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Who’s loving the way Top Chef is going these days??? Last week on the show we finally got to say goodbye to _________ – and I was thrilled to see what went down on this week’s episode!!

Let’s discuss this week’s episode after the jump – so I don’t spoil anything for those of you who haven’t seen it!

Last week on Top Chef Josie was finally sent packing after her disastrous Fried Chicken challenge. Phew! (That girl got on my every last nerve!).

This week starts off with Padma and Tom announcing to the remaining chefs that they are leaving Seattle – and heading on a cruise to Alaska!! Brooke immediately freezes up, and reveals her phobia of boats. Oh well, she needs to get over it and get on that boat! (Which she does)

The chefs board a giant cruise line (the name escapes me), and are greeted by Padma and Curtis Stone (swoon). The chefs are told that they will need to come up with a one-bite appetizer that centers around iceberg lettuce (pun intended). The chefs complain about iceberg lettuce, and how it’s such a bland ingredient. Seems like most of them pair the lettuce with bacon (marriage made in heaven!) or something of the sort.

bravo, top chef

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In the end Sheldon takes the win – this guy is on a ROLL! Sheldon is told he’s gained an advantage in the elimination round.

Afer this, Lizzie and Sheldon go down to the spa for manicures. It takes a very manly man to get a manicure. 🙂

Later that night the chefs are taken into a very fancy restaurant, and handed iPads as their menus. The food is brought out to them in very fun and quirky ways, and the chefs all comment on how delicious the food was. In walks Padma and Curtis to announce the elimination round. They are told they will be running dinner service at that very restaurant, called Qsine. The chefs must reinvent surf n’ turf, and turn it into a fun dish. Sheldon’s advantage is picking his ingredients first – and whatever he picks, no one else can use.

The chefs all grab the ingredients they’ll be using – and get to work. Sheldon grabs the lobster tail and tenderloin. Lizze grabs a whole pig. Josh takes the scallops and bacon (course). Stefan grabs pork belly, while Brooke takes frog legs.

When the chef’s present all their dishes, the judges like all of it – for the most part. Stefan’s pork belly was cooked to a point where the skin was so crunchy you could actually hear the chef’s eating it. Stefan insisted that’s the way you cook pork belly where he’s from, and Curtis Stone agreed – saying he really enjoyed it.

In the end, Brooke’s frog legs and Josh’s scallop “scrambled eggs” take the top spot. Sheldon – for the first time in ages – gets a thumbs down for his soggy tempura. Stefan gets nailed for his lack of eel flavor, and too crispy pork.

Brooke takes the win – and in doing so wins a 7-day cruise! Sheldon and Stefan are named the losers, and everyone else is sent away to safety. Ultimately it was Stefan who was kicked off the cruise. He was upset, but left with his head held high.

Next scene – we see Stefan heading to the Last Chance Kitchen – where he’ll face off against his former love, Kristen!

Who wins?? Will Stefan beat out Kristen? Who will be the last chef standing??

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Here’s a preview for next week!

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Friday, February 1st, 2013 at 11:11am
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February 1st, 2013 at 11:39 am

Sorry about Stefan Jocelyn!
Did you enjoy seeing the pics of him when he was young?
I actually loved that quickfire. I like iceberg lettuce!

February 1st, 2013 at 11:58 am

I was very sad to see him go…. he’s my favorite! I don’t think he’s the best chef, but he’s entertaining.

PS: There may be nothing I enjoy more than a wedge salad. MMMM, bacon and blue cheese!

February 1st, 2013 at 9:18 pm

I’m going to miss Stefan; he is what made this season of Top Chef so much fun to watch. This is one of the best seasons of Top Chef, and since I work at DISH it gave me and my co-workers plenty to talk about. Unfortunately, this airs on Wednesday nights, and Wednesdays my boyfriend likes to watch sports. We resolved this issue with a new DISH Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR, so we can watch up to 4 different HD programs on different televisions at the same time. Now, I no longer have to argue why my shows are more important to watch than his sports.

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