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Angelina Jolie Wants To Be A Better Wife To Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie Wants To Be A Better Wife To Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie is a humanitarian and a great actress, but as a wife to Brad Pitt, she thinks she can do better.

“We have moments where I say, ‘I’m going to be a better wife! I’m going to learn to cook,’ and he says, ‘Oh honey, know what you’re good at, know what you’re not.’ He knows my limitations and where I’m a good wife and a good mom,” Jolie, 39, said of her new husband Brad Pitt in an interview with Tom Brokaw on Today on Tuesday, Nov. 25.

After almost 10 years together the couple decided to recommit to their union in the South of France this past August, officially tying the knot.

“It did change [things],” Jolie admitted of finally marrying Pitt. “It was in just a feeling of that security and comfort that we always had, but recommitting after 10 years together. And we were fortunate enough to be in that unusual situation where we got married with our children, and they were a part of the ceremony and they wrote some of the vows. So it was all of us agreeing to be together and to commit to this life together — not because we had to, not because anything was missing in our lives, but because we were absolutely sure. It was really lovely, it was a lovely day.”

Now the newlyweds are filming their first movie together since 2005’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a Jolie-directed drama called By the Sea.

“The first one we did together we weren’t together, and it was a comedy and it had a lot of action and it was really fun,” she recalled. “Ten years on we’ve learned a lot about each other. It was a film about a very troubled marriage, and it felt like the appropriate thing to do on our honeymoon,” she joked. “We just wanted to be free, we wanted to play, we wanted to try new things, we wanted to push each other, we wanted to be artists and see what we could make.”

They sound like every other average married couple, don’t they?

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Angelina Jolie Wants To Quit Acting?

Angelina Jolie Wants To Quit Acting?

Angelina Jolie is moving toward doing more directing and is looking to step away from the acting game. She directed the movie “Unbroken” and now wants to stay behind the camera instead of in front of it.

When asked if she would ever give up acting, she said, “Absolutely. I’ve never been comfortable as an actor; I’ve never loved being in front of the camera. I didn’t ever think I could direct, but I hope I’m able to have a career at it because I’m much happier.”

She has previously revealed how difficult it was directing herself and her husband Brad Pitt in their new movie “By The Sea”. She said, “The tricky thing is directing myself and directing Brad. It’s hard, dramatic material, and we’re balancing.”

She went on to say, “It’s a heavy film, and it’s not easy for us. But even as you struggle through it, you’re in the trenches together and you don’t expect it to be easy. We’re challenging each other and that’s a really good thing.”

She said that she isn’t quite done with acting just yet. She added, “I’ll do a few more.”

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Star Magazine: Amal Clooney & Angelina Jolie Are At War

Star Magazine: Amal Clooney & Angelina Jolie Are At War

Star’s latest cover is a bit of a doozy in that they are claiming there is a feud between Amal Clooney and Angelina Jolie. Are people still reading “Star” magazine anymore?!?

From the magazine’s report:

When George and Amal Clooney celebrated their wedding for a second time on Oct. 25, there was once again two very noticeable guests missing — Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were nowhere to be seen!

After years of friendship, it seemed odd for the Fury star to miss his old buddy’s wedding — twice! And while he and Angelina were, indeed, filming By the Sea during the original Sept. 27 nuptials, a source close to their family says there’s more to the absence than just work commitment. “They were invited and Brad gave George his word he’d be there,” the insider explains. “But Angie vetoed the trip at the last minute. She wanted to pull a power play and dis Amal.”

Both women are invested in humanitarian work, but the first time they crossed paths, in London on June 12, Angie made it clear that Amal was persona non grata — and even blew her off when Amal requested a public greeting in front of photographers. “Angie feels competitive with Amal,” the source reveals. “She has been running from her past for years, and although she’s done a fabulous job reinventing herself, she continues to feel like an uneducated outsider.”

Of course, the victims in Angie and Amal’s standoff are Brad and George, whose friendship has unraveled in recent years, allegedly due to Angelina’s controlling behavior. “Angie has forbidden Brad to speak to George,” the insider reports. “She’s walled him off from so many of his old friends that Brad is getting fed up.”

One thing that they did get right was that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie didn’t make an appearance at George and Amal’s wedding, but everything else is completely off. Of course, George’s rep told Gossip Cop that the story was nothing but pure fiction.

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Angelina Jolie Almost Bought Hemingway’s Typewriter As A Gift For Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie Almost Bought Hemingway's Typewriter As A Gift For Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie has a problem with buying gifts for her husband Brad Pitt in that what do you get for a man who basically has everything and then some? She tried to purchase one of Hemingway’s typewriters as a gift for her loving husband, but the seller put the kibosh on the deal entirely.

Angelina Jolie put down thousands of dollars on the last typewriter Ernest Hemingway used before killing himself … a $250,000 wedding gift for Brad Pitt … TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the couple tell us … Angelina’s agent got in touch with L.A. Police Commission President Steve Soboroff, who has an unbelievable typewriter collection, including Hemingway’s 1926 Underwood. Get this … Hemingway used the typewriter for his works in the late 1930s, and “For Whom the Bell Tolls” was published in 1940.

We’re told Jolie initially wanted to buy his Tennessee Williams typewriter but he wouldn’t sell it. So then the agent asked if Soboroff would sell one of the 2 Hemingway typewriters he owned … they offered a quarter of a million bucks and it was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

We’re told this summer the agent sent a deposit check from Angelina’s production company — Chivan Productions — for $11,000, but at some point she had a change of heart and cancelled the deal. She didn’t even ask for the money back, but we’re told the check was returned.

BTW … Soboroff has a number of epic typewriters, including those owned by the Unabomber, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, and he just snagged Jerry Siegel’s, who used the typewriter to create Superman!

Now that the deal has gone south, I am kind of curious about what she found to replace such an epic gift. What do you think?

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