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French Isn’t Just A Friend To Iggy Azalea


We ALLLLL know that romance has been a-brewing for Iggy Azalea and French Montana, which started way back when at Jennifer Lopez’s birthday party in Vegas. An onlooker said they had “good chemistry,” and a month later, the two are off to Cabo, patting butts and making asses of themselves on instagram. Which is why when Iggy called Friench a “friend” to the paparazzi, of COURSE we don’t really buy it.

The rapper was leaving LAX Sunday when a photographer asked her status, and she says “we’re just friends.” His follow-up question was way more revealing … on a scale of 1 to 10 what are the chances her relationship with French will blossom into romance? She said, “above five” and seemed genuinely flattered/blushing. Well, well, well. The TRUTH.

Photo: Instagram

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Lady Gaga Says Superstardom Left Her “Traumatized”

The 86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals A6

Stardom can be hard, especially if you’re Lady Gaga.

The singer revealed she is still taking medication after feeling “traumatized” by her career’s sudden takeoff, which makes sense. We saw Lady Gaga EVERYWHERE from like 2011 to 2014, and then she chilled out for a bit. And Gaga herself admitted she was suffering a period of depression that left her feeling “exhausted – like I was dying”. Now, she’s preparing  to release her first pop album in three years. And as we reported, she just released her new single, Perfect Illusion, which is exciting. She talked to The Mirror about all of it, and I felt all the REALNESS.

On her sudden fame: “I needed a moment to stabilize. When my career took off, I don’t remember anything at all. It’s like I’m traumatised. I needed time to recalibrate my soul.”

On her mood: “I take medication. I’m not saying I feel good because of the medication – I wouldn’t encourage young people to take anti-depressants or mood stabilisers.

On depression: “I openly admit to having battled depression and anxiety and I think a lot of people do. I think it’s better when we all say: ‘Cheers!’ And ‘fess up to it.”

On being in her 30’s: “I find in my 30s, I haven’t actually calmed down. I calm down for periods of time and then I’m actually worse – I’m more wild for a short period of time. It’s a little bit of both. But 30 is fantastic because I feel like I have all the wisdom of my 20s.”

(Via The Mirror)

Get it, Gaga!

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Hillary Clinton Took A Heat-Induced Tumble


Hillary Clinton has been keeping up a crazy pace for more than a year, and so when she almost collapsed yesterday at the 9/11 memorial, I think most of us reasonable people bought it. But that didn’t stop Donald Trump’s people from doing all the “WHAT IS HILLARY HIDING” BS.

Below is a video of Hillary collapsing at the Manhattan event honoring the 15th anniversary of the victims of 9/11 attacks, and I’m sure she was DYING in the 80-degree-plus heat in a giant pantsuit and bulletproof vest. Hillary had to leave the memorial service after 90 minutes. her camp said she was “overheated” and yeah, I see it. But what a horrible time in the election cycle to get sick- this is right when things are starting to heat up, and I’m sure she’s feeling the pressure.

I hope she gets better soon so she can fight the brave fight against Donald Trump. UGH.

Photo: instagram

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RuPaul Finally Won An Emmy! -And Other LINKS!!!


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