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Lots of information on the upcoming season of Lost from Comic-Con!

From my favorite LOST website, The TailSection:

Damon made an interesting comment around 5:17 that both he and Carlton knew the flashbacks would not last the entirety of the series and also knew about the flash forward concept for while, but couldn’t share the information with fans or else they would have ruined the shows season finale.

After making this comment Damon and Carlton introduce their bells that they will use to shut the other up if they feel he might be leaking too much information to the audience.

At 5:21 the Q. & A. began, the first question asked referred to the level of violence in the last few episodes of season 3 and why there was so much. The answer given was interesting to say the least; Damon noted that season 1 had about as much violence as this season had the key difference was that those handing out the violence in season 1 were the “good/pretty” guys. This past season the others or the “bad” guys handed out a lot of beatings and as a result we feel there is more violence when in fact it’s about the same as in the years prior.


Around 5:24 a question was asked regarding the control writers have on any episode of lost. Damon and Carlton said there are 8 writers on their staff (including themselves) and the writers have some freedom in what they write about. For instance, Eddie Kitsis came up with the Hurley’s van idea and Damon was able to tie that back into the Ben and his father scene.

At 5:30 they confirmed that both flash backs and flash forwards will be used next season; however we won’t know when these take place (1 year in the future, 5 years, etc). Damon also confirmed that Jack and Claire do indeed find out they are related by this next season… although he wasn’t allowed to “say” it, he nodded in agreement to it.

At 5:35 a question was asked regarding if Ben purposely or accidentally was caught in Danielle’s net… after hemming and hawing for awhile Carlton confirmed that it was by accident and that Ben was on route to something when he was caught. Where and for what and why he would not share, but said we will find out later in this season.


At 5:40 Damon made sure to note that Jack and Kate getting off the island is not the end of the show lost. In fact, theres another entire chapter of the show to be told off the island.

At this time a bell rings off stage and both Damon and Carlton haven’t touched their bells and with that they welcome out Harold Perrineau aka Michael:


Damon and Carlton can’t say when Michael will be back on the show but they did say early in the season he will make his return and that he will be a series regular again. It has also always been there plan to bring him back and they have been waiting for a long time to be able to share the information with the fans.

Something I was somewhat happy to hear is that it’s looking good for The Lost Experience to come back next summer. The reason it didn’t occur this summer was due to the negotiations between ABC and Damon/Carlton for the ending of Lost. After talking about TLE, Damon made mentioned that they would like to also expand into more book deals and other forms of entertainment.

A random good piece of information: Lost most likely will be moved to Friday when it returns in February. Damon dropped a subtle hint during the first part of the panel saying that it would be nice to go home on Fridays and watch Lost.

Richard Alpert has slim chances of being seen much at all next season thanks largely in part to Nestor’s new acting gig on CBS.

Someone asked who was in the coffin on the season finale, both Damon and Carlton wouldn’t give answered but asked Michael to give an educated guess. He mentioned the newspaper clipping and how it mentioned a teenage son being left behind and thus he assumes it must be Locke that is in the coffin (although he did seem pretty sarcastic… )

Near the end of the Q. & A. someone asked about Libby and why she hasn’t been seen or heard and they said they will be getting to her story this season. Then after this someone asked if we’d get to see Danielle’s flashback this season. They couldn’t promise having her story in this season but said it would definitely occur in either this season or next. The reason they can’t promise it occurring in this season is because her story needs to sync up with something else happening on the island; and no they didn’t say what that something else is.

We can look forward to some podcasts coming up and also some other information being given out sometime in the near future but not too much.

Cerberus is a name for the monster, but it has several names it goes by. We will find out who made it and its intentions but the answer we get might not be what we would think of as an answer (they equated the revelation to find out that Kate’s toy airplane was the item she wanted from the suitcase).

The final item of the night was the video clip from Norvick, Norway. In this film we see the actor formerly known as Marvin Candle getting hair and makeup done on him in a new testing facility. Soon after he begins a speech for a new dharma station: The Orchid. He goes by the name Edward Hourwax and says that the Orchid is station 6. It is not a botanical garden as they were told to tell their families when they left them to come work for dharma. Instead, it is another location on the island where unusual properties (this time from I believe I heard him say a volcano) were being used to form a kashmir effect (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kashmir_effect).

He proceeded to hold out a bunny which has a black 15 inscribed on his side (similar to the numbered bunnies of Ben’s owning). From here things get weird. First the film jumps twice during the entirety, the first time the Jacob loves you line from the Carl video is seen for a split second and on the second jump a gorilla riding a bicycle is shown upside for a split second. During this time we hear the alarm noises usually associated with the 4 minute warning with the hatch. We then pan to another area of the room and see another bunny magically appeared on a high shelf… the thing is, this bunny has a number 15 on his side as well. Hence why I mentioned early the cloning properties of the hatch).

I can’t wait!!

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Friday, July 27th, 2007 at 2:14pm
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July 27th, 2007 at 4:25 pm

I love Lost! However, I cant even understand your review of what the writers said…..that is why I am Lost too.

July 27th, 2007 at 5:03 pm

yeah, none of that made sense.. I don’t really care for Michael at all.. I love the show.. Can not wait for the new season..

July 27th, 2007 at 11:45 pm

Moving the show to Fridays will kill it, I will hate abc if they do that.

July 28th, 2007 at 1:07 am

SO excited for this season! but I would also hate it if they move it to friday. Since I’m in college I’m never usually home during friday nights like everyone else. I guess I’ll have to watch them online the next day!

October 23rd, 2010 at 12:40 am

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