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Vanessa Hudgens SHOCKING movie transformation!

The 22-year-old actress shed her squeaky clean Disney image on the set of her new movie yesterday in Newark, NJ –– where she was sporting cropped hair, an and lip eyebrow piercing, a few extra pounds and neck tattoos.

Hudgens is currently filming a movie called “Gimme Shelter,” where she plays a young girl who gets kicked out of her father’s home after becoming pregnant and deciding to keep the baby.

Of the movie, Vanessa recently said “I have been so stupidly busy working on Gimme Shelter. I’m so excited and proud of the work I’ve been doing and let me tell you, you all are going to be SHOCKED with how I look in this movie. It’s crazy sauce. Lol only one more week of shooting till I’m done!”

I don’t have the rights to the shocking picture, but Too Fab does.


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Kris Jenner got a new facelift for Kim Kardashian’s wedding!

Kris Jenner wanted to look her best for daughter Kim Kardashian’s August wedding, so the 55-year-old decided to go under the knife!

Jenner’s facelift will, of course, be featured on an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “I’ve never had such a stressful morning, honestly, in my life,” Jenner says pre-surgery.

As Jenner begins to tear up, Kim, 30, reassures her mom that everything will be fine. “Don’t cry,” she says. “If you’re scared, you don’t have to do it. I’m sure people are scared all the time.”

Once the surgery is over, Kim visits her mother’s recovery room to offer more support. “Mom, you look fab,” she tells the bandaged reality star. “You look gorgeous.”

The procedure has been a well-kept secret among the Kardashian clan. According to Khloe, 27, the cosmetic surgery took place “about a month ago.”

“She looks amazing,” Khloe tells The New York Daily News. “They say you are supposed to have a lot of swelling for a week or so after, but I didn’t notice.”

The pictures here were taken at the end of June, so they are post-face lift. She absolutely looks much younger! Look at her skin! I wonder if it looks that good without those big glasses on…

Source, Photos: Fame

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Kim Kardashian sets the date!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have set a wedding date, according to the New York Post. It’s reported that Kim will tie the knot on August 20 in California – alongside “a camera crew”.

According to the Post, “They’re having separate bachelor/bachelorette parties at clubs Tao and Lavo in Las Vegas later this month.”

A rep for Kardashian would not comment to about the wedding date.

A source tells Gossip Cop that Kim will have her bachelorette party at the end of the month at Tao, while Kris parties with the boys at Lavo.


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