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Colin Farrell vs. Sam Rockwell: Who’s hotter?

Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell and Abbie Cornish were among many celebrities at last night’s premiere of ‘Seven Psychopaths’ in Westwood, CA. So who looked hotter? Colin or Cam?

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Madonna goes glam at the Venice Film Festival premiere of her movie ‘W.E.’

Madonna hit the red carpet last night in a custom baby blue Vionnet gown. Her red butterfly embellished dress was complemented by red glitter Miu Miu sunglasses.

The movie’s star, Abbie Cornish looks absolutely stunning in a Atelier Versace Spring 2011 gown. Marisa Tomei looks gorgeous in a dress by Erdem.

I’m kind of impressed with Madonna’s look! She looks really pretty! Usually she opts for such dark clothing. It’s nice to see her lighten it up a bit!

Unfortunately, her movie, ‘W.E.’ is already being panned by critics.

Madonna may be the “queen of pop,” but her crown as movie director slipped this week after most early reviews of her second feature film “W.E.” ranged from middling to poor.

The picture, which had its world premiere at the Venice film festival on Thursday, is loosely based on the life of American divorcee Wallis Simpson, whose affair with Kind Edward VIII led to his abdication.

Madonna said she had been fascinated by the story for some time, pondering why a man would make such a huge sacrifice for love.

Andrea Riseborough stars as Simpson and Abbie Cornish as a modern-day woman who becomes obsessed with the person who prompted a constitutional crisis in 1936.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper did not spare Madonna’s feelings with a one-out-of-five star review.

“Could it be that Madonna is in deadly earnest here?” wrote Xan Brooks.

“If so, her film is more risible than we had any right to expect; a primped and simpering folly, the turkey that dreamed it was a peacock.”

Others were less damning, although the general tone was negative and one website quipped that it may be time for the 53-year-old singer to abdicate as a film maker.

Todd McCarthy of the Hollywood Reporter opined: “Madonna’s second foray into directing is pleasing to the eyes and ears, but lacking anything for the soul.”

The budget of W.E. is estimated to be around $15 million, and it hits movie theatres in North America in December.

I’m not a huge fan of Madonna on film. Either behind the camera – or in front. I’m not sure who’s giving her money to direct movies. Maybe she’s fronting it herself?

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Ryan Phillippe: “I’m Tired of Getting S*** on” Over Reese Split

When a rep for actress Abbie Cornish told in February that she had broken up with Ryan Phillippe, at least one person was surprised: Ryan Phillippe.

“I have a new rule: not to date anyone who has a publicist,” Phillippe quipped during a Monday radio interview on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio sho.

The actor explained that he and Cornish had privately ended their four-year romance face-to-face — but no one had warned him of an impending public statement claiming Cornish had dumped him.

“Who announces a breakup? I don’t understand that! There’s no need for that.”

Phillippe added, “I’ve been dumped on in the press for relationship stuff since Reese [Witherspoon] and i divorced.” Phillippe and Cornish began dating in 2006, around the same time as his split with Witherspoon after seven years of marriage.

“I’m tired of getting s*** on,” Phillippe, 35, told Stern. “I don’t feel like I deserve it. Things happen! How many people have you broken up with over your life?”

The actor and Witherspoon now share joint custody of their daughter Ava, 10, and son Deacon, 6 — and, he said, “it’s gotten to a place where we’re great friends and great co-parents.” Such great friends, in fact, that they console each other after breakups.

“After I had my breakup, she called, and after she did, I called.” Witherspoon, 34, called it quits with Jake Gyllenhaal in early December after nearly three years together.

Phillippe didn’t have much to say about Witherspoon’s new beau, Jim Toth. “I trust her to make the right decisions around our children,” he said simply “I hope she feels the same way.”

He points out that his kids don’t get too invested in their parents’ dating lives. “If the kids care about mom dad, and if that’s consistent and they feel protected that way, they don’t they don’t really care so much about who the parent is dating. They just don’t.”

To Howard Stern’s chagrin, Phillippe also reveals that he and his ex-wife have not had “ex sex.” “That hasn’t happened,” he told the shock jock.

Since the Cornish split, he said he’s “enjoying the single-ish” life, although he calls himself a “serial monogamist..Either a girl is worth spending all of my time with or none of my time.” He shoots down rumors that he’s hooked up with Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks, Lindsay Lohan or Jessica Simpson. “I’ve never met Jessica Simpson!”

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Abbie Cornish fights back!

Abbie Cornish took to the ice in New York City, New York on March 31, 2010 to film her newest movie “The Dark Fields”. Abbie got busy on set with an action packed scene were she or possible the stunt double fight off a bag guy with a child and her skate to the face. What a days work?

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