Just hours after news of his breakup with his meal ticket, er, Kylie Jenner, Tyga was in NYC to promote some kind of probably overpriced clothing line for a Saks Fifth Avenue capsule collection.

E! News talked with Tyga to see how much ice cream he’s been consuming and he admitted, “I’m good, you know? Just another day and working hard and trying to get to that next level and achieve big things and evolve.”

Yes, yes, do that. Tyga.  The dude added that he’s definitely working on his own fashion line, so he’s doing JUST FINE (SOB) but that he “won’t put a timeline on it.”

When it comes to his breakup with Kylie, an insider previously told E! News that “it was a long time coming.” Which is a shame, seeing as the dude is far less successful than his 18 year old girlfriend, and he hasn’t had a hit since 2014.

You’re right, Tyga. Time to EVOLVE.