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Zayn Malik was interviewed for Dazed Magazine, a magazine I’ve never heard of and honestly, rehashed a lot of what people ask Zayn: what’s up with Gigi Hadid, why’d you leave One Direction and can we make you more interesting? The answer: not really. Quite honestly, Zayn doesn’t give good interview, and it’s a shame because I feel like he could really give us some good boy band dirt. Here are the best parts of the interview (which you can read in its entirety HERE):

On being scene-y:“I haven’t done much acclimatin’,” he says in his throaty, northern English baritone. “I’m just staying the way that I am. I think that’s the best way to keep your sanity. You’ve got to hold on to what you are and not let things get to your head, because if you do, that’s when everything comes crashing down terribly.”

On how Taylor Swift encouraged him:“At Gigi’s house we briefly spoke and she told me she really enjoyed the album. It was nice to get some feedback. She said she thought I was cool and I kind of blushed a bit and didn’t know how to take it.”

On his Met Ball Outfit:“It was cool. I had seen a few people hitting me online, saying negative things about it. But I enjoyed it because they were saying I looked like a dude from Mortal Kombat, and it was actually based on a character (from the video game series), called Jax. He had metal arms, and the theme was technology, so I just took it from him… It’s a bit easy to just dress up in a suit. I like to do things that are a bit outside of that.”

On Prince:I’m conscious in the back of my head, of how he was sort of bold and fearless in the way he decided to dress. He created another world with the clothes he wore, and it gave him an otherworldly feel, which is all part of his legend, I guess. I was really upset with the fact that he passed away. But it’s nice that we can use things now to portray what inspired us about him. That was kind of what I was doing at the Met Ball… being fearless. But I was just having fun.”

On his Pakistani influence:“I really liked ‘Within You Without You’ on Sgt. Pepper’s, the Beatles record. I was listening to it a lot at the time. I wanted to mix English with an Indian sound and make something cool out of it.”

On leaving One Direction:“I know that musicians are seen as one-sided people a lot of the time,” he says, thoughtfully. “But we do have other elements to us as well. I didn’t feel good. Do you know what I mean? And if you don’t feel good…” His voice trails off and he takes a drag from a cigarette, his dark eyes focusing. “You need to be able to express what it is that you are,” he says, breaking into a smile. “I’m free at last.”

(Via Dazed)

UGHHHHH BRING A BOOK. At least he talks about Prince, but not in a way that isn’t like, “I’m sorry he died, he was an icon.” C’mon Zayn. Get out more. it might do you some good.

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Photos: Dazed

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