Another lady Kardashian, people! Get out the hair extensions and waist trainers…

In glorious Kardashian form, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna revealed on yesterday’s premiere of Rob & Chyna that they’re having a girl. Of course, because Rob is basic in all ways, he was “hoping” for a boy.

“I’m pretty nervous. I’m excited,” Rob says before the big reveal. “I really want a boy.”

Then the doctor announces, “You are having…a girl!”

“Rob, it’s a girl!” Chyna exclaims excitedly. “Oh, that’s crazy,” Rob adds.

(Via E!)

Well, yeah. I mean, it’s gotta be something- 50% girl, 50% boy. Simple statistics. Oh man, these people are great parents already. Poor King Cairo. 

At least I did all of you the favor of summarizing what happened on last night’s premiere. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Photo: Instagram