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Spencer Pratt wants to be the next Brad Pitt

Spencer Pratt & Brad Pitt

Could Spencer Pratt be the next Brad Pitt?

That’s what The Hills star is hoping!

In his new book, How to Be Famous, the reality star discusses his desire to be like the Inglourious Basterds actor.

What impresses him most?

How Pitt handled his 2005 divorce from Jennifer Aniston amidst an affair with Angelina Jolie.

“There literally is not another situation in the history of Hollywood where a man left a woman as beloved as Jennifer Aniston for someone like Angelina Jolie (a home-wrecking head case) and still ended up the good guy,” Pratt writes. “We salute you, Mr. Pitt!”

In the tome — which is being published by Grand Central Publishing and hits bookshelves in November — Pratt opens up about his eagerness to be the bad guy.

“If I weren’t me, I’d hate me,” he adds. “When you’re the villain, you don’t have to worry about how your enemy feels.”

Case in point: He bragged that he couldn’t have cared less that he was blamed for leak of nemesis Lauren Conrad’s alleged sex tape. He even said he made a point of telling every blog that the tape — which he claims was “beyond boring” — existed.


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Shania Twain plans special surprise for fans next week

Shania Twain

Shania Twain is planning a “big surprise” for her fans.

The country music star posted a video on her website, promising to reveal the “special gift” on her 44th birthday next week.

In the clip – which was shot in the garden of Shania’s home in Switzerland – the singer thanks fans for remembering her son Eja’s eighth birthday, before giving hints about the surprise.

Shania said: “Hi everyone, Shania here. First to start off, I want to thank you for all the beautiful birthday wishes for Eja’s birthday. Secondly, if you haven’t already seen on my website for August 28 on my birthday, I will be giving you a small gift of thanks for all of your support over the last year… You’ve been really wonderful, thank you so much.”

The “gift” is thought to be a “very personal travelogue” documenting Shania’s 2008 split from her husband, producer Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange, who reportedly had an affair with her best friend.

A source said: “It’s not new music, but it’s a piece that Shania put together of what she’s been doing for the last year. It’s definitely a totally new side of Shania that no one’s ever seen.”

Fans will also be able to watch Shania on TV later this month when she appears as a guest judge on ‘American Idol’.

Source, Bauer-Griffin

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Bon Jovi planning a world tour

Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora

Bon Jovi are planning a world tour.

The group release long-awaited new album ‘The Circle’ in November, and guitarist Richie Sambora has hinted that the LP will be followed by a series of concerts across the globe.

Asked about any plans to tour, the musician replied: “Next year. 2010, probably spring time we’ll get going. And we’re going to go for a long time. It’s going to be a big one.”

The rocker admitted they were planning to release a greatest hits compilation before working on any new material, but he and frontman Jon Bon Jovi couldn’t help themselves once they started working.

He added to Rolling Stone magazine: “We started having so much fun making this record, that we decided we would do a studio album first. It sounds fresh – I think we reinvented ourselves again.

“Jon and I had a wonderful time making it. We’re very proud of it – just getting down to mixing it right now. We hit a very prolific period in our songwriting.”

Source, Bauer-Griffin

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Cameron Diaz spotted on a date with Keanu Reeves?

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has been spotted enjoying a date with Keanu Reeves – a month after she was seen out with both Leonardo DiCaprio and Jude Law on separate nights.

The Charlie’s Angels beauty, who previously dated Justin Timberlake and Matt Dillon, split from British model Paul Sculfor earlier this year.

In July she was seen enjoying an evening out with her Gangs of New York co-star DiCaprio in London before heading out with Jude Law to party at the British capital’s Boujis nightclub a few days later.

And now Diaz has been seen dining at a restaurant with the Matrix star in Los Angeles, before heading to watch a movie at the cinema together.

During the date the actress was seen making Reeves laugh by fitting a whole hamburger into her mouth. The pair then left arm in arm, according to The Sun.

A source tells the publication, “Cameron was stuffing her burger in her mouth and playing up the fact that she has that wide mouth. Keanu was laughing – it was strange to see him giggling like that as he’s regarded as a bit serious.”

The pair appeared together as lovers in 1996 film Feeling Minnesota.

Source, Bauer-Griffin

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