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Amanda Bynes To Be Under A Doctor’s Conservatorship For A Year

Amanda Bynes To Be Under A Doctor's Conservatorship For A Year

Amanda Bynes reportedly won’t be under a conservatorship under her parents’ control. According to TMZ, her doctors are looking to get another LPS Hold which would see the actress under their medical control for an entire year.

It was the same kind of hold that they had her under last year, but it expired last month. That’s when Bynes went crazy and flew to NYC and “got engaged”. She exhibited a lot of strange behavior, but it was her parents with the help of Sam Lutfi who were able to get her back in check.

Now, the doctors are said to be petitioning the court for the LPS Hold so that they can administer medications to her against her will and confine her for up to a year.

This is way better than any conservatorship that her parents could’ve gotten, just because they wouldn’t have been able to give her medications or confine her. In fact, they would’ve had an even tougher time with her because she is still livid over the deceptive way that she was placed under hospital care for her 5150 hold.

What do you think?

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Amanda Bynes Is Livid At Her Parents’ Deception

Amanda Bynes Is Livid At Her Parents' Deception

When Amanda Bynes got shackled and tied to a treatment facility, I think the world collectively said “YAY!” It’s about time, right? She went crazy in New York City and everyone was like “Where are her parents?” Now that her parents have come out of the wood work with an elaborate scheme to get their daughter in treatment, she is pretty miffed at their deception. Oh well!

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Amanda feels utterly betrayed and says her relationship with her parents is “destroyed forever.” Although she’s had a poor relationship with her dad, she had warm feelings for her mom … until Friday.

We’re told Amanda is in the women’s lockdown section of the facility … where she is showing fits of anger. Doctors are medicating her, but it takes time for the meds to kick in.

Here’s the long-term problem. As TMZ first reported … Amanda’s parents will seek and, almost certainly get, another conservatorship before she leaves the facility in 2 weeks — doctors got the 72-hour hold extended by 14 days. But everyone involved concedes … it will be extremely difficult to manage Amanda given her hatred for her parents.

Firstly, I would like to know exactly who these sources on the inside are? Who would be on the inside feeding information about Amanda’s condition to the media? It seems like an investigation into the matter should be afoot.

Still, we can’t imagine that she would’ve been happy to lose her freedom and be subject to being under her parents’ control again.

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Amanda Bynes Hospitalized On 5150 Hold; Having Trouble Adjusting

Amanda Bynes Hospitalized On 5150 Hold; Having Trouble Adjusting

Amanda Bynes was hospitalized on Friday after her parents pulled an epic move to get her under lock and key. Rick and Lynn Bynes used the help of Sam Lutfi to get Amanda in the hospital and how it all went down was quite crafty.

Amanda was in New York City, but got a call from Sam telling her that she needed to come to Los Angeles in order to sue her parents. He told her that her car would pick her up, take her to her lawyer’s office and then to the London hotel so that she could confront her parents. The Pasadena Hospital looks like a business office, so she wasn’t suspicious when the car stopped there. She walked inside, thinking that she would meet her lawyer there, but was surrounded by doctors.

She was then placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold so that her parents would have time to reestablish a conservatorship over her affairs. I’m thinking that the last straw for them was when she began calling out her dad on Twitter for sexual abuse. She later recanted the tweets, but perhaps the damage was already done.

Now that she is safe and sound, she is said to be struggling with the adjustment. A source said, “Amanda is having a tough time adjusting to being in treatment again. However, the facility she is in is truly first class and it will be a calming environment to deal with her issues out of the spotlight.”

Kudos to all involved for coming together and getting this done!

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Amanda Bynes Accuses Father Of Incest; Claims To Need Surgery To Look Pretty

Amanda Bynes Accuses Father Of Incest; Claims To Need Surgery To Look Pretty

I honestly don’t know what Amanda Bynes sees when she looks in the mirror, but if she sees something ugly, then there is no real hope for the rest of us. She’s 28, pretty, rich and successful. Does she have such a distorted self image that she feels the need to have plastic surgery in order to look pretty? Apparently the answer to that question is yes and she has everything at her disposal to try achieve whatever standard of perfection she is trying to achieve.

As you know, her parents had a conservatorship over her and she was seemingly doing fine. The conservatorship ended and now we are all worried for her mental health. It just keeps getting worse and worse. Today, she claimed that her father Rick was incestuous towards her — but then she took it back and blamed it on the “microchip” in her head. And here we go:

“So I’m literally on the cover of every magazine right now. F*ck I just need a tremendous amount of facial surgery. Tabloids always choose the most hideous shots of me and i know it’s because I called so many people ugly but I’m not insane. So if the magazines would please stop acting like I need mental help I would really appreciate it. What I need help with is looking pretty.”

She continued: “Help a n*gga out and hop off ma d*ck. I am in love & quite honestly it changed my life. My dad was verbally and physically abuse to me as a child. I need to tell the truth about my dad. He called me ugly as a child and then asked me if I wanted to have sex with him and i did not know how to respond and I said no and then I was forced to live with my dad which was a total nightmare. My dad fondled himself in front of me so many times that i started recording him on my phone in hopes of catching him saying or doing something inappropriate around me so I could get him arrested & put in jail for the rest of his perverted life.”

It’s never ending: “My mom knows that my father’s literally and physically incestual towards his own daughter and the fact that she never called the police on him embarrasses me to no end. So, today I am meeting with a lawyer to get a restraining order against my dad. I cannot hear the sound of His incestually charged voice ever again and I’m just being honest. I will not be manipulated or brainwashed by anyone anymore. So let me live my own life free of unhappiness and misery. So call me what you want but please do not call me crazy or insane because that’s a joke.”

The take-back: “My dad never did any of those things The microchip in my brain made me say those things but he’s the one that ordered them to microchip me.”

There is so much wrong with this that I just don’t have the words.


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