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50 Cent Declares Bankruptcy

The Cinema Society & InStyle Host A Special Screening Of "Cake"

Hey, anyone have 50 cents for 50 Cent?

After losing a multi-million dollar lawsuit, the rapper has declared bankruptcy. The end of an era or the prophecy of his name coming TRUE?

TMZ confirms that 50 filed for bankruptcy on Monday, 3 days after a jury awarded Lavonia Leviston $5 mil after determining the rapper intentionally leaked a sex tape in which she was featured, in order to embarrass Rick Ross. 

50 has been ordered to produce proof of income and worth so the jury can determine punitive damages, and though the rapper is valued between $10 and $50 million his liabilities are also between the same range.

Yikes!  Talk about financial ups and downs…

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50 Cent Is Going To Make $1.6 Million Bet On Floyd Mayweather Boxing Match?

The Cinema Society & InStyle Host A Special Screening Of "Cake"

50 Cent clearly has more money than he knows what to do with. The richer-than-I-can-wrap-my-head-around rapper is planning to plunk down $1.6 million on the Floyd MayweatherManny Pacquiao boxing match!

In an interview this week he explained why he’s betting on former enemy Mayweather.  “Champ’s gonna smoke him. It’s gonna look like it was pumped up for no reason.”  He added, “I’ve been thinking this out. Like wait, I gotta make a real bet because he’s focused right now.”

Rich people never cease to amaze me.  I hope 50 wins the bet and donates the money or does something worthwhile with it.  If I had that kind of money, I’d be broke from donating it all over the place and spending too much time on Go Fund Me, helping people out!


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Hey 50 Cent, You Just Got Photobombed.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 9.22.39 AM

HEY, creepy beardo! That was a perfectly good selfie of  50 Cent and Naomi Campbell!

50 posted the epic photo over the weekend, writing, “I get photobombed by the hottest people in the world.” Well, kinda, If you count Jack Nicholson-wannabe dirty Leonardo Dicaprio with a smug weirdo grin as your scale for hot….

Leo’s been rocking the homeless look for some time now, but he can still get a harem of hotties to party with him on  private island.   That doesn’t make me NOT want to offer him clean linens and a hot shower, though.  SHAVE, Leo. Do it for America. Please?

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50 Cent Must Be a Big Fan of Harry Potter

MIPTV Opening Ceremony

Well.  Either rapper 50 Cent is a huge fan of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, or he has serious doubts about boxer Floyd Mayweather’s reading ability.  The ALS ice bucket challenge is all the rage these days – but 50 Cent has decided to start his own challenge.  A reading challenge to the sum of $750,000.

Yesterday, 50 Cent challenged Mayweather over Instagram to:

read one full page of the Harry Potter book series out loud “without stopping or starting or fucking up.” If Mayweather succeeds, 50 will donate the sum to a charitable organization of the boxer’s choice.

Sounds like a pretty good deal for any charity right?  Alas- I don’t think 50 Cent has proposed this out of the charitable goodness of his heart.  The former business partners had a falling out and have been taking turns bashing each other in the media ever since.  50 Cent posted a follow up video on Instagram, saying Jimmy Kimmel will let Mayweather complete the challenge on his show.

“We don’t want to put pressure on you,” 50 says to Mayweather in the latest post. “We know you can’t pronounce those words in the “Harry Potter” book, so we gonna let you read “Cat in the Hat.” 


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