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Gigi Hadid And Kendall Jenner Win At Skimpiest Birthday Outfits

Celebrities Party At Gigi Hadid's 21st Birthday Bash

Short shorts and see-through bras are just another day in the life of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

The models walked hand-in-hand, en route to Gigi’s 21st birthday party on Thursday. The duo looked very skimpy-chic as they traversed West Hollywood in short shorts and translucent bras and midriff-bearing tops. From these pics I’m excited to report that the 90’s have finally made the major comeback it deserves- check those tall Spice Girls-y boots and holy EFF the CHOKERS! I’m loving it.

I also wondered if the two decided to wear mostly black and white on purpose. Did they know that the photo booth was black and white? Mayhaps. In any case, I challenge you to live your weekend in the spirit of the 90’s: in silky spaghetti straps, high ponytails and chokers a-plenty.

Have a good one!

Photos: FameFlynet

Posted Friday, April 29th, 2016 at 3:15pm
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Oh Good, Kylie Jenner Considers Herself A Feminist


Hey kids: please make note that Kylie Jenner isn’t the only “face of feminism.” Sigh.

I agree that it’s impressive that Kylie has created her own cosmetics line, clothing line has her own website, app and social channels, which is cool. And I know it’s also cool for journalists to ask celebs if they’re feminist or not. That being said, I cringe to think people would consider what Kylie is doing to be progressive or feminist. Kylie talked to Glamour UK about the whole thing:

“I do consider myself a feminist,” Jenner tells Glamour UK in an interview accompanying her June cover shoot for the magazine. “I’m a young woman, for one thing, and I don’t depend on a man or anybody else. I make my own money and start my own businesses, and I feel like I’m an inspiration for a lot of young girls who want to stand on their own.”

So in Kylie’s world, feminism is about being young and is hinged on her financial identity. And she didn’t start her businesses all on her own, she had assistance from her reality tv family. C’mon.

“I only show people what I want them to see,” she shares. “And in time, I think I’ll just slowly start moving behind the scenes. The show has to end eventually, and I’m not going to leave until we’re done with it, but by 20 I want to have the whole of my cosmetics line out because that’s my primary focus. I definitely won’t want to be doing anything else that would make me more public.”

Suuure. Listen, I admire her entrepreneurship and the fact that she’s been paying for things herself since she was 13. But the fact is: she’s only been paying because she’s had the money.

I call BS, Kylie. Do some reading on feminist theory, why dontcha.



Photos: Glamour UK

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Tobey Maguire’s Wife Is All Like, “GET A JOB.”

51844791 Celebrities at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Pawn Sacrifice' at the Harmony Gold Theatre in West Hollywood, California on September 8, 2015. Celebrities at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Pawn Sacrifice' at the Harmony Gold Theatre in West Hollywood, California on September 8, 2015. Pictured: Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Meyer FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (310) 505-9876 RESTRICTIONS APPLY: NO FRANCE

LOL I love this.

The last time Tobey Maguire starred in anything, it was 2014’s Pawn Sacrifice, where he played Bobby Fischer and that was meh. But- the dude has nothing else on the docket: like literally, nothing in pre or post production on his IMDB. But, if the dude wanted to work, I bet he could. Instead, it fees like he might be having a bit too much fun for his wife’s taste with buds Ben Affleck and Leo DiCaprio, and not working to build up his career to a better place.

Did Jennifer Meyer bet on the wrong horse when she married Tobey Maguire in 2007? In the years since Spider-Man and Seabiscuit, Tobey, 40, has become more of a permanent fixture at the high-stakes poker games than in Hollywood.

“Tobey likes to pretend he’s both picky and proud when it comes to his career,” says a pal. “But the truth is, his phone hardly rings and Jennifer’s grown tired of his gambling.”

While his wife has gone on to establish herself as Kate Hudson’s go-to jewelry designer, Toby has earned a dark reputation, having once reportedly ordered a woman to bark like a seal for a tip at the felt table.

“Jennifer is at her wits’ end. It’s been two years since Tobey booked a gig. She finally told him to cash in his chips – and get a job.”

(Via Star Magazine, print edition)

That “bark like a seal” story is disgusting and true…it came from a Vanity Fair story about the underground poker games amongst the hardcore LA gambling set. And Tobey IS that, but he’s also as smart as he is a dbag. He’s made serious money playing at those underground games, so maybe he considers it his “job” now. In any case, if I was Tobey’s wife I’d be pissed.

Photo: FameFlynet

Posted Friday, April 29th, 2016 at 12:12pm
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I Hate You And Your Genetically-Blessed Genes, Priyanka Chopra

Stars On The Set Of 'Baywatch'

Priyanka Chopra was named one of the most influential people in the world by Time Magazine and while she’s getting a lot of attention these days because of her role in the hit show Quantico, people don’t talk about how she was cast as the villain in the Baywatch movie, which is where this pic is from. As per usual with Hollywood actresses, she fielded a lot of bikini questions about Baywatch, and she ended up admitting that she didn’t do much workout-wise for the film. LUCKY.

#Blessed. Priyanka Chopra claims she doesn’t have to diet or exercise to maintain her svelte frame. The Quantico star — who is appearing in the Baywatch remake with Zac Efron, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kelly Rohrbach — told Us Weekly at the Time 100 Gala in New York City on Tuesday, April 26, that she hasn’t joined her costars in the gym because, well, she doesn’t have to.

“I’m actually not a big fan of working out,” the 33-year-old said. “I have genetically blessed Indian genes where I don’t need to train, but Kelly Rorhbach has been trying to convince me to train with her, and every morning when she tries to get me to go with her, I’m just like, ‘Oh, can I just get a half an hour more sleep?’ Or I say my tummy’s hurting and make excuses. But they train like beasts! I just try and hide out with my burger.”

The meat-loving actress added that she doesn’t diet either. “It’s bad. I know,” she told Us.

(Via Us Weekly)

UGH WE SHOULD ALL BE SO LUCKY, PRIYANKA. Girl doesn’t have to do ANYTHING. No dieting, no working out. Ooofffff. I mean, yes, it’s sort of refreshing to hear her say that, but it’s also maddening. It goes to show you can only do so much with what you’re born with, so nobody should be killing themselves trying to be something they’re not.

Photo: FameFlynet

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