‘Cloud Atlas’ – $100 million FLOP

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I hate to say it, but I saw this one coming. Despite the huge stars, and epic(ish) trailer, I knew this movie wasn’t going to do well. I just really feel like this movie is bad, bad – bad.

Seems like I was on to something! With a $100 million budget, ‘Cloud Atlas’ needed a good weekend. And it tanked. The movie came in with a mere $9.4 million over the weekend, at the number 3 spot.

It was beat by “Argo,” which rose to number one for the first time since its release three weeks ago. The movie brought in $12.4 million for the weekend, for a total of $60.8 million since debut.

Adding insult to injury, the sci-fi adaptation was also beat by “Hotel Transylvania,” which made $9.5 million in its fifth week. The movie has now earned $130.4 million which is record-breaking for Sony for animation movies.

Distributed by Warner Bros., “Cloud Atlas” has received mixed reviews. Directors Andy and Lana Wachowski and Tom Tywker oversaw the film’s adaptation from David Michell’s best-selling book. Mitchell himself reportedly thought the book would be unfilmable because of its broad fantasy aspects.

THR is reporting that Warner Bros. president was quick to point out that “Cloud Atlas” did see success in that it had the highest per screen average of any top 10 movie, with $4,681.

It was a quiet box office weekend across the board as three other movies saw small opening weekends as well. Horror movie “Silent Hill Revelation 3D” had an $8 million weekend, Halloween flick “Fun Size” brought in $4.1 million, and Gerard Butler’s surfing drama “Chasing Mavericks” made a disappointing $2.2 million.

I’m going to see ‘Argo’ tonight – I am SO excited to see it! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it. What did you see this weekend? What did you think?

OH PS: I also watched ‘Cabin in the Woods’ this weekend, hoping for a good scare – and I absolutely HATED IT. I think you have to be a nerd to enjoy that movie, because it did nothing for me. I really hated it, was really surprised by how many people liked it!


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Monday, October 29th, 2012 at 10:10am
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October 29th, 2012 at 3:10 pm

I wanted Cloud Atlas to be good. I mean, it sounded neat but it looked like a hard story to tell. I catch it on dvd.
And Cabin in the Woods, I didn’t get it. I’m gonna have to see it again. I feel like I wasn’t nerdy enough or smart enough to get it.
Also Frankeweenie, I thought I would be bored, but I loved it. I would totally see it again. A great movie!

October 29th, 2012 at 6:20 pm

Cloud Atlas = Epic Fail. Horrible movie. Way too long and way too “just about everything else” as well, but good or awesome or amazing.

October 30th, 2012 at 6:07 pm

Cabin in The Woods was AMAZING.

You don’t have to be a nerd to like it. You just need to have good taste in movies.

October 31st, 2012 at 8:02 am

I saw Cloud Atlas despite the mixed reviews on http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/cloud_atlas_2012/

I really wanted to like this movie as I love Sci-Fi but at almost three hours this convoluted film telling six separate tales is too long and, in the end, too preachy. I felt like I should get a T-shirt that said, “I survived Cloud Atlas.”

November 8th, 2012 at 10:14 am

For people who love movies, “Cloud Atlas” is a godsend. For people who love to consume movies, it is too long, confusing and difficult to pay attention to for almost three hours.

Here’s a test; if “Apocalypse Now”, “The Fountain” and “2001” are in your top movies, you will probably appreciate “CLoud Atlas”. If not, well… don’t go.

And the movie is NOT a flop. Please educate yourself before typing up a blog entry so you don’t look so foolish. WB put $20 mill + prints and marketing into the movie’s North American run. They will certainly make that back in the end. Most of the movie’s budget came from foreign territories where “Cloud Atlas” both has not opened and is expected to make most of its money.

http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/sns-rt-us-cloudatlas-profi tbre89t00m-20121029,0,605854.story

January 2nd, 2013 at 12:34 pm

Movie is amazing, can’t believe how many simple-minded people lives in this world, that rather go watch some stupid horror flick than this masterpiece.

July 25th, 2013 at 3:12 am

it brilliantly. Thanks.

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