release date, studio – or if their brood of six will make any cameos. Industry insiders speculate that it could be a relationship drama Jolie, 38, wrote several years ago, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Until then, Jolie is gearing up for the May 30 release of Disney’s Maleficent, while her film Unbroken – which she directed – is in post-production.

I think that a sequel would be awesome, but they have such great chemistry on screen that we will take whatever we can get. What do you think?

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Brad Pitt is miffed that Angelina still talks to Billy Bob Thornton

Brad Pitt is miffed that Angelina still talks to Billy Bob Thornton

Just recently, Billy Bob Thornton opened up about how he still talks to his ex-wife Angelina Jolie. Apparently that’s not sitting too well with Brad Pitt because he’s miffed that the two still communicate.

Reportedly, Brad was shocked to learn that they still talk and has told Angelina to cut it out. A source said, “It’s been almost eleven years since Billy Bob and Angie divorced, and Brad figures that’s more than enough time for both of them to move on. Brad has always been jealous of Billy Bob, and he hit the roof when he heard that Billy Bod was shooting off his mouth about her. And he was further upset when Angelina admitted that she talks to Billy Bob frequently, insisting that he’s a good sounding board for her and gives her sound advice about a lot of things.”

The source added, “Brad has let Billy Bob know he needs to ‘get over’ Angelina once and for all. And he’s told her to stop to talking to him.”

Do you think any of this is true?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Angelina Jolie Thinks Her Son Hates Her

Angelina Jolie Thinks Her Son Hates Her

Angelina Jolie fears that her oldest son Maddox hates her and wants to leave the family. Is he rebelling?!?

A source said, “Angelina has become worried because he’s talking a lot about traveling to Cambodia. He spends hours on the internet in an attempt to trace relatives. He says it’s his dream to be reunited with his real family.”

Even worse, Maddox has reverted to using his given name, Rath Vibol, which he has shortened to R.V. Brad is reportedly “reassuring Angie that what Maddox is doing is totally normal for an inquisitve kid.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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