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George Clooney Places Himself Up for Adoption


George Clooney has made an offer few can refuse: He has placed himself up for adoption.

“I always wanted to be adopted, but I couldn’t find anyone,” said the star, speaking at a Newseum event in Washington, D.C., with his father, former Ohio news anchor Nick Clooney, and veteran journalist Bill Small on either side of him.

“Will you adopt me?” George said to Small. “I’m very wealthy. I’ll take care of you.”

Talk of adoption started after Nick Clooney’s observation that his son’s 2005 film, Good Night, and Good Luck, about iconic CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow, is now being shown in journalism schools across the country.

“This film has legs,” said the elder Clooney, who then asked his son for his opinion.

“I don’t care for that,” said the jocular George – prompting Nick to respond: “I never cared for this kid – his sister’s great.”

Source, Splash

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Mischa Barton arriving at Kings Cross St Pancras from Paris.


Mischa Barton is seen here arriving at Kings Cross St Pancras train station from Paris. Mischa seemed in a very chilled out mood, speaking to photographer in the station whilst she waited for her driver to find her. Later that evening, Mischa was seen out and about at a comedy club in Kilburn, sharing a passionate kiss with a male friend.



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DeAnna Pappas on Upcoming Bachelor Appearance: It’ll Be ‘Worth the Wait’


From People:

Do you still believe in happily ever after?

I still believe in happily ever after. None of my past relationship have worked out for a reason, but I believe those people have come into my life to lead me to the next person and maybe that next person is the one I am meant to go to the altar with.

We have heard a lot from Jesse about your breakup. Can you give us your side of the story?

Life moves on. He’s in another relationship. It’s been three months now and I’m pretty much over dealing with the breakup. Everyone handles it differently and sometimes when people are hurt and mad, they say things they didn’t mean. Hopefully one day people will be sorry for the false accusations and mean things that they have said, often on the Internet. Although I did choose to put myself out there on national TV, there are things I believe should be kept private and out of respect for me and Jesse. We realized that we were two totally different people who wanted totally different things and we lived our lives in totally different ways and it was never gonna work. I loved him sincerely, but it would not have worked in the long run.

Do you guys keep in touch? Any chance for reconciliation?

Nope. No chance of us getting back together for sure by now.

What did you think when you saw your Bachelorette runner-up Jason was chosen as the next Bachelor?

I was very happy for Jason. We talked a lot before we went on. I told him it would be one of the best experiences of his life and that he would form many wonderful friendships and fall in love. I warned him that it is wonderful and hard at the same time.

We know from upcoming clips that you make an appearance on The Bachelor. Can you give us a preview?

The burning question. Unfortunately everyone will just have to watch and see what I am doing there. It will be worth the wait. The women were not that happy to see me, I can tell you that.

We heard you say something about a mistake in the trailer. Do you regret not choosing Jason?

I have no idea what you are talking about [said sheepishly].

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ABC benches ‘Ugly Betty’


Things are looking pretty gloomy for Ugly Betty.

In a just-announced Thursday night scheduling tweak, ABC is benching Betty beginning March 26 and replacing it with episodes of Samantha Who? and the new Megan Mullally-Cheryl Hines comedy In the Motherhood. The network’s release concludes by saying, “Ugly Betty will return to Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. following the run of In the Motherhood and Samantha Who?

After crunching the numbers, that puts Betty‘s return (provided Sam Who/Motherhood don’t tank) sometime around (gulp) June — a.k.a. outside the regular season. Now, granted, Betty hasn’t exactly been killing it in the ratings this season, but it’s still one of ABC’s signature shows.

“The Thursday night block is a good opportunity to launch these comedies,” counters an ABC spokesperson. “That said, Betty is a solid performer and there is no question that it will definitely be back to complete its season, just without repeats.”


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Ellen Pompeo and husband Chris Ivery at LA Lakers game



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