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Amanda Bynes Wants to go to USC for Psychology?

Amanda Bynes Dances Around Strangely In Store Surveillance Video

Yes, THIS Amanda Bynes.

Apparently, Amanda has her sights on enlisting in USC’s School of Psychology, as she took a VIP tour of the campus Wednesday to check out the scene.

In one way, it make total sense: Amanda has LOTS of personal experience  in the realm of psychiatric care. And her antics won’t especially hurt her cause: a staffer from the admissions department told TMZ that the school does not hold mental illness against any applicant.

As for her tour? It seems..questionable. Several students saw her on the golf cart tooling around campus with headphones, singing “Roar” by Katy Perry. Doesn’t really sound very “academic,” to me, but hey, maybe that’s how Trojans do things!

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Amanda Bynes’ Parents Track Her With GPS

Amanda Bynes' Parents Track Her With GPS

Amanda Bynes’ mother Lynn has provided her daughter with car service through Uber, but she is definitely making use of the app that allows them to track her wherever she goes.

A source said, “Amanda’s mom Lynn setup the Uber car service on her daughter’s cell phone. Uber can take Amanda anywhere she needs to go and it’s paid for out of Amanda’s estate, since her mom has conservatorship. This allows Amanda to have independence. But at the same time her parents can track where she goes.”

Lynn and her husband Rick are planning a move to Texas because they feel that they have already done all they can for their daughter. A source said, “Amanda’s parents are getting ready to move back to Texas. They had only come out to California after Amanda started exhibiting serious problems and they feel they’ve done all they can.”

Amanda has since been staying with friends who have threatened to sue her parents over the property damage that she has caused in their apartment.

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Amanda Bynes Says Her Boyfriend Caleb Pusey Is Not Gay

Amanda Bynes Says Her Boyfriend Caleb Pusey Is Not Gay

Amanda Bynes has taken to Twitter to discuss her so-called boyfriend Caleb Pusey. Remember when she said they were engaged and then he basically said that they didn’t even know each other? Well, now she is saying that he isn’t gay because they’ve had sex. I can’t really explain away the crazy here….can you?

She called him out on Twitter for being gay and has since retracted her statement. She tweeted, “caleb is not gay we had sex. a friend of mine stole my chanel hand bag that had my iPhone in it and I lost caleb’s contact information so I wanted to apoligize (sic) to him publicly because he is my favorite person in the world. he helped get me through my ugly phase which I’m still going through but i dont want to see him until I feel pretty again”.

How weird is that, right?

Get some help, Amanda! Seriously, please do it for you girl.

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Amanda Bynes Threatens To Kill Her Father

Amanda Bynes Threatens To Kill Her Father

Has Amanda Bynes fallen off of the deep end? In a new audio recording, the troubled actress threatened to kill her own father.

Her West Hollywood roommates recorded the audio rant of the actress while they were driving and it’s clear that Amanda is obviously troubled and in desperate need of some help. TMZ has the scoop:

Amanda Bynes dreams of murdering her dad, slitting her mom’s wrists and burning her house down, and she attacks a friend, telling him, “You’re so gay it hurts my feelings” … and it’s all on tape.

The audio was recorded a week ago by one of Amanda’s West Hollywood roommates as they drove. It’s the first time we’ve been able to hear Amanda’s ramblings when she goes off the rails.

The first audio is tirade against her parents, wishing them dead. The second audio is a rant that ends with a homophobic attack.

Members of Amanda’s family tell TMZ … they wanted us to post the audio … which could be a wake-up call for medical professionals to intervene and get her help.

It is only a matter of time before Amanda goes off of the rails entirely and either hurts someone else or herself. What do you think?

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