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Hey guys!

I haven’t done this in a while (and by that I mean using my own website to promote something I care about). There is someone near and dear to me that is a photographer. He’s an amazing photographer, to be honest. Up until now he has been giving his pictures to family and friends – and has been too shy to get his pictures out there to the masses. SOOO enter Jocelyn – I’m doing this behind his back. I think he is SO amazing, that I want you guys to take a look at his work.

Troy would like to set up his own website – where he can professionally sell his photographs. He has priced his pictures so cheap, that it’s hard for me let it slide. I think he deserves so much more, but he wants to keep his prices down, so everyone can afford his work. I don’t see the prices continuing to stay this cheap once he starts his own website, so I recommend getting them now, while they’re so affordable!

Help support a truly gifted artist!

If you see any prints you like – email me. I will personally mail them to you.

TROY KUJALA PHOTOGRAPHY GO HERE to check out Troy Kujala Photography

Photographic Prints – Un-mounted:
Choose this option if you plan to mat and frame the photo on your own or have it done
professionally. These photos are packaged in a clear envelope with an archival backing
board but are not mounted or matted.
8” x 10” Photograph………………………………………………………$20
11” x 14” Photograph…………………………………………………….$30
Photographic Prints – Dry-mounted:
Choose this option if you plan to put the photograph directly into a standard-size frame
without a mat. Dry-mounted photographs will not wrinkle or warp in the frame. These
photographs can also be hung without a frame or rested against a wall. Photos are
packaged in a clear envelope and include the artist’s signature on the back.
8” x 10” Photograph………………………………………………………$30
11” x 14” Photograph…………………………………………………….$40

* Pricing does not include Shipping & Handling

If you don’t want to purchase any pictures, no sweat…just take a look, and let me know what you think!

I’ll be running this “promotion” for about a week.


You can also IM me:

AIM: icydkdotcom

Google: incaseyoudidntknow

GO HERE to check out Troy Kujala Photography


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Arnold Schwartzenegger gets his tank back for rides for children

Arnold Schwarzenegger

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has asked an Ohio museum to return his Austrian army tank so he can reward school children with rides in it. The Austrian-born Terminator star plans to offer inner-city Los Angeles kids the chance to travel in the vintage military vehicle if they stay in school, work hard and avoid drugs.

Schwarzenegger and Warren Motts, the owner of Motts Military Museum in Ohio, obtained the M47 tank from the Austrian government and had it shipped to America in 1999. The actor drove the tank during his one-year of compulsory military service in Austria in 1965. The vehicle was initially displayed in a Columbus, Ohio shopping mall – outside one of Schwarzenegger’s Planet Hollywood restaurants – before it found a more permanent home at the Motts Military Museum in nearby Groveport.

On February 19th), the tank was transported to California, where it now awaits its new morale-boosting tour of duty. Mott says, “I’m pleased we had the opportunity to have it and let people see it. It was neat to have a Hollywood connection.”


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Vanessa Minnillo wants Nick Lachey to propose

Nick Lachey

Pop star Nick Lachey will have to pluck up courage and propose to his girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo if he wants to spend his life with the TV presenter-turned-actress – because she’s too traditional to pop the question.

Insiders claim Minnillo is ready to become Lachey’s second wife, but she would never follow Hollywood trends and ask her man to wed her.

She says, “I know that a lot of girls nowadays are proposing to guys, but I think I’ll be old-fashioned. I’ll be old and grey before I propose.”

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Kate Hudson: “I still love Chris”

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson still calls Chris Robinson her hubby!

“The other day, I told someone my husband was coming over, and they said, ‘You mean your ex-husband’ and I said, ‘Oh, whatever!’” Kate, 28, dishes in the April issue of Elle UK about Chris, 41 (who divorced her in October).

“I do love my ex. Even if your romantic relationship no longer works, your family one still can,” the Fool’s Gold star (who has reportedly been hooking up recently with off-again, on-again squeeze Owen Wilson — and has been rumored to be pregnant with a second child) continues.

“Chris and I did not look at this from the beginning as any kind of traditional marriage: It’s about being a family forever — and we are. Whatever man I end up with, I will always love Chris.”

On her “type”:
“I don’t have crushes on the cute guys… I have really bizarre taste in men! You know what the common ground is? Brains. I like witty and funny — I always love writers.”

On her personal dating strategy:
“If a guy doesn’t call you, why not call him? Look, I’m not giving advice here. Who really knows anything about relationships? But if you want to see a guy, I see no problem in saying to him, ‘Let’s get together.’ If men have a problem with that and don’t call you back, then that guy has no balls and you’re better off without him!”

On her blonde rival Katherine Heigl:
“Who is she? Oh, that girl in 27 Dresses? I just don’t think about that stuff.”

On her own self-image (and baby No. 2):
“I have no boobs… And I’ve always had a bit of a booty. I do not like to look at photos of me. I sweat if forced to watch my own movies. It all makes you far too self-conscious… I know I won’t have this body forever. I would like to have another child some day.”

On what you didn’t know about her:
“I’ve always been a dancer… I took ballet from the age of 3 to 13, then got into jazz dance. Now I have a dance instructor several times a week and do Pilates.”

On being a tabloid target:
“This [level of interest in my private life] is totally new for me! I was married, happy and oblivious to all of this. The second I became single is when it started. According to every magazine, I’m with every other guy — except the person I’m actually interested in!”


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